BK Murli English 1 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 February 2017

01/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, every day at amrit vela light the incense stick of knowledge and yoga and the evil spirits of the vices will run away.


Which one mistake allows all the many evil spirits to enter you?


When you forget that you are a soul, many evil spirits enter you. The evil spirit of body consciousness is the biggest evil spirit of all, because all the others come following it. Therefore, make as much effort as possible to remain soul conscious.


People of today are in darkness!  

Om Shanti

The Father sits here and explains this song to you children. Devotees say to God, “God, come and grant our eyes a vision of You.” You children are now sitting personally in front of the Father and your eyes have found God. He Himself comes and tells you how to attain God, that is, He gives you this knowledge. He explains to you through this body. All of you souls are also now playing your parts through your bodies. No one can play a part without a body. It is the soul that plays a part through the body. Many different names are given to the bodies. The soul is the same. The soul himself speaks and the Father explains that it is the soul that takes 84 births. The soul says: I shed a body and take another one. The body would not say this. You children now know that you are souls and not bodies. Baba comes and makes us soul conscious. It is the soul that does everything through this body. The soul in the body says: I walk and move around with this body. I, the soul, become a judge or a lawyer etc. The soul says: I am learning Raja Yoga through this body. I will then go and wear the costume of a king or queen. You are now being made soul conscious. To become body conscious is the number one mistake which then leads to other mistakes. That is called the evil spirit of body consciousness. There are definitely five vices in human beings. Incense sticks are lit to chase away evil spirits. The incense sticks for the evil spirits of the five vices are knowledge and yoga. They don't go away that quickly. You are put in a furnace because these five vices are very old enemies. The Father says: Children, it has been half a cycle since the kingdom of Ravan began, since these evil spirits entered you. People of Bharat burn an effigy of Ravan because they truly believe him to be their enemy. He was burnt once and this is why the system has continued. You gained victory at this time over these five vices. 

Ravan was killed for half the cycle. Children ask Baba, “When does he become alive again?” He becomes alive again after half a cycle; he will rule his kingdom. People say that they want the kingdom of Rama. So, whose kingdom is it now? It is the kingdom of Ravan, is it not? In the golden age there won't be the kingdom of Ravan; it will be the kingdom of Rama there. Achcha, who were the king and queen before the kingdom of Rama? No one knows this. They chant the name of Rama and have thereby taken him so high and put Krishna below him. It is as though they don't know the golden age. You can write in the exhibition: The five evil spirits have entered every human being. Only when you stay in a furnace for a minimum of seven days will all these evil spirits go away. They need the incense sticks of knowledge and yoga. You cannot receive liberation or liberation-in-life without them. Only the one Surgeon has the injection of knowledge and yoga. The soul is now receiving this knowledge. The soul understands that Baba is explaining to us. In no other language would anyone say that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching you. God Himself is incorporeal and so His children are also incorporeal. The incorporeal One is giving knowledge to the corporeal children through this corporeal one. You know this very well. However, while moving along, some children forget this. The first and foremost reason for forgetting is the evil spirit of body consciousness. Effort has to be made at amrit vela to chase it away. At amrit vela you can have very good remembrance of Baba. It is said: Experience happiness by remembering God at every moment. The system is to remember Him at amrit vela. Even devotees remember God at amrit vela: “O my mind, remember the name of Rama early in the morning!” The soul tells the intellect to remember Rama. On the path of devotion, they simply make up such slogans; that is not the reality. 

