03 November 2016

BK Soul Sustenance Message 3 November 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 03-11-2016

Soul Sustenance 03-11-2016

Different Shades Of Attachment To Opinions And Ideas (Part 1) 

Very often in a group or team, whether social or official, while moving towards a common goal or objective or purpose, different people in the group or gathering give their opinion to make the objective of the team possible. While giving their opinion, one very commonly sees two different categories of people. The first category contains type of people who are attached to their ideas (to different extents) while presenting them to the group and the other contains type of people who are extremely active, positive and authoritative in giving their ideas, when they are required to do so, but are able to keep a relationship of detachment with their ideas. If someone is attached to his/her idea and it is not accepted, he/she might react emotionally (internally) or even physically (externally). He/she: 

- might even start creating disharmony in the group by talking against or creating ill-feelings for the person who objected to his idea or 

- might stop co-operating with the remaining members of the group or 

- sometimes may just disassociate or distance himself/herself from the group, which is a quiet way of non co-operation and can cause ripples of negative thoughts and feelings in the others. 

These and others are some of the common reactions of someone whose idea/ideas are not accepted.

So the right balance of authority (while giving the idea) and humility (while accepting the result of the idea, the result could be rejection or even acceptance of the idea) has to be maintained. Humility comes very naturally to someone who is detached to his/her idea. 

(To be continued tomorrow…) 

Message for the day 03-11-2016

The one who is victorious never withdraws till victory is attained. 


When challenges, either in the form of situations or people, come one's way, the one who aims for victory never withdraws. If there are excuses given to either withdraw or move away from the situation, there can never be victory. To be victorious means attempts are repeatedly made so that there is a constant and steady progress towards success. 


Temporary failures, challenges or difficult situations don't bother me, when I have the aim of being victorious. My only focus would be to attain victory and I would experience victory both in defeat and in victory. Also I will never consider myself to be alone as I continue to receive help. I would naturally experience the support and companionship of those around me. 


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