BK Murli English 13 September 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 September 2016

13/09/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you now have Godly new blood. You should give lectures with great intoxication and also have the intoxication that Shiv Baba is teaching you.  


What method should you adopt so that you have permanent intoxication of your aim and objective?


Keep your passport for the kingdom with you. At the bottom, have an ordinary picture of yourself and above it, have a picture of yourself in royal dress and above that, the image of Shiv Baba. You will then easily be able to keep your aim and objective in your awareness. Always have your passport in your pocket. When storms of Maya come, you would have the thought that your passport will be cancelled and you would not be able to go to heaven.


O traveller of the night, do not become weary. The destination of the dawn is not far off!   

Om Shanti

You children understood the meaning of this song. The extremely dark night of the path of devotion has now come to an end. You children know that death cannot now come to you. We are sitting here and our aim and objective is to change from human beings into deities. Sannyasis tell people that if they consider themselves to be bulls, they take on that form. That is an example of the path of devotion, just as there is also the example of how Rama took an army of monkeys and liberated Bharat from Ravan. You are sitting here and you know that you will become double-crowned deities. When students are studying at school, they would say that they will become a barrister, doctor or engineer through that study. You know that you are becoming deities through this study. When we leave our bodies, we will become crowned. This is a very dirty world, whereas the new world is first-class. The old world is completely third-class. This world is coming to an end. It would definitely be the Creator of the world who makes us into the masters of the world. No one else can teach us. Only Shiv Baba educates us and teaches us Raja Yoga. The Father has said: Become soul conscious! Effort is needed to become soul conscious. What more would you want once you had become fully soul conscious? You are Brahmins anyway and you know that you are becoming deities. 

You have the intoxication of becoming that. Previously, when we were in the iron age, in hell, we were impure. There is so much difference between deities and devils! Deities are so pure! Here, human beings are so impure! Although they have the appearance of human beings, look what their character is like! The worshippers of the deities sing their praise in front of their idols: You are full of all virtues, whereas we have no virtues. You will now change and become deities. You worship Krishna so that you can go to the land of Krishna. However, you don't know when you will go there. You continue to perform devotion for God to come and give you that fruit. The fruit of devotion is salvation. This is a study. First of all, have the faith in who it is who is teaching you. That One is Shri Shri. You children know that the Father is giving you shrimat. How can those who don't know this become elevated? Nowadays, they only give one another directions to become corrupt. Corrupt directions are devilish directions. All of you Brahmins are following the directions of Shri Shri Shiv Baba. Only by following the directions of the Supreme Soul do you become elevated. 

This will only sit in the intellects of those who have it in their fortune. Otherwise, they won't understand anything. When they do understand, they themselves will begin to help you. Some don't even know who this is. This is why Baba doesn't meet anyone. They only give their own devilish directions. Everyone is now following the dictates of human beings. Because of not knowing shrimat, they begin to give Brahma Baba their own directions. The Father has now come to make you children elevated. You children say: Baba, we are meeting You again just like we did 5000 years ago. Those who don't know anything cannot give such a response. You children should have a lot of intoxication of your study. This study is very important. However, Maya is completely against you. You know that you are studying this study through which you will receive a double crown. You will become double crowned in the future for birth after birth. Therefore, you should make such effort for that. This is called Raja Yoga. It is such a wonder! Baba always tells you to go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple. You can also explain to the priest of the temple. Ask him how Lakshmi and Narayan received their status. How did they become masters of the world? If you sit and explain to others in this way, even the priest who looks after the temple will benefit. 

You can tell them: We will explain to you how Lakshmi and Narayan claimed their kingdom. It says in the Gita: God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga and make you into the king of kings. Therefore, you children should have so much intoxication of becoming that. You can take a picture of yourself (now) and of the kingdom and put the two together. At the bottom, there should be your own picture and above that, there should be a picture of the kingdom. There is no expense in this. You can very quickly make a royal dress. Keep that with you and you will repeatedly remember that you are becoming deities. At the top should be Shiv Baba. You have to take all of these pictures. We are changing from humans into deities. We will shed these bodies and become deities because we are now studying Raja Yoga. These photographs will help you. At the top there should be the image of Shiva, then your picture in royal dress and below that your ordinary picture. We are studying Raja Yoga with Shiv Baba and are becoming double-crowned deities. If you keep this photograph with you and someone asks you, you will be able to tell him that it is Shiv Baba who is teaching us. When you children look at these pictures you will feel intoxicated. You can also place these pictures in shops. When Baba was on the path of devotion, he used to keep a picture of Narayan. 

