BK Murli English 19 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 19 February 2017

19/02/17 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 12/3/82

The basis of the colour, beauty and fragrance of the living flowers.

Today, the Father, the Master of the Garden, is seeing the variety of flowers in the living garden. Only once throughout the whole cycle does BapDada find such a spiritual garden. Such a spiritual garden with the beauty of such spiritual, fragrant flowers cannot be found at any other time. No matter how famous any other garden may be, what could the experience of that be when compared with this garden? This garden is as valuable as a diamond and the other one is as worthless as a shell. Do you have the intoxication that you are a spiritual flower in God's living garden? Just as BapDada sees the colour, beauty and fragrance of each of you flowers, does each of you also know your own colour, beauty and fragrance?

The basis of your colour is the subject of knowledge. The more you are an embodiment of knowledge, the more attractive your colour will be. When you look at physical flowers, although there are various flowers of many colours, some colours will especially attract you more than others from a distance. As soon as you see it, words of praise definitely emerge from your lips: "How beautiful the flower is!" And, your heart's desire would always be to keep looking at it. In the same way, flowers that are coloured with the colour of knowledge will also be very beautiful. Similarly, the basis of beauty and fragrance is being an embodiment of remembrance and divine virtues. If there is just colour; but no beauty, then there would be no attraction. If there is colour and beauty but no fragrance, then it would also not attract. It is said: "This is artificial" or "This is real". Flowers with just colour and beauty are used more for decoration, whereas people would keep fragrant flowers close to themselves. Fragrant flowers are constantly and automatically embodiments of service. So, ask yourself: Which flower am I? No matter where I am, do I do service naturally and automatically? Have I become instrumental in creating a spiritual atmosphere? Does your fragrance only spread when you come close or does it also spread from a distance? If you just listen to this knowledge and are developing the practice of yoga, but you have not yet become an embodiment of knowledge, or one with a yogi life, or a practical image of an embodiment of divine virtues, you would then just become a decoration, that is, you would become one of the subjects. Subjects of the king are the decoration. So you have become flowers in Allah's garden, but which type of flowers? Each of you has to check yourself. There is just one garden, one Master of the Garden but a variety of flowers. What do you double foreigners consider yourselves to be? Are you those who have a right to the kingdom or those who simply observe those who rule? Today, BapDada has come to meet you in the garden. You all have the thought in your minds of having a heart-to-heart conversation. Therefore, today, Baba has come to have a heart-to-heart conversation. There are two special groups.

BapDada has intense love for the children from both this land and abroad. Those from Karnataka and also the double foreigners constantly continue to swing in the swing of happiness. Having come to Madhuban, have you all become experienced in being free from Maya? Or, does Maya come to you in Madhuban as well? You come to Madhuban to experience the stage of being free from Maya. Therefore, Maya does not attack you here but will be defeated, because you come to Madhuban especially to earn an income. Double foreigners have to apply a double lock.

Having come to Madhuban, what specialities have you imbibed? (Baba was asking this of the double foreigners and those from Karnataka). Just as you saw the speciality of easily being co-operative, so, what else did you also see? You received love, peace and light ; you received everything, did you not? The more someone has attained, the more they cannot stay without doing service. This is why those who are embodiments of attainment are automatically embodiments of service.

Those from Karnataka have brought about very good expansion and very good expansion is also happening abroad. Those from abroad have created many centres and have also made many good servers emerge. BapDada is very pleased to see the courage, zeal and enthusiasm of the children. Whether they are in this land or abroad, the Father is pleased to see that the children have very good zeal and enthusiasm for service. Those who are living at the centres and are engaged in service in this land or abroad, do you all have powerful amrit vela? This group is very good, but Maya also watches the very good children very carefully. Such children are also liked by Maya. Because you are instruments, you also have to become conquerors of Maya. This is why special attention is paid to you. The more powerful the instrument souls are, the more powerful will be the atmosphere created. Otherwise, the atmosphere will become weak and there will be many problems. When the atmosphere is powerful, you yourselves will become destroyers of obstacles and you will also become instruments for others to become destroyers of obstacles. Just as the sun is very bright and thereby dispels all darkness and gives light to others and also burns rubbish, in the same way, souls who are instruments need to pay attention to remaining stable as embodiments of power and destroyers of obstacles. Not just for themselves, however: you also need to have accumulated enough stock to enable others to become destroyers of obstacles. So, the majority of this group are master suns of knowledge. Now, constantly remain aware of being a master sun of knowledge. You are an embodiment of light and are able to dispel the darkness of others too. Achcha.

BapDada also remembers those from Madhuban. The residents of Madhuban are in the Brahmin family’s vision too. When you praise Madhuban, it is the residents of Madhuban who come in front of you. A whole lecture has been written on the praise of Madhuban. All of you residents of Madhuban do experience the praise of Madhuban to be your praise, do you not? Achcha.

To all the special souls who are full of all specialities, to the serviceable souls who have become instruments to serve others through their forms, to those who are colourful, beautiful and fragrant flowers of BapDada, the Master of the Garden, love, remembrance and namaste.

