BK Murli English 21 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 21 February 2017

21/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Essence:Sweet children, become sensible and examine your chart. Check that none of your physical senses deceive you. If you make a mistake during the day, punish yourself.


What is the basis of doing true business with the Father and claiming a high status?


If you want to do true business with the Father, only follow the Father’s directions. Baba says: Children, if you want to claim a high status, remove the bad habits you have within you. Bad vision and anger etc. cause a lot of damage. Therefore, keep in your intellects the deep philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action that the Father has explained to you.

Om shanti. 

Children, are you sitting here in soul consciousness? Ask yourself everything. Baba shows you the method to ask yourself: Am I sitting here in soul consciousness? Am I remembering the Father? This is your army. There are just young people in those armies. In this army of yours there are the old, the mature and children etc. There are all ages; there are even people as old as 80 or 90 here. This army is for conquering Maya. Each of you has to conquer Maya and claim your unlimited inheritance from the Father. Maya is very powerful; she is very strong; she brings many storms. Each of the physical senses deceives you. Which physical sense deceives you the most? The eyes deceive you the most. It has been explained to you children: Even if you are a husband and wife living together, just consider yourselves to be BKs. Otherwise, your eyes will deceive you a great deal. You should also write in your chart which physical sense deceived you the most throughout the whole day. The eyes are the number one deceitful. The eyes cause a lot of damage. There is the example of Surdas. He saw that his eyes were deceiving him a great deal and so he blinded himself. Although children do a lot of good service, Maya is no less. The eyes deceive you a great deal and totally destroy your status. Wise and sensible children will note throughout the day: “Did I make any mistakes?” On the path of devotion, they beat themselves so that they remember never to do the same thing again. In the same way, check yourself in this too. If your eyes deceive you, then punish yourself. You should step away from there. You shouldn't just stand there and continue looking. Sannyasis generally sit with their eyes closed; they won't even look at women. There, they make men sit at the front and women at the back. Here, you children have to make effort. To attain the kingdom of the world is not like going to your aunty's home! You children are now at the confluence age. Baba says: Together with the words ‘confluence age’, you must also definitely write the words ‘most elevated’, so that it is easy to explain to anyone. It is the most elevated confluence age when you change from humans into deities. It is sung: It didn't take God long to change humans into deities. Which human beings? Iron-aged ones. Deities reside in the golden age. So the Father comes to change iron-aged human beings into deities, to make residents of hell into residents of heaven. You know this at this time. People are in extreme darkness. There are many who will never even be able to see heaven. The Father says: This religion of yours is one that gives happiness. Although they remember Heavenly God, the Father, they don't know that He established heaven. Those of other religions also speak of Heavenly God, the Father , but they don't know that they don't have a part in heaven. Christians themselves speak of how there used to be Paradise. Those deities are called gods and goddesses but they don’t know that it was definitely God who made them into gods and goddesses.

 The Father is now making you become like them. So, you should also make effort. Ask yourself every day: Which physical sense is deceiving me? The tongue is no less. When you see something nice, you want to eat it. In earlier days, you children used to hold court and would speak about the mistakes you had made. It is very bad to steal anything from Shiv Baba's yagya. However, Maya catches hold of many by their nose. The Father says: Children, you should remove any bad habits you have, otherwise you won't be able to claim a high status. Although you’ll go to heaven, there is a vast difference between kings and subjects. There are wealthy and poor among the subjects too. You should be careful about your physical senses. Keep a chart. This too is a business; hardly anyone does this business. The Father explains: Children, if you want to do business with Me and claim a high status, then follow My directions. Maya will definitely make you forget. If you don't follow the Father's directions you will have visions of everything at the end. At that time, there will be great repentance. At present all of you say that you will become Narayan from a human being, you have to continue to question yourself and put Baba's directions into practice and there will then be a lot of progress. Examine your chart for the whole day. Did your eyes deceive you? The destination is very high and that is why only eight jewels pass with honours. Although they have the nine jewels, number one in that is Baba and the others are the eight jewels. When people have bad omens, they wear a ring of eight jewels. Only eight pass with honours. All the others have one stain or another and this takes a lot of effort. This is the kingdom of Ravan. These things do not exist in the golden age because the kingdom of Ravan doesn't exist there. God is teaching you in order to give you a high status. Just think about it! People adopt gurus. That one is the Satguru. By saying that God is omnipresent they turned everyone away from the Father. You can tell them: The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone. I am the Purifier. You say that He is in the pebbles and stones. The Father says: By following devilish directions, you have been insulting Me and defaming Me. I now have to uplift everyone. You children should not have bad vision or anger etc. You cause yourself a loss. When someone has bad vision, you receive those vibrations ; it pulls others as well. Baba repeatedly pulls the attention of you children. Children, look at yourselves and check that you have not performed any sinful actions due to the influence of your physical senses. This is the period of sinful actions and, before this, there was the period of those who conquered sinful actions. Then, when you start performing sinful actions again, it becomes the period of those who perform sinful actions. The Father is now explaining to you children the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action. Actions have to be performed. In the golden age your actions are neutral. You know about these things at this time. All others are in extreme darkness. You are now receiving the third eye of knowledge. Only the one Father makes you children trinetri and trikaldarshi. Some don't know the secrets of the drama at all. You now know the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world. After half the cycle, those of other religions come and they continue to expand. They would not be called gurus. There are no gurus apart from the One, that is, there is only the One who can grant you salvation. Now, everyone is to receive salvation. They are called founders of religions, not gurus. There cannot be salvation by remembering them nor would your sins be absolved. That is called devotion. Only you are in the line of knowledge. 

