BK Soul Sustenance Message 21 May 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 21-05-2016

Soul Sustenance 21-05-2016

The Relationship Between Virtues And Vices 

When we are internally strong, our nature characteristics and skills are reflected, from inside us to the outside, to everyone we interact in, in the form of virtues. If we are internally weak, those same traits emerge and radiate as vices. Vices are just qualities or virtues that have lost their focus and strength. For e.g. if we take the quality of love - when a strong soul radiates love, it is unlimited and without any conditions. Such a soul respects and has good wishes for everything and everyone and under all circumstances, irrespective of whether love and respect is coming from the other side or not. When a weak soul radiates love, he/she tends to restrict the love to limits e.g. the love would vary from person to person and from situation to situation. In a sense, if spiritual might (strength) and spiritual light (understanding or knowledge) are taken away from the virtues, they get transformed into the six vices, which make us spiritually unhealthy or weak: 

Ego - developing an image of the self that is false, temporary or imaginary.
Greed - finding short term fulfillment by acquiring material goods, a role in society or money or through the physical senses – eyes, tongue, ears, etc.
Attachment - finding security by developing a feeling of possessiveness over loved ones and material objects.
Lust - using excessive satisfaction through the senses as a means of fulfillment.
Anger - the feeling of hatred and revenge when any of the other vices are threatened or being taken away from us.
Laziness - becoming inactive on a spiritual, physical or mental level. 

Message for the day 21-05-2016

To be free from the influence of the past is to have the ability to fly forward. 


There are so many things of the past that keep coming up in the mind again and again. Insead of being like birds holding on to the branches of the past; the one who looks at the clear sky gets the inspiration to move forward. To look at the clear sky means to look at the present moment and make the best use of it. 


The ability to free myself from the negative influences of the past, enables me to have a vision of equality. I will then not be judging others on what my past experiences with them are. I also find myself experiencing the benefit of each and every moment. So I experience constant progress.