BK Murli English 4 March 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 March 2017

04/03/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Essence:Sweet children, instead of telling entertaining stories of devotion, tell everyone spiritual things. Do the service of liberating everyone from Ravan’s kingdom.


What main virtue is required to attain success in service?


The virtue of being egoless. It is shown of mahavirs (brave warriors) that, whenever there was a spiritual gathering somewhere, Mahavir (Hanuman) would go and sit among the shoes because he didn't have body consciousness. However, this requires courage. You can go to any spiritual gathering dressed as you wish and listen to them. Go dressed in an incognito way and serve them.


Salutations to Shiva.

Om shanti. 

This is the praise of God, the Highest on High. Call Him ‘Ishwar’ (God) or the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, but by just calling Him God, you don't understand Him to be the Father and this is why you should call Him the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Creator of this human world. Now what does the highest-on-high Father come and say? He says: Impure human beings call out to Me to come and purify them. Pure means pure! Only God is called the Purifier. He truly does definitely come. They remember God on the path of devotion and so He surely does come. However, He only comes when He has to give devotees the fruit of their devotion. To give the fruit means to give the inheritance. It is very easy for Him. He can give you liberation-in-life in a second. It is said that King Janak received liberation-in-life in a second. The name of only one is remembered. ‘Liberation-in-life in a second’ means to receive peace and happiness. People say that they want peace, happiness and a long life. When someone dies at a young age, it is said that he had an untimely death or that he didn’t live a full life. Now, whatever the Father did when He came is remembered. If you receive liberation-in-life in a second, you must definitely have had bondage-in-life prior to that. The end of the iron age is said to be bondage-in-life and the beginning of the golden age is said to be liberation-in-life. It is said: Receive liberation-in-life while living at home as Janak did. The Father explains: There are just two things: Raja Yoga and knowledge. Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat is very well known. ‘Ancient’ means from the beginning, but from when? Human beings don’t know this because they say that the duration of the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. Everyone wants the ancient knowledge and yoga of Bharat through which Bharat becomes heaven. Bharat is now very unhappy. At first there was the sun-dynasty kingdom. It doesn’t exist now, and so they remember that and ask who taught that Raja Yoga and knowledge. They don't know this. Otherwise, there isn't any difficulty in a child receiving his inheritance from his Father. Belong to the Father and you will become worthy of the inheritance. You still have to receive teachings from the Mother, Father and Teacher. They too need the inheritance of liberation and this is why they adopt gurus. However, no one can give liberation-in-life. Only when it is the end of bondage-in-life and the beginning of liberation-in-life can the One who gives liberation-in-life come. People have just heard that there is liberation-in-life in a second, or that you can go from the kingdom of Ravan to the kingdom of Rama, that is, you can become pure from impure. However, they don’t know how they can become that. The Father talks to you souls. These are spiritual teachings which the Supreme Spirit gives you. There, it is always human beings who read the scriptures. They say that such-and-such a mahatma gave them knowledge. 