This is the Pandava Army. All of you are guides; you are the ones who take everyone to the land of happiness and the land of peace. It is in your intellects that all of you are guides. Baba is the Liberator and the Guide. He liberates everyone. Baba says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. If you then perform any sinful actions, there will be a hundredfold punishment. Therefore, as much as possible, don’t perform any sinful actions that would defame your name. When you commit a sin, it continues to increase. Therefore, you now have to remain very careful. There should be very strong vision of brother and sister. You are children of Brahma, grandchildren of Shiva. We have made a promise to Shiv Baba but, in spite of that, Maya deceives you a great deal. It is very easy to say that you will become Lakshmi or Narayan, but you also have to put the directions into practice. Husband and wife should continue to talk about knowledge throughout the day. Both say that they will claim their full inheritance from Baba, that they will study fully with the Teacher. Would you find such a Teacher ever again? Only you know this. Even the deities don't know the Father, so how could those of other religions know Him? Baba is now telling you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world. This knowledge will then disappear. I Myself depart, so where would you receive this knowledge from? Baba shows you children the method. Always remember that Shiv Baba is telling you this knowledge. This one knows that even he is claiming his inheritance from Shiv Baba. This one is also in his student life. You too are studying to change from humans into deities. Deities exist in the golden age and human beings in the iron age. There are many religions in that too. These matters have to be understood very well. Many come here but, nevertheless, if it is not in their fortune, they say: I have doubts about how Shiv Baba enters this one and teaches us; I don't understand this. Oh! but if Shiv Baba didn't come, how would you remember Him so that your sins could be absolved? Your sins cannot be absolved unless you have remembrance of Him. There will have to be a lot of punishment. Otherwise, the status you receive will be worth a few pennies. A kingdom is being created. Kings also have maids and servants in front of them. Ask Baba what you would become if you were to leave your body now! Baba would tell you everything; it is numberwise. This study is very important; there is a lot of income in this. People trouble themselves so much to earn money. Their intellects are caught up in that, day and night. They continue to make bargains and do business deals. Many big businessmen also come to you. They say, “What can I do? I don't have time.” You can receive the sovereignty of the world. You simply have to remember Shiv Baba. You also remember your special deities, do you not? Your sins won't be absolved by remembering deities. This is why Baba continues to explain to you repeatedly so that no one will be able to say that no one explained to them. You children have to give everyone the message. It is very good to drop leaflets from an aeroplane. None should be left to say that they didn't know Baba had come. Therefore, you have to do all of this. Brahma is Shiva's first child. Prajapita Brahma too is a father. 

Shiv Baba is establishing heaven through Brahma. Baba says: I am establishing the original deity religion through this one. After the destruction that is to take place, there will be happiness, peace and purity in the world. Such a heaven is established every cycle. Constantly continue to say, “Baba, Baba”. As soon as you say "Baba", let there be tears of love. “Baba, when will I meet You?” Those who are sitting in front of Baba don't accept Him, whereas those who are not in front of Him are desperate. It is a wonder! They write, “Free me from my bondage!” Some belong to Baba and then belong to Maya. At the end they will remember. When someone is dying, he is told to chant the name of Rama. There will be that pull at the end. They will think: Let me have my sins absolved by having remembrance of Baba! Baba says: Sweetest children, bring benefit to yourselves. Follow the Father's shrimat. Continue to give everyone this message. Some of the people who received leaflets dropped from an aeroplane were awakened. (Relate the history) Happiness and peace are to be established throughout the whole world and especially in Bharat. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Make the vision of brother and sister and of brotherhood very firm. Remain very cautious. Don't perform any actions that would defame the Father's name.

2. Don't have any doubts about the Father. Remember the Father with a lot of love. Pay attention to your study day and night and accumulate an income.

Blessing: May you be constantly full of zeal and enthusiasm and celebrate every moment of the confluence age as a festival.

A festival is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The lives of you Brahmin children are filled with enthusiasm. Just as there is life in your body while you are breathing, similarly, the breath of Brahmin life is zeal and enthusiasm. Therefore, every moment of the confluence age is a festival. However, the speed of breathing has to be stable and normal. If your breathing is very fast or slow, it would not then be said to be a healthy life. So, check whether the speed of zeal and enthusiasm of your Brahmin life is normal, that is, whether it is stable.


To remain filled with the treasures of all powers is the speciality of the Brahmin form.