24 February 2017

BK Murli English 25 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 February 2017

25/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, to make all unhappy souls happy is the duty of the one Father alone. He alone is the Bestower of Salvation for All.


What method does the Father tell you children about in order for you to go into the stage of ascending?


Baba says: Sweet children, listen to only that which I tell you. Forget everything else you have heard because you have continued to come down through that.


Which deep secret do you children understand in which the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures is merged?


How Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma and how they emerge from the navel of one another is a deep secret that only you children understand. This is the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures.


Show the path to the blind, dear God!   

Om Shanti

You sweetest, extremely beloved, long-lost and now-found children understand the meaning of that. In fact, the Father definitely loves the children of the whole world. You children know that all human beings are the children of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This is God's family. In a family, the greatest love is for the father who created the children. The unlimited Father says: Sweetest, lovely, long- lost and now-found children, you have come and met Me again after 5000 years. When do you meet Him? At the confluence age when the Father comes and takes all of you children from peacelessness into peace. People have so many conferences etc. for peace. They meet one another to stop all the battling in the world and to discuss how there can be peace. Otherwise, they would fight one another and bring about destruction. They are afraid of destruction. They have forgotten that the Father Himself comes and establishes the land of happiness and the original eternal deity religion once again. This is taking place now. You are all sitting here to claim your inheritance of unlimited happiness from the unlimited Father. You know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes and inspires the destruction of the devilish world. Destruction definitely has to take place because everyone is unhappy at this time. It is the Father's duty every cycle to make all those who are unhappy happy. How would those who are unhappy and impure themselves make others pure and happy? That too is a question of the whole world. They sing that the Bestower of Salvation for All is only One. O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, come and purify us impure ones! People of all religions know that there was the kingdom of gods and goddesses in Bharat; however, they didn't exist at that time. Ancient Bharat is praised a great deal. God first of all created heaven. Who was the master of that? Bharat. 

There were palaces of gold and diamonds in heaven. Bharat was very wealthy. Now, at the end of the iron age, there are innumerable religions and the one deity religion has disappeared. They have become poverty-stricken and very unhappy. Now, that Father says: This Brahma Dada was a jeweller. This one is not saying it, but the incorporeal Father says through this body that this Brahma didn't know his own births. You Brahma Kumars and Kumaris did not know your births either. My entering this one is also fixed in the drama. There is no question about how this happens. The Father says: I don't have a body of My own. I come and enter an ordinary old body. I come in Bharat. This one doesn't know his own births and I come and explain them to him. This is the predestined great unlimited drama. Every second that passes by repeats. Only the Father explains this secret of the unlimited drama. The Father says: Children, all the donations you have made and the charity you have performed are all the path of devotion. There is no attainment through that because there is now no strength left in devotion. All of those pictures etc. that have been made are said to be the worship of dolls. You made images, fed them and then sank them. All of that is senseless. When they create a sacrificial fire, they make one big Shivalingam and smaller saligrams of mud. They don't understand who it they are worshipping is. It is because the Father and the children have done service that they are worshipped. They make a lingam of Shiva. They even make saligrams of you children. You children are now truly serving Bharat to make it pure. You are God's helpers and you have love for the Father. You follow the Father's shrimat and this is why the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita is remembered. God would not study a scripture. No founders of religions ever take up their scripture. 

They come to establish their religion; they only relate the knowledge that they have. It isn't that Christ came and read the Bible. No, he came to establish a religion. The Father comes and gives you shrimat. Shri means elevated directions. The highest-on-high directions are those of God. You children are now following shrimat. The Father says: Children, remember Me! There are just these two words. He says “children” with a lot of love, and so He is the Father and we are all members of God's family. This would not be in anyone's intellect. It wasn't even in this one's intellect. The Father now sits here and explains through this one: I have to purify all of these human souls and take them back home. According to the drama, I have come once again to take you back. That Baba speaks to souls. This one's soul is also listening. Truly, Baba is giving us knowledge. He doesn't have a body of His own. The form of Shri Krishna would not be said to be ordinary; he was the first prince of heaven. All of those people then say: God Shri Krishna speaks. That cannot be possible. There is so much difference! Shri Krishna cannot exist at the confluence age. Many become artificial Krishnas, but the real one in the practical form would be in the golden age. There cannot be anyone else with the name of Krishna. Many people have names such as Krishna. The Father says: Children, become pure in this final birth and help will be received in establishing the pure world. Purity is good. Many daughters are beaten and innocent ones assaulted. They write: Baba, what can I do? Liberate me from this bondage! They show in a play how Draupadi was given saris to protect her. They have just made up a story. Baba says: Children, by becoming pure now, you will not be stripped for 21 births. That is the kingdom of Rama. The main vice is impure arrogance, body consciousness. There is attachment to the body. There, they are all soul conscious. They understand that they will shed the old body and take a new one. That is called soul consciousness. 