Here, there is ancient Raja Yoga and knowledge which the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, gave you 5000 years ago through which you became deities. That has now disappeared. If it hadn't disappeared, why would He speak it to you? If human beings didn't become impure, how could the Purifier Father come? You have to take 84 births to become impure. The Father explains the details of this to you. He also explains the clans to you. Brahma is required and the Father of Brahma is also required. The Father of all three - Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar - is Shiva. He sits here and gives you ancient knowledge through Brahma through which you will become the masters of the land of Vishnu; Brahmins become deities. From human beings of the Brahmin religion you are now becoming those of the deity religion. Therefore, Brahma, the Father of People, is required first. Krishna cannot be called the Father of People. They have made up many wrong stories, such as that Krishna had so many queens and children etc. That is a mistake. In fact, it is Brahma, not Shri Krishna, who has children. Brahma then becomes Krishna. The upheaval of this one birth has confused human beings. They have said that Krishna is the God of the Gita and removed Shiva. Everyone says that Brahma has three faces and so they have become so confused. They have completely lost Shiva, the Creator. The Creator Himself comes and tells you how He created the deity religion. You can't ask how God creates the world. People call out to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Purifier, to come and purify the impure beings. They don’t know that it is now the kingdom of Ravan. They sit and relate long stories of Ravan. Those are called the entertaining stories of the path of devotion, whereas these are spiritual things. At this time, all the Sitas, that is, all the devotees are in Ravan’s jail and they are very unhappy in Ravan’s kingdom. Everyone now has to be liberated from the kingdom of Ravan. The Father has now come and He says: Children, now that your 84 births have ended, you have to return home. People call out to Me: Remover of Sorrow, Bestower of Happiness, come! This name only applies to Me. There is infinite sorrow in the iron age whereas there is infinite happiness in the golden age. In order to give you the inheritance of happiness once again, I am now teaching you Raja Yoga and knowledge once again. This old world is to be destroyed. People are very much afraid of destruction. They feel that if people stopped fighting each other, there would be peace. How could there be peace with so many religions? The Father explains: All of these religions that exist now didn't exist before. When there was just one religion, there truly was the kingdom of peace and happiness. Now, everyone asks how there can be peace of mind. Oh! but you first of all have to understand what the mind is. The mind and intellect are in the soul. It is the tongue of a person that enables him to speak and his eyes that enable him to see. On the whole, it would be said that human beings are totally unhappy. It is very easy to tell anyone: Remember the Father and the inheritance. Then, explanations of the tree and the drama also have to be given and you have these pictures made for this. There is no need to have pictures simply to say “Manmanabhav”. It takes an hour to explain a picture. God taught ancient Raja Yoga and you received the kingdom. 

Human beings would not teach you Raja Yoga. Remember the Father and the inheritance and that is fine. However, until you explain the detail s of this to anyone, his intellect won't open. He won't be able to understand the world cycle. After you have seen a drama (film), the whole drama turns around in your intellect from the beginning to the end. In words, you would say that you have just been to see a drama. You also say that you know this drama. However, there are a lot of detail s in it. You receive the inheritance of peace and happiness from the Father. You have the cycle in your intellects. Your intellects also definitely have to remember the cycle of 84 births again and again. Only you Brahmins receive this knowledge and you then become deities. Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma. You were Brahmins who took rebirth and then became deities. A limited father simply creates and sustains his children; he would not destroy them. Destruction means the whole of the impure world will not remain. The whole of Ravan’s kingdom is to be destroyed. How else would there be the kingdom of Rama? There, they never burn Ravan. Nothing of the path of devotion continues on the path of knowledge. In the golden and silver ages you experience the reward. That is the reward of knowledge. This is called the reward of devotion: temporary, momentary happiness. At first devotion was unadulterated and then, as it gradually became adulterated, everyone became completely unhappy. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation. You have to tell them: Remember the Father and the inheritance. Remember Him and you will receive the sovereignty of heaven. How you come into hell is also explained to you. You now know the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world. At this time you become seers of the three aspects of time. You tell people that even the deities were not seers of the three aspects of time. They would then ask you: So, who were? This is because no one knows you Brahmins of the confluence age. It has been shown that Hanuman used to go and sit among the shoes wherever there was a spiritual gathering. Why have they said this of Mahavir? Because you children don't have body consciousness. For instance, if such a topic arises in a spiritual gathering, you can tell them: If you want to receive liberation and liberation-in-life in a second through ancient easy Raja Yoga and knowledge, then go to such-and-such a place. The one who explains has to be very courageous and egoless. There shouldn't be the slightest body consciousness. You can go and sit anywhere and if you are given some time, you should speak to them. If someone is strong, he would give lectures on how it is possible to receive liberation-in-life in a second while living at home with the family. No one, apart from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can give you this. Only brave warriors can explain this. You are not forbidden to listen to them. While living at home you children can do a lot of service. Tell them: If you want to study Raja Yoga, go to the Brahma Kumaris. As you progress further, your name will be glorified. There will then be a majority; now there are only a few. Your name has been mentioned in reference to abducting people. They say that Krishna abducted women, but there is no question of abduction. Would a teacher abