10 March 2017

BK Murli English 11 March 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 11 March 2017 

11/03/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, sit in solitude and study the knowledge and you will be able to imbibe it very well. Wake up early in the morning and instil the habit of churning the ocean of knowledge.


In order to pass fully, what thoughts should you have and what thoughts should you not have?


In order to pass fully, constantly think that you must make effort day and night. Make your stage so elevated that you are able to sit on the throne of BapDada's heart. You must become a conqueror of sleep. Maintain this happiness. Never think that you will receive whatever is in your fortune or the drama. This thought makes you careless.


Having found You, we have found the whole world; the earth and the sky all belong to us.

Om Shanti

You children understood the meaning of the song. We are now receiving unlimited happiness from the unlimited Father. You children are claiming your inheritance of the sovereignty of the world from the Father. No one can snatch the kingdom of that world away from you. You become the masters of the whole world. There will be nothing limited there. You are claiming the one kingdom from the one Father, and only the one emperor and empress will rule that kingdom. There is the one Father and the one kingdom in which there are no partitions. You know that there used to be in Bharat the kingdom of just the one empress and emperor, Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. They used to rule over the whole world. That is called the undivided kingdom and it is established by the one Father through you children. Only you children will then enjoy the kingdom of the world. You know that we claim that kingdom every 5000 years. Then, when half a cycle has passed, we lose that kingdom. Then Baba comes and enables us to claim the kingdom back. This is a play about victory and defeat. Those who are defeated by Maya are defeated by everything. You are now conquering Ravan by following shrimat. Among you, there are also some special children whose intellects have full faith and who constantly have the happiness that they are becoming the masters of the world. No matter how powerful the Christians may be, it is not possible for them to become the masters of the world. There are now kingdoms over pieces of land. At first, Bharat alone was the master of the whole world. There was no religion other than that of the deities. It would definitely be the Creator of the world who makes you into the masters of such a world. Look how Baba sits here and explains to you! You too explain: The people of Bharat were definitely the masters of the world. 

They must definitely have received their inheritance from the Creator of the world. Then, when they lost their kingdom and experienced sorrow, they began to remember the Father. The path of devotion is the path of remembering God. People perform devotion, make donations and perform charity in so many different ways! When the kingdom that you receive through this study ends, you become devotees. Lakshmi and Narayan are called a god and goddess because they received the kingdom from God. However, the Father says: You cannot call them a god and goddess. The Creator of heaven must definitely have given them the kingdom, but no one knows how He gave it. All of you are children of the Father, that is, children of God. The Father could not give the kingdom to everyone. This drama is predestined. Only the people of Bharat become the masters of the world. It is now the rule of people by the people. People consider themselves to be impure and corrupt and they remember the Boatman in order to be taken across from this impure world: Come and take us away from this brothel to the Shiva Temple. There is the incorporeal Shiva Temple, the land beyond sound, and there is the kingdom that Shiv Baba establishes which is also called the Shiva Temple. The whole world becomes the Shiva Temple. So, the corporeal Shiva Temple exists in the golden age and the other is the incorporeal Shiva Temple, the land of nirvana. Note this down! You children receive many points in order to explain to others. Then, you should churn them very well, just as college students wake up early, study and revise. Why do they sit to study in the morning? Because the soul has rested and is refreshed. By sitting and studying in solitude, you are able to imbibe very well. 

You should be interested in waking up early in the morning. Some say: Our employment is such that we have to go to work in the morning. Achcha, sit down in the evening. It is said that the deities tour around at dusk. Queen Victoria's minister used to stay up at night and study under a street lamp. He was very poor, but he became a minister by studying. Everything depends on how you study. It is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is teaching you. It is not Brahma or Shri Krishna who is teaching you. The incorporeal Ocean of Knowledge is teaching you. He alone has the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. The golden and silver ages are the beginning; then the end of the silver age and the beginning of the copper age are called the middle. Baba explains all of these things. Brahma becomes Vishnu and takes 84 births and then becomes Brahma once again. Whether you say Brahma took 84 births or whether you say Lakshmi and Narayan took 84 births, it is the same thing. At present, you are the Brahmin progeny and you will then become the Vishnu progeny. Then, as you fall, you will become the shudra progeny. Only the Father sits here and explains all of these things. You know that you have come to the unlimited Father to follow shrimat and to become the emperors and empresses of the world. The subjects too are the masters of the world. You need to be very clever in this study. The more you study and teach others, the higher the status you will claim. This is an unlimited study and you all have to study it. All of you study with the One and then some imbibe very well, numberwise, whereas others imbibe nothing at all. Everyone is needed, numberwise. Maids and servants are needed for a king. The maids and servants at least live in the palaces, whereas the subjects live outside. 

The palaces there are very big. There, there is plenty of land and very few people. There is also plenty of grain there. All your desires are fulfilled and you never experience sorrow through a lack of money. The very name ‘Paradise’ is so elevated! When you follow the directions of One, you become the masters of the world. That is called the sun dynasty, the golden-aged kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Then their children will sit on the throne. Their rosary is created. Eight pass with honours. People wear a ring of nine jewels. In the centre they have Baba and the rest are the eight jewels. They wear a ring of nine jewels considering it to be a symbol of the deities. They do not understand who is represented by those nine jewels. A rosary of nine jewels is also created. Christians wear a rosary on their wrist. There are the eight jewels with a flower (tassel) at the top. There is the rosary of those who go into liberation. However, the ones who attain liberation in life are those who are on the household path. Together with the Flower, there would also be the dual-bead. You have to explain the meaning of this. Perhaps they make numberwise a rosary of the Popes. They do not even know about this rosary. In fact, everyone turns the beads of this rosary which is of Shiv Baba and the children who make effort. If you now explain to anyone whose rosary is created, they will very quickly understand it. Your projector shows will also go abroad. However, together with that, you also need a couple to explain. People will then understand that this is a family path. You have to give the Father's introduction to everyone and you also have to know the world cycle. What would you say to those who do not know the cycle? In the golden age, you were full of all virtues and 16 celestial degrees full. You are now becoming that once again. 

You study and become so elevated! Radhe and Krishna belonged to separate kingdoms and they were named Lakshmi and Narayan when they married. There is no picture of the childhood of Lakshmi and Narayan. In the golden age, no one's wife experiences untimely death. They all shed their bodies at the right time. There is no need to cry; the very name is Paradise. At present, there is the pomp of Maya in America and Russia etc. These aeroplanes and motors have all been created in Baba's time. They have all been created in the last 100 years. This kingdom is like a mirage. It is called the pomp of Maya. The splendour of science at the end is for a temporary period. All of this is going to end and it will then be useful in heaven. Because of the pomp of Maya, people celebrate in happiness and destruction will also take place through it. We are now claiming the kingdom by following shrimat. No one can snatch that kingdom away from us. There will be no calamities there because Maya does not exist there. The Father says: Children, study very well! However, together with that, Baba also knows that everyone will study exactly as they did a cycle ago. The scene that was performed a cycle ago is now being performed once again. The beneficial part of changing hell into heaven is being performed exactly as it was a cycle ago. However, the intellects of those who do not belong to this religion will not be able to imbibe this knowledge. The Father is the Teacher and so the children also have to become teachers. Some children have gone abroad especially to teach there. You also need a clever interpreter. You have to make effort. The behaviour of you Godly children has to be very elevated. In the golden age, everyone's behaviour is very elevated and royal. Here, you are changed from goats into lionesses and from monkeys into deities. So you need to be egoless in every respect. 

You have to break your own arrogance. You should remember that whatever act you perform, those who see you will do the same. If you wash your own plate, everyone will say that you are very egoless and that you do everything yourself, and so you will receive even greater regard. When you become arrogant, you are removed from people's hearts. Until you make your stage elevated, you will not be able to be seated on Baba's heart- throne. Therefore, how would you be able to sit on the future throne? The status is numberwise. Those who have a lot of wealth will build first-class palaces, whereas those who are poor will make cottages. Because of this, you should study well, pass fully and claim a good status. It shouldn't be that you become content with whatever is in the drama or whatever is in your fortune. When you think this, you fail. You have to increase your fortune. Make effort day and night and study well. Become conquerors of sleep. Churn the ocean of knowledge at night and you will enjoy yourselves a great deal. None of you tell Baba that this is how you churn the ocean of knowledge. So, Baba understands that no one wakes up and that it is perhaps only this one’s part to churn the ocean of knowledge. This one is the number one child. Baba tells his experience of how he wakes up and sits in remembrance. You have to think about these things. How does this world cycle turn? Baba is the Highest on High and then there are the residents of the subtle region – Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. So, who is Brahma? Who is Vishnu? You should churn the ocean of knowledge in this way. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Whatever act you perform, those who see you will do the same. Therefore, pay attention to your every act. You must be very humble and egoless. You must break your arrogance.

2. In order to make your fortune elevated, study very well. Have an interest in waking up early in the morning in order to remember the Father.


May you be an accurate yogi who changes a storm (toofan) into a gift (tohfa) with controlling power.

A true and accurate yogi is one who is able to concentrate his intellect on anything where and when he wants in a second. When the situation is of upheaval, when the atmosphere is tamoguni or when Maya is trying to make you belong to her, yet you are still able to become concentrated in a second, that is the power of remembrance. No matter how many storms of waste thoughts there may be, let your controlling power be such that the storms become a gift for you to move forward in a second. Such powerful souls will never have the thought: I don’t want it to happen, but it happens.


Those who perform actions while being yogyukt and yuktiyukt are said to be obstacle-proof.



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