The Father says: All of you are souls. Continue to remember Shiv Baba because you now have to return home. This is the true spiritual pilgrimage of souls. Everyone has to go to the Supreme Father. When people go on pilgrimages, they chant the name of Rama along the way. The Father says: You continue to remember the Father. The whole world will not study Raja Yoga. Only those who came in the previous cycle will come here. The sapling is now being planted. The sweet tree of the deity religion has now disappeared. The twigs and branches remain. (The example of the banyan tree.) In fact, the foundation of the deity religion is now decayed and just the signs (images), remain. However, no one knows who they are; nor do they know their own religion. This is why they call it the Hindu religion. The Father says: Your Bharat was the greatest. It is said of religion: Religion is might. The deity religion doesn't exist now. How can that religion now be established? The Father is the Almighty Authority and you receive the inheritance from Him. You will also receive strength from Him. The Father is the Seed of the world and we are His family. The Father is the Truth, the Living Being and the Ocean of Knowledge. Everything is in the soul. It is the soul that listens and studies. Good and bad sanskars are in the soul. At this time everyone's soul has become tamopradhan. The intellects of the people of Bharat have become the most tamopradhan. The most elevated souls were also those of Bharat. They were the masters of heaven. This play is predestined and everyone has received his own part. All souls are the same; there is no difference between them. It isn't that our souls are small and Baba's soul is big. No, a soul isn't smaller or bigger. The soul once again repeats the part of 84 births; there is no end to this. One soul must be doing so much service. That imperishable part is never going to be erased. Do scholars, pundits and authorities of the scriptures know how such a tiny soul has such a big part recorded in him? Even the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is bound by the drama. He is bound by it; He has to come at His accurate time to play His part. He has to play His own part of making everyone happy on time. Just think about what a soul is. The soul of Baba is also as tiny as a point. No one can worship something so tiny. In order to perform devotion, they make a big form to worship. That One is called Shiva or Rudra. He is just like a point. They apply a tilak. Here, these are matters that have to be understood. No one else can explain them. The Father sits here and explains these very subtle matters. The Father explains: Children, look how tiny the soul is and look at how big the organs of the body are. At this time, both the soul and the body of everyone are impure. 

You now have to become pure again. Become unadulterated! Listen to only the One! Remember only the One! Oho Baba! You are performing great wonders. Look at the wonderful knowledge You give us! No one else has the power to give this knowledge. Only when the Father comes and teaches you does your stage of ascending begin. At this time, all human beings are impure and this is why the Father says: I come to uplift everyone. I show you the path to go from the night into the day. It is sung, “Show the path to the blind, dear God,” which means that everyone says they are blind. “Show us the path.” The path to where? To your home. There is a lot of sorrow here. Baba, You are the stick for us blind ones. You remember your inheritance when you say "Baba". There is no intoxication of the inheritance experienced when you say Prabhu or Ishwar. Who is the One called God? His praise is: You are the Mother and You are the Father. People say that these Vedas are eternal, but ask them since when they have been studying them! Is it from the golden age? There are no scriptures there. This is the path of devotion. They don't know anything at all. The Father says: I now come and explain the essence of everything to you through Brahma. Is Brahma My child or did he emerge from the navel of Vishnu? Brahma is the child of Shiva; he is not a child of Vishnu. Yes, Brahma then becomes Vishnu. Vishnu then becomes Brahma after 84 births. This is a very deep secret which only you children understand. You Brahmin children have now taken birth through the mouth of Brahma and so you children should have so much intoxication and happiness. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to become completely pure, become unadulterated. Listen to only the one Father. Remember only the One.

2. Become God's helper and serve to make Bharat pure. Have a loving intellect for the one Father.


May you have guaranteed victory and experience success by making the impossible possible with your determined thoughts.

The confluence age has the special blessing of making the impossible possible, and so never think, “How will this happen?” Instead of thinking “kaise?” (how), think it will be “aise” (like this). Continue to move along with the faith that it is already accomplished and that you just have to put it into the practical form; you just have to repeat it. Use your determined thoughts. Let there not be any upheaval of “What?” or “Why?” in your thoughts and victory is then guaranteed. To use determined thoughts means to achieve success easily.


When you always have the awareness of the Karankaravanhar Father, ego (body consciousness) and arrogance finish.


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