They don't understand that lust is an evil spirit. You can write that there are the five vices in everyone. The number one is body consciousness. The second greatest enemy is lust. In earlier days they used to teach you in school that you are a soul and that the body is made up of the five elements, that the soul is imperishable and the body is perishable. Now they don’t teach that any more. You children are now given the full introduction. You would definitely call the President, the President and the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister. The acts of each are separate to themselves. In the same way, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and the Trimurti have their own acts separately. Shiva is called the Purifier. He makes impure ones pure through Brahma; this is His duty. Shiva is the Highest on High. Shiv Baba never enters the cycle of birth and death but he serves through Brahma. Shiv Baba is ever pure. Brahma and Vishnu come into the cycle of birth and rebirth. Shiv Baba is Karankaravanhar. At this time, Baba is planting the sapling of the sweet tree. Those who have been converted to other religions will all emerge. No one who is new can understand this explanation. No one is able to attain liberation or liberation-in-life without staying in a furnace for seven days. You made so much effort to remove the evil spirits. When one’s intellect is pure, the nectar of knowledge can be retained in it. You children can understand that you truly do forget to remember Baba. By becoming body conscious a great deal, your love is drawn towards friends and relatives. No one should have the evil spirit of attachment. Baba has so many children; there is no question of attachment. You know that souls never die. People have fear of dying. Souls, however, are imperishable; the Supreme Soul is imperishable. He doesn’t enter into the cycle of birth and death. Baba says: I take this body on loan. This one has a lot of benefit by My staying in him. His lifespan increases and he becomes beautiful. I end all his weaknesses and make him completely new again. Baba is the Bestower of Happiness. 

This one studies yoga because of Me and this is why he becomes healthy. To insult someone or to become angry is to have a devilish nature. There are no insults etc. in the golden age. The name itself is so first-class – heaven, Vaikunth, Paradise. It is said: Bharat was Paradise 3000 years before Christ. According to this calculation, it is now 5000 years. This true knowledge and the story of the true Narayan are so easy! We are now listening to the true story of Raja Yoga in order to change from an ordinary human into Narayan. Then the things of here go on to the path of devotion. It is a wonder that the people of Bharat do not know that Lakshmi and Narayan were Radhe and Krishna. Therefore, we continue to make these pictures so that people can understand. The centres of you children continue to grow. Many people want to open a centre. You should find out how many people want to study this. There have to be students in a school. First, there would be two or four and then more would come. Temples and religious places continue to open on every street. Seeing one another, many more then also go. There has to be a place that is worthy of being opened as a centre. There isn't anything wrong in opening a centre but, because of vice, there are many obstacles. You just relate the Gita. However, there have been battles from the beginning because of vice. They believe that they won't be able to get a glass of poison if they come here. The history of Meera is based on this. There are many kumaris and kumars who remain celibate from birth. No one says anything to them. You were insulted in the previous cycle too; this has to happen. Some make a promise for purity and are then defeated. This is a lottery of every cycle. It is seen that to whatever extent you claim your inheritance you will continue to do the same every cycle. Sometimes, because their desires aren't fulfilled, they create upheaval out of anger. They cause many difficulties. They even beat others and then, when they understand this later, they ask for forgiveness. You have to uplift even those who defame you. 

They would be told: OK, make effort again. It is better to uplift those who have defamed you. You have to be merciful. The first effort is to become soul conscious. When you are body conscious you forget the Father and you then continue to make mistakes. Each of you can be known from your behaviour. Let only jewels, not stones, always emerge from your lips. Previously, stones used to emerge. Now jewels should emerge. Your name is rup and basant. Baba too is Rup and Basant. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and His form is shown as an oval image of light, but He is a star. They have kept a big image so that they can worship Him. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. First of all, make effort to become soul conscious; never become body conscious. Become merciful and uplift those who defame you.

2. In order to chase away the evil spirits, make special effort to stay in remembrance at amrit vela. Become Baba's helpers in planting the sapling of the sweet tree.


May you be a karma yogi sitting on your immortal throne and enabling your physical senses to perform constantly elevated actions.

Karma yogis are those who are seated on their immortal thrones. They are masters of the self and also have a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the Father’s inheritance. The actions of those who are constantly seated on their immortal thrones are elevated actions because all of their physical senses function under law and order. If someone is not properly on his throne, his laws and orders would not be obeyed. A soul seated on his throne will perform accurate actions and will also eat the instant fruit of his actions. Such souls receive power as well as happiness.


Father Brahma loves those who love the Brahmin culture.