28 August 2016

BK Soul Sustenance Message 28 August 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 28-08-2016

Soul Sustenance 28-08-2016

Creating The Destiny Of Your Choice (Part 2) 

We want a destiny of peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and harmony. To change our destiny, we will need to create the right thoughts and to make that happen in a natural way, we need to consume pure information. Stop and check the quality of information we are feeding the mind daily. Very often, we are feeding our self with information full of terror, violence, hatred, ridicule, impurity, manipulation … which is reflecting in our destiny today. The next time we receive any information, we need to check whether it is the right diet for us to be spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially healthy. If not, let us not read or absorb it, like we refuse to eat food which is not right for us. Reading negative information and sharing it with friends is creating a deep karma of radiating negative energy and this collective energy makes our world what it is today. 

Let us begin the day with ten minutes of healthy information. Spiritual information can be our friend on this journey. Information full of wisdom and deep insights which nurture the mind and empower us to create right thoughts in every situation and choose a beautiful destiny daily. Facing a challenge or just a little confused … our friend is always with us. Just read a little piece of spiritual information and read every word and feel the mind getting strengthened to cross the challenge in a dignified way. 

Creating a destiny of our choice … It’s only one thought away! 
Message for the day 28-08-2016 

The one who has self-respect is the one who is free from aggression. 


When the situation seems out of control, there is naturally a feeling of helplessness. This helplessness further creates tension, which gets expressed in the form of aggression. Such a kind of aggression cannot be suppressed or controlled. To be in the state of one's own self-respect is to be confident and the one who is confident will be assertive but can never be aggressive. 


 I am able to keep my mind cool, when I am in my state of self-respect. So I never react to situations negatively but I am able to understand the situation and respond in the right way. I take decisions in a calm and composed state of mind, so I find myself relaxed and easy even in the most difficult situations. 

***Om Shanti***

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