BK Murli English 9 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 February 2017

09/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban


Sweet children, you are the true Vyas, who relate the true Gita and give happiness to everyone. You have to study well and also teach others and give them happiness.


What is the highest destination for which you are making effort to reach?


To consider yourself to be bodiless and conquer body consciousness is the highest destination, because body consciousness is the greatest enemy. You have to make such effort that you don’t remember anyone except the Father. You have to shed your body and go to the Father. You should not even remember your body. This is the effort you have to make.


Take us away from this world of sin to a world of rest and comfort.

Om shanti. 

You living beings, that is, you children, understand with your hearts where Baba is now taking you. He will definitely take us back from where we came. Then He will send us into the world of pure charitable souls, to the land of living beings. There are the words ‘elevated’ and ‘degraded’ and so this would definitely apply to living beings. Only when you are in a body can you experience happiness and sorrow. You children understand that Baba has now come. Baba's name is always Shiva and our name is saligram. Even the saligrams are worshipped in the Shiva Temple. Baba has explained that one sacrificial fire is of the knowledge of Rudra and the other is a sacrificial fire of Rudra. People especially invite brahmin priests from Benares to conduct the ceremony of a sacrificial fire of Rudra. In Benares there are many temples of Shiva. They call it Shiva Kashi, but it was originally called Kashi, and then the English people called it Benares. The name Varanasi has only recently been given. On the path of devotion, they do not have knowledge of the soul or the Supreme Soul; they worship them separately. They create a large lingam and many small saligrams. You know that we souls are called saligrams and that our Baba is called Shiva. They make all the saligrams one size, and so there definitely is a relationship between the Father and the children. Souls remember: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul. We are not the Supreme Soul, but He is our Baba. You have been given directions to explain these things to others. Day by day, you receive directions that you must, first of all, give others the Father’s introduction and enable them to claim their inheritance. First of all, you have to explain and prove that He is the incorporeal Father, that Prajapita Brahma is the corporeal father and that you receive the inheritance from the incorporeal Father. The Father now explains: Shiva is My only name. I do not have any other name. All other souls have many names for their bodies. I do not have a body. I am the Supreme Soul. Baba asks: Children, who is your greatest enemy? Those who are clever and sensible will say that body consciousness is the greatest enemy through which feelings of lust arise. There is a lot of difficulty in conquering body consciousness. There is effort in becoming soul conscious. For birth after birth you have been interacting on the basis of the body. Now you know that the soul is imperishable and that the body functions on the basis of this. Those who are religious-minded teach us that we are souls and not bodies. The name ‘soul’ is always one, but the names of the bodies change; a soul sheds a body and takes another. 

The Father tells us: You have to go to the world of pure, charitable souls. This is the world of sinful souls. It is Ravan that makes you corrupt. There cannot be any human being with ten heads. However, no one understands this aspect. Everyone takes p ar t in the play of the divine activities of Rama. Not all of them even have the same opinion. Some consider all of these things to be imagination. However, they do not know that corruption is referred to as Ravan. To abduct someone else's wife is corruption. At present, all are corrupt because they indulge in vice. Those who do not indulge in vice are called viceless. That is the kingdom of Rama whereas this is the kingdom of Ravan. The kingdom of Rama used to exist in Bharat. Bharat is the most ancient of all. The first flag hoisted in the world is that of the sun-dynasty deity religion. At that time, even those of the moon dynasty do not exist. This is now the sun-dynasty flag of you children. You now know your destination, but you then forget it. Students at a school can never forget their aim and objective. Students can never forget their teacher or their study, but you forget here. This is such an elevated study! You claim your fortune of the kingdom for 21 births. Therefore, you should study daily very well in such a school. If you fail this cycle, you would fail every cycle and you would then never pass. Therefore, you should make so much effort. You have to follow shrimat. Shrimat says: Imbibe very well and also inspire others. If you do not follow God’s directions, you will not claim an elevated status. Ask your heart: Am I following shrimat? You must not consider yourself to be too clever. Ask yourself: Am I following shrimat in the same way as Brahma and Saraswati? Am I studying and teaching others? You are the Vyas who relate the true Gita, not the Vyas who wrote the Gita. At present, you are Vyas, children of Sukhdev (God of Happiness), who give happiness to others. Sukhdev Shiv Baba is the God of the Gita. You are His children, Vyas, the ones who relate the true story. This is a school, and you can tell each child’s number from the way each one studies. That is revealed, whereas this is incognito. Here, you know with your intellect how worthy you are. Baba receives evidence from the way you teach others. Children write: Baba, so-and-so shot me with such an arrow that I became Yours. Some cannot say this even when they come in front of Baba. Some daughters experience being beaten because of purity. 

