21 February 2017

BK Murli English 22 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 22 February 2017

22/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Essence:Sweet children, this study is very elevated. Only in this does Maya, Ravan, cause obstacles. Remain cautious about this.


When will the service you do expand?


When you children who do service become complete destroyers of attachment, firm and yogyukt, the service you do will increase and you will become instruments to uplift everyone. When your intellects have full faith and you put every direction of the Father's into practice, there will be success in service.


I am a small child.

Om shanti. 

Baba comes and explains to the small children. Some are small, some are medium and others are seniors. Those who understand knowledge and explain to others very well are said to be seniors. Those who are unable to explain are said to be small children. Small children would receive a low status. This is something to be understood. People go to bathe in water and celebrate the Kumbha mela. ‘Kumbha’ means ‘confluence’. The mela of the confluence age is the biggest of all and it is called the mela of the Ocean of Knowledge and the rivers of knowledge. There are many rivers of water. They too all go and merge into an ocean, but there aren’t as many melas of them. The River Brahmaputra is a big river that merges into the ocean near Calcutta. In the same way, there are many rivers such as the Saraswati, the Ganges etc. that merge into an ocean. Lakes etc. are created from the rivers. So, you children know that Shiv Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. This Brahma is a river of knowledge. There is the confluence of him and the Ocean of Knowledge. In fact, this is the true Kumbha mela. The biggest mela is to come to the Ocean of Knowledge. This Brahmaputra is the biggest river of all. He emerged first of all; there is the confluence. He met Him first, at the end, and so he definitely emerged from Him first. So, this Brahma is the first one to emerge from the Ocean of Knowledge. Then, in the golden age, too, he claims number one. There is no mela of Saraswati and Brahma. There is the mela of the Brahmaputra and the Ocean. People go to bathe at Kumbha melas. Many rivers meet together. So many Ganges of knowledge come and meet here. Baba has explained to you very well. Who can liberate you from bathing in the rivers every day? The Father says: They are not Ganges of knowledge; all the fish and crocodiles etc. bathe in them. Explain to those who go to bathe in the rivers every day: By bathing in those rivers every day, you have become poverty-stricken. People spend so much when they go on pilgrimages. 

Here, there is no question of expense. When I come, I come and grant salvation to everyone. I give you knowledge. Which knowledge? Manmanabhav! Remember Me and, with the fire of the yoga of this remembrance, your sins will be absolved and you will be purified. Only with yoga, not by bathing in water, can you become pure. In fact, here, you bathe in knowledge. Those are rivers of water and you are the rivers of knowledge and, you just have to remember Baba here. This is not called bathing. This is the Father giving you directions. You receive salvation through knowledge. You go into salvation for 21 births and then go into degradation. From satopradhan, you definitely have to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Only you children understand these things and it is you children who come here to be refreshed. New ones cannot come here. The Father says: I only come in front of the children. This one is the incognito mother. When you children get someone to inaugurate an exhibition or a mela, you should first explain a few things to that person, so that he doesn't say anything wrong. You have to do this in order to uplift them. If they understand something, they will say that this organisation is very good, that it changes human beings into deities. However, no one explains even this much nor does it sit in anyone's intellect. Those who have inaugurated exhibitions have not understood anything. None of them have had faith, because, out of all of those who have come here, it would be said that they have semi-faith and this is why they come again to try to understand something or other. Thousands come here to understand, but only five or six emerge and this is why it is said: A handful out of multimillions. When someone holds an exhibition or a fair, five or six people emerge. Otherwise, hardly anyone comes. Generally, it is old ones who continue to come. In that too, some have half faith, some have quarter faith and others only have ten percent faith. In fact, no one can sit in a school unless he has full faith: if he had faith, he would understand that if he wants to become a barrister he would definitely have to pass the examination. Even those who have doubts come and sit here. They believe that they will gradually develop the faith that human beings change into deities. They sit here in order to develop their faith. Then, whilst moving along, some even break away. After studying for four or five years they have doubts and go away. This study is very elevated and Maya, Ravan, causes obstacles in it. Maya doesn't allow you to understand. Maya causes obstacles in the study of you children. This school is very wonderful. There can be no greater praise of you than that of the Dilwala Temple. It is explained that that is a non-living temple. Non-living memorials are created of those who went away having established heaven: the World Mother, the World Father and their children. 