He also carried a photograph of that in his pocket. You too should keep your photograph and you will remember that you are becoming deities. You should try and find a way to remember the Father. It is when you forget to remember the Father that you fall. When you fall into vice, you feel ashamed that you won't be able to become a deity. There will be heart failure and you will feel: How can I now become a deity? Baba says: Remove the photographs of those who indulge in vice! Tell them: You are not worthy of going to heaven. Your passports are now cancelled. They themselves will feel: I have fallen and so how could I now go to heaven? Baba gives the example of Narad who was told to look at his face and see whether he was worthy of marrying Lakshmi. He saw the face of a monkey. Therefore, human beings too will feel ashamed that they have vices and ask themselves how could they therefore marry Shri Lakshmi or Narayan. Baba shows you many methods. However, you should also have this faith. When there is the intoxication of vice, you understand that it won't be possible for you to become double-crowned kings of kings. You have to make effort. Baba explains: Create such wonderful methods and continue to explain to everyone. Establishment is taking place through Raja Yoga. Destruction is now just ahead. 

Day by day, storms will become more and more forceful. Bombs are still being manufactured. You children are studying this study to claim a high status. Only once do you become pure from impure. People don’t understand that they are residents of hell because they have stone intellects. You are now changing from those with stone intellects and becoming those with divine intellects. If it is in someone's fortune he understands quickly. Otherwise, no matter how much you beat your head, it won't sit in his intellect. If they don't know the Father, they are atheists, that is, they are orphans. You have to belong to the Lord and Master because you are the children of Shiv Baba. Those here who have knowledge will also continue to protect their children from vices. People who don't have knowledge will continue to trap their children in vices, just as they are trapped themselves. You know that, here, you are protected from the vices. The kumaris should be saved first. Parents push their children into vice. You know that this world is corrupt. Everyone wants an elevated world, but who would create that world? God speaks: I even uplift the sages and holy men. It is also written in the Gita that God alone has to uplift everyone. There is only one God. The Father comes and uplifts everyone. If they were to know at this time that the God of the Gita truly is Shiva, who knows what would happen? However, there is still time for that. 

Otherwise, everyone's position would begin to shake; their thrones would shake. When a war takes place, you know that someone's throne has begun to shake and that he is now to fall. If they were to shake now, there would be upheaval. It will happen in the future. You can explain in your lectures. Those who know Sanskrit very well can relate the verses of the scriptures. The Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All, Himself, says: I truly am carrying out establishment through the body of Brahma. He is bestowing salvation to all, that is, He is uplifting everyone. You need to have great intoxication to give lectures. Kumaris are said to have new blood. They can throw the stone of knowledge. Students have new blood and so they create a lot of upheaval and even throw stones. They are very good at that. This too is your new blood. You know that they cause so much damage. This is your Godly new blood. You are becoming new from old. You souls who have become old and iron aged are now becoming new and golden aged. You children should have a lot of interest. You should always have intoxication. You have to uplift your equals. The mother guru is also remembered. Only you know when mothers become gurus. The business of the gurus takes place now. The Father comes and places the urn of knowledge on the mothers. This is how it all begins. Some people say that they want a Brahmin teacher to be sent to their centre. 

Baba says: You can run the centre yourself. You reply that you don't have enough courage and definitely need a mother. It is good that you give regard to the mothers. Nowadays, people in the world give superficial regard; no one receives permanent regard. At this time, you children are receiving the permanent fortune of the kingdom. The Father explains to you in so many ways. The Father tells you very many good methods about how to keep yourself constantly cheerful. You should always have good wishes for becoming Lakshmi and Narayan. If it is not in someone's fortune, what effort would he make? The Father tells you what effort to make. Effort is never wasted; it is always worthwhile. The kingdom will be established and destruction also has to take place through the great Mahabharat War. As you progress further, you will become stronger and everyone will come. They will not understand this now. Otherwise, their kingdom would end. You have very good pictures. That is salvation, the land of happiness, and this is the land of liberation. Your intellects say that all of you souls live in the land of nirvana and that you come from there into the world of "talkie". We souls are residents of that place. This play is based on Bharat. People celebrate the birthday of Shiva here. The Father says: I have now come and will come again after a cycle. Bharat is Paradise. It is said that so many years before Christ there was Paradise. 

It doesn't exist now, but it will exist later. Therefore, there definitely has to be destruction of the residents of hell and establishment of the residents of heaven. You are becoming residents of heaven. Hell will be destroyed. You also need to understand this. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Have good wishes for everyone. Give true regard to everyone. Make effort to claim a high status in the golden-aged kingdom.

2. Make effort to become soul conscious. Renounce following the dictates of human beings and follow the directions of the One. Maintain the intoxication of your study.


May you make yourself an easy yogi and thereby a constant yogi by being co-operative.   

To be co-operative with the Father at the confluence age is the way to become an easy yogi. Those whose every thought, word and deed are for co-operating with the Father and in the task of establishing the kingdom are said to be knowledgeable, yogi and constant true servers. If you are unable to co-operate with your mind, then co-operate with your body; if not with your body, then with your wealth and if not with even your wealth, then be co-operative in whatever way you can for it is yoga. Since you belong to the Father anyway, let it be only you and the Father and no third person. By doing this, you will become a constant yogi.


To tolerate, that is, to die at the confluence age means to claim the kingdom of heaven.