Double-foreign children asked why they are told to do double service (Spiritual service and a worldly job). In response to this, BapDada said:

Very little time remains and you want the maximum attainment. For this, you have to use your body, mind and money, and this is why you have to do all three types of service. In a short time, you are able to accumulate all three types of benefit, because marks are also given on the basis of income. By accumulating those marks, you claim a number ahead. You are told this for your own benefit. You can use your income, and you are therefore able to claim a multimillion-fold reward in return for one in the subject of income. If you can benefit from everything at the same time, then why should you not do that? However, when the instrument souls see that you don't have time, that you are not free, that you don’t even have time to eat because you have become so busy, they will automatically free you from that. However, until you become too busy, it is necessary for you to do this; it does not go to waste. These marks are also being accumulated. When you become too busy, the drama won't then allow you to have a job. There will be one reason or another that stops you, even when you want to carry on. This is why there is benefit in moving along as you are doing now. Don’t think that you are not surrendered. You are surrendered and are acting according to directions. If you follow the dictates of your mind, you are not surrendered. If you state that you are not going to work, then those are the dictates of your own mind that you are following. Therefore, constantly keep yourself light. Whatever the instrument souls tell you, understand that there is benefit in that. Just stay carefree about it. If you have many thoughts about this and think "Perhaps it is not in my part" or "Why am I not told?” (not to work) those are just waste thoughts. Do you understand?

BapDada speaking to teachers :

What is the service place of teachers? Teachers are always on the world stage. Your service place is the world stage. By considering yourself to be on the stage, you will perform every action with attention. When you sit on a stage for a programme, you pay a great deal of attention at every moment; you don't get careless. Similarly, to become a teacher means to remain on the world stage. Although there may be just two sisters living at a centre, you two are not just two, but you are in front of the whole world. Achcha.

Questions asked by double-foreign brothers and sisters and BapDada's response s :


When shall we be able to fill ourselves with the sanskars of ruling and of bestowers for the future 21 births?


When you become a bestower who gives all souls the treasures from the Father from now on, when you give thirsty and desperate souls the donation of life through your powers, when you bring souls into a close relationship with the Father through the blessings you have received from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, then the sanskars of a bestower here will give you the ruling status for the future 21 births, that is, you will be able to fill yourself with the sanskars of a bestower.


Why is this confluence age called the most auspicious confluence age or the most elevated age?


Because it is at this time that all the greatness of all the religions, of the kingdom, of the elevated sanskars, elevated relationships and elevated virtues is recorded in souls like a record. The ascending and descending sanskars of 84 births are recorded in souls at this time. The time for recording is now and this is why this is called the most elevated and auspicious age.


What three things do those who record a physical record pay attention to and what do we, who are recording the unlimited record, definitely have to pay attention to?


 They pay attention to the atmosphere, their attitude and words. If their attitude is mischievious and they are not able to concentrate, then their words would not have the sweetness to attract anyone. Whatever type of song they sing, they become stable in that form as they sing it. Just as those who record limited songs or records pay attention to all these things, so you, who are recording the unlimited record, the ones who are recording for the whole cycle also have to pay attention to all these things. If, while recording, instead of having enthusiasm, there is laziness, what would the record be like? From time to time, check as a detached observer, to see whether the record you have recorded throughout the day was recorded well.


What one thing proves that a soul is weak?


 If you forget the common discipline of checking yourself, if you don’t fix the daily timetable of amrit vela, if you are unable to conduct yourself according to the Godly disciplines and codes of conduct, it proves that the soul is weak even now. In that case, how could such a soul rule the kingdom of the world according to the codes of conduct?


What time are we going through now? What is the time that is going to come?


Now is the time to attain whereas after some time, it will be the time to repent. Now, the Father is in a loving form but His form then will be that of the Supreme Justice. In front of a Justice, no matter how loving a relative may be, law is law. Now is the time for love and it will then be the time for the law. You will not then be able to receive a lift and this is why BapDada is saying to all the children: Create a huge reward for yourselves in a short time. Do not be careless and wait for time.


In order to attain salvation, what method of intensity is it essential to adopt?


Whatever task you carry out, do that in a second. To say, “I will do it, I will make a plan” is not called doing something at an intense speed. An intense effort-maker is one who is determined to do that thing; that he has to become something. Those who have such an intense speed are able to attain salvation. Achcha.


May you constantly experience happiness in Brahmin life by becoming a conqueror of Maya and free from anger.

If you want to experience happiness in Brahmin life, it is absolutely essential to become free from anger. Even if someone defames you or insults you, you must not get angry. To show any form of bossiness is also a trace of anger. Do not think that you have to get angry, or else you would not be able to continue. According to the time, anger spoils everything nowadays, whereas even something that has been spoilt can be put right with soul-conscious love and peace. So, consider anger to be a huge vice and become a conqueror of Maya and free from anger.


Make your attitude so powerful that through it many souls become worthy (yogya) and yogi.