BK Soul Sustenance Message 11 January 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 11-01-2017

Soul Sustenance 11-01-2017

Discovering God (Part 2) 

Love for God is incomplete without a complete realization of who God is and what are His nature's different characteristics. Also as the saying goes in Hindi that God as He is and what He is, only a few in crores and even from those few very few will realize Him completely. There can be crores who think about Him and even love Him very much and also realize Him partially or incompletely. But only a few extremely pure minds will realize Him completely and accurately and also become like Him. These selected few are amongst us and absolutely normal humans but the only specialty they have is that they are extremely pure and humble. As a result of which God reveals Himself completely to them. Purity of the mind, which means a mind that has made itself completely free of lust and anger, which means not only words and actions but our thoughts are completely free of these two emotions. Also, humility or egolessness while performing actions. Such a mind will be able to perceive God and His nature completely and experience His love in the sacred space of His mind. You might say that what is life without anger and ego as life without these is not possible but then ask those who are on a journey to free themselves of these emotions. They are getting closer to God more and more each day and making others around them a part of their closeness. Such people are very few but they exist and are looked upto by God also. 

It is like the taste of the mango. The one who has tasted it can only know its taste and say it is absolutely delicious. God is the most beautiful being that exists and to have a close relationship with Him means becoming as beautiful as Him over a period of time. As a result we get to know Him more and more in return and fulfill the spiritual heart's desire. This desire exists inside each one of us, but is sometimes hidden because we have become over-involved in materialism and forgotten our eternal relationship with Him. 

(To be continued tomorrow ...) 

Message for the day 11-01-2017

To be free from the identification with negativity is to be always light. 


The one who identifies with his negative traits is always thinking about it. There is a trace of this negativity that is seen in everything he does or talks. He is not able to be free from this negativity because with each passing day the identification with it becomes stronger. Slowly others too start perceiving him in the same way. 


When I am able to be free from the identification with my negativity, I am able to be constantly light. There might be situations or people who might provoke my negativity, but I am able to maintain my inner positivity. This is because I have managed to finish my identification with the negativity.