For instance, Shivaji etc.existed in the living form and there are now the memorials. The World Mother and the World Father have now come here in the living form. They will carry out the same act after 5000 years and their images will later emerge again. Their images will not exist at first. All of those images etc. will end and then the images of those who existed in the beginning will begin to be made. It is Shiv Baba's memorial that will be created first and, after that, there will be memorials of the Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar and then those of all of you who are doing service. Everyone remembers the Purifier, but they don't understand that they are impure. In fact, this is the true knowledge through which you receive salvation. You receive knowledge from a guru. The rivers of water are not gurus; all of that is blind faith. You cannot attain anything without understanding their occupation. You shouldn't ask for a glimpse. All of that is useless. There is no question of having a glimpse. Baba has to meet new ones because the sound of important ones spreads far. However, it has been seen that important ones are unable to make that much sound. The poor are able to do this. Yes, if someone becomes rich with the wealth of knowledge, that person can create some sound. You have been bathing in the rivers of water all the time. Salvation cannot be received by bathing in the Ganges. Only the one Father is the Purifier and the Bestower of Salvation. He comes and grants everyone salvation. The Father says: You can receive salvation in a second. Shrimat says: Remember Me and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. This is called the fire of yoga with which your sins are absolved. This is why the Father says: Remember Me and you will become ever healthy. I am the One who establishes heaven. By remembering this cycle, you will become the rulers of the globe. Remember the Father and the inheritance. We now have to return home to Baba. The Father only comes once every cycle to grant everyone salvation. He is the Bestower of Salvation for All. You cannot grant anyone salvation. You are the true Ganges of Knowledge who have emerged from Shiv Baba. It is said: Shiva Kashi Vishwanath Ganga (mantra for the Lord of the World). Those people then consider that to be the Ganges of water. You should explain to them. If you remain yogyukt you will be able to do service. Those who are conquerors of attachment and very good yogis will be able to do very good service. At the end, you will do a lot of service. You also have to uplift sages and holy men. Explain to them that the Bestower of Salvation is only One. He says: Remember Me and you will come to Me. You can receive liberation in a second. After liberation, there is liberation-in-life. These matters have to be understood. Not everyone can imbibe everything to the same extent. 

Everyone imbibes, numberwise, according to the effort they make. These are very good points. If you imbibe the points, you will feel intoxicated. Baba shows you a very good method but, in spite of that, some children write: Baba, have mercy for me! Baba, give me power! Then, Baba understands that that child has a devotee intellect. There are many devotees and they all sing: O Purifier, come! Everyone remembers Him. They speak of God, the Father, but they don't understand how there can be mercy or blessings. In fact, this is the Trimurti. At the top is Shiv Baba and then these Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are present here. Men and women all say: We are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. So, they are all brothers and sisters. You too were the children of Brahma, the Father of People, but are not that now. You don’t know this. They sing that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates the human world through Brahma, the Father of People, and so there would definitely be the Brahmin religion first. There are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris when the world is being created; then there is establishment of that religion and then destruction of all the innumerable religions. At this time you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and you will then become deity kumars and kumaris; you will become Vishnu Kumars and then something else – you take different births at different times and become different beings. At present you are Godly kumars and you will then become deity kumars and kumaris. They are given names such as Basarmal, Beganmal, etc. Such names don't exist in the golden age. Baba sent you such entertaining names. You children should now put Baba's directions into practice. Your business is unlimited. If you make a big deal, you receive a high status for 21 births. Generally, it is the poor innocent mothers who claim a good inheritance. The wealthy ones don't. Among the wealthy ones, it is still the women who attain something. Men have attachment to their wealth; they continue to have the consciousness of ‘mine’. Only the sons become heirs of a physical father. Here, the Father says: Both males and females receive the inheritance. It is seen that the women claim a greater inheritance and this is why the name of the Shaktis is remembered. The kumaris and mothers claim a good status and this is why the Father is remembered as Kanhaiya: the One who stole the hearts of the kumaris. This Dilwala Temple is your complete memorial. By explaining to others, you should feel great intoxication. There can be a lot more service done on pilgrimages. You have now received many points. Salvation can only be granted by the Ocean of Knowledge, not by water. Only the God of the Gita is the Bestower of Salvation. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become wealthy with the wealth of knowledge and do service to glorify the Father's name. Become one whose intellect has full faith. Don't have doubts about anything.

2. In order to claim your full inheritance from the Father, let go of the attachment you have for things that you consider to be yours. Don't have any intoxication of a worldly inheritance.


May you bid farewell to lust, the greatest enemy in your Brahmin life, as well as all its companions and thereby become completely pure.

Just as you pay special attention to conquering lust, the greatest enemy in your Brahmin life, similarly, also bid farewell to all its companions. Some children chase away anger, a great evil spirit, but they also have a little love for its children. Just as you love little children, so too, you sometimes love the little children of anger. However, you can only be said to be completely pure when there isn’t the slightest trace of anger. When you keep such a firm vow, you would then be called a true Brahmin.


In order to enjoy the pleasure of the confluence age, remain free from being dependent on Maya.


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