17 August 2016

Soul Sustenance Message 17 August 2016

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 17-08-2016

Soul Sustenance 17-08-2016

Changing Negative Thought Patterns (Part 2) 

A life facing difficult situations requires each one of us to equip ourselves with powers and strengths and not only spiritual wisdom, which is found so much all over the world. You can read spiritual knowledge telling you how to face difficult situations for many years together and yet not be strong enough to face them when they actually come. Spiritual knowledge shows us the path to becoming powerful but the actual spiritual power to change one’s own thinking and the sanskaraswhich are the source of this thinking will come with strengthening the mind with powerful thoughts and experiences. 

There is no substitute for correct thinking when there is a difficult situation in front of you. You think negatively but try to act according to the spiritual knowledge you have read. That will not make you successful in overcoming the situation as well as your inner habits of creating thoughts of fear, pessimism, hopelessness and impatience will not reduce, although you may temporarily feel positive based on what you have read or learnt. Inner habits are very deep which have been inside the inner spiritual being or soul since many many births. Each time we have performed a negative action or created a negative thought, a sanskara was created based on that thought, word or action. And thatsanskara then caused a similar thought to be created by me and action being committed, again strengthening the sanskara. This is the cycle of repetition. And this cycle keeps having a more and more powerful negative influence on us the more times it is repeated. We need to now change these negative cycles into positive ones. How do we that? We will explain that in tomorrow’s message. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 17-08-2016

True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too. 

Expression:The one who is victorious enables others to be victorious too. Such a person will never make the other person seem any less. He will never allow the other person to feel defeated because the one who is victorious is a bestower. He has the ability to give courage to others and fill with hope to achieve something better. 

Experience: When I have the feeling of being victorious, I would naturally want others too to experience the same. I would look for ways to give courage and support to the ones who are losing. This will never let me lose hope in myself or in others and will also win the trust and good wishes 
of others. So there is a constant experience of being victorious. 

***Om Shanti***

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