BK Soul Sustenance Message 20 June 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 20-06-2016

Soul Sustenance 20-06-2016

A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness (Part 3)? 

It is said that the power of love can move mountains. We need to look at resources like love that exist in the universe, in our relationships which can uplift our spirits and reduce the tightness that exists due to unfinished tasks and objectives. It is said that any type of intoxication can reduce our stresses and make us optimistic in times of distress. Love is one such type of intoxication and here love can range from the love between two friends to that between a mother and her fledgling (young) child. Love can also be spiritual i.e. the love experienced from a strong relationship with a deity or God. For some even love for the self, nurtured by giving time to an art, music, a sport, a good book, a hobby or a meditation, can be energizing and liberating. For another set of people, love for a figure head who may be a politician, an entertainer, a sportsman or an actor can be an uplifting power. 

So instead of becoming subservient (under the influence of) to time, instead of saying that time will tell and time will heal, let’s use the power of love to remain satisfied to the core in the present. Life is full of so many beautiful relationships (a few mentioned in this message) and the different shades of love that each relationship provides. By emerging these different shades of love in our consciousness at different types depending on the situation scenario, the clouds of unfulfilled expectations or expectations that are to be fulfilled sometime in the future (but uncertainty regarding them exists); will disappear. A roller-coaster life ride full of the rises of will happens and the falls of will not happens will get replaced by a smooth train ride in which you constantly experience the breeze of satisfaction and joy to the fullest. So do tap the power of love and enjoy every moment without losing focus of your aspirations (goals). This is the method of experiencing true happiness and this is our experience here at the Brahma Kumaris. So do give it a try! 

Message for the day 20-06-2016

To have the right understanding is to have the ability to finish the past. 

Thought to Ponder:

What happened in the past continues to bother me, unless I make an attempt to resolve it. When I bring understanding to the incident, I am able to finish the pain of the past. That means I need to learn something from it, or see some benefit that has come from it. Either way, once I resolve, I would find myself moving forward with lightness, without the burden from the past. 

Point to Practice: 

Today I will resolve one thing of the past that is bothering me. I will take some time and try and bring meaning to what happened. There is surely something that it was trying to teach, if I am open to learning. So, today I will get to the bottom of the situation and take the learning.