Some become Baba's children and then leave Baba because they do not study well. Otherwise, the Father teaches so clearly: Children, simply remember Me and study! You will become rulers of the globe through this knowledge. You can write on a board outside: You can receive liberation-in-life in a second like King Janak for 21 births. You can become the masters of the world of heaven in a second. Only the deities would be the masters of the world. That too would be the new world, new Bharat. The Bharat that was new has now become old. No land, other than Bharat, can be called new. If you call something new, you also have to say it is old. We go to the land of Bharat which is completely new. Only Bharat becomes 16 celestial degrees full. No other land becomes complete like the full moon ; they begin after half the cycle. These are such deep secrets! Only our Bharat is called the land of truth. After the truth, there is then falsehood. At first, Bharat was like the full moon and then darkness came. The first flag is that of heaven. People sing that there used to be Paradise. We understand all of this very clearly because we have experienced it all. How we ruled in the golden and silver ages, and what then happened in copper and iron ages – when all this enters your intellect, there should be so much happiness experienced. The golden age is called light and the iron age is called darkness. This is why it is said that when the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. Look how Baba came and awakened the fallen and the innocent mothers! Hardly any wealthy people are able to become alert. At present, Baba truly is the Lord of the Poor. It is only the poor, not the wealthy, who are able to become the masters of heaven. There is an incognito reason for this. Here, you have to sacrifice yourselves. The poor do not take long to sacrifice themselves and this is why there is the example of Sudama. You have now been enlightened. However, you are also numberwise. The light of everyone else has been extinguished. Such an imperishable part is recorded in such a tiny soul, it is a wonder! This is not the power of science. You now receive power from Baba. This truly is the imperishable cycle that continues to turn; it has no beginning or end. Anyone new who hears this would end up in a spin. Here, too, some who have been coming for 10 to 20 years are not able to understand or explain to others. At the end, you will know everything about how so-and-so will take birth to so-and-so and what will happen etc. 

Those who are mahavirs (brave warriors) will later on have visions of everything. At the end, you will see the trees of the golden age to be very close. There is the rosary of mahavirs. First, there is the rosary of eight mahavirs and then that of 108. At the end, you will have many first-class visions. It is remembered that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, enabled the arrow to be shot. They have made up many stories in the play. In fact, it is not a question of a physical arrow. What would mothers and kumaris know about a bow and arrow? It is in fact the arrow of knowledge and it is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who gives them the knowledge. These are such wonderful things! However, children, you repeatedly forget the one main thing. The most severe mistake you make is that you become body conscious and do not have the faith that you are souls. No one tells the truth. Throughout the day, hardly anyone can stay in true remembrance for half an hour or an hour. Some cannot even understand what yoga is! The destination is very high. You have to consider yourselves to be bodiless. Make as much effort as possible so that, at the end, you do not remember anyone. Some very good knowledgeable souls, who have knowledge of the brahm element, the element of light, while sitting on their seats, think that they will merge into that element. They have no awareness of their bodies. At the time they shed their bodies, there is dead silence all around. Then people understand that a great soul has left his body. When you children stay in remembrance, you will spread so much peace. Only those who belong to your clan will experience this. All the rest are going to die like a swarm of mosquitoes. At that time, you will have developed the pract i c e of being bodiless. You practi s e this here at this time. There, in the golden age, souls shed their bodies and take others. Here, you know that you have to shed your bodies and go to Baba. However, you mustn’t remember anyone at the end. If you do not even remember your body, what else remains? It is this that takes effort. Continue to make effort, and you will pass at the end. You can recognize those who make effort; they continue to reveal themselves. The mothers in bondage write such letters which those who are free have never written. They never even have the time! Those in bondage understand that Shiv Baba has taken the loan of these hands and that they will receive a letter from Shiv Baba. Only after 5000 years will they receive such a letter from Baba. So, they think: "Why should I not write a letter to Baba daily?" They write it with their kajal stick (eye make-up). They have such thoughts and write: Baba, I am the same gopika as in the previous cycle. I will definitely come to meet You and claim my inheritance. If she has the power of yoga, she will free herself from bondage. In that case, she mustn’t have attachment to anyone. You must explain with cleverness and save yourself. She tries very hard to fulfil responsibilities to both sides. Mothers feel that they should take their husbands with them, as though it is their duty to explain to them. Purity is very good. Baba Himself says: Lust is the greatest enemy; you must conquer it. Remember Me and I will make you into the masters of heaven. There are many such daughters who bring their husbands with them. Those in bondage also have a part. There is assault on weak and innocent ones. It is also mentioned in the scriptures that there are those who are lustful and angry; it is not a new thing. You receive an inheritance for 21 births, so you do have to tolerate a little. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Cut away all your bondages with the power of yoga and become free. You mustn’t have any attachment to anyone.

2. Follow fully all the directions that you receive from God. Study well and also teach others. Do not consider yourself to be too clever.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who transforms a confusing situation into pleasure through your trikaldarshi stage.

The children who are trikaldarshi can never be confused by any situation because all three aspects of time are clear in front of them. When the destination and the path are clear, one cannot be confused. Trikaldarshi souls do not experience anything except pleasure in any situation. Even if the situation is one that can confuse, a Brahmin soul would transform that situation into pleasure because he has played that part countless times. This awareness makes you a karma yogi. Such a soul does everything with pleasure.


In order to receive everyone’s respect, give regard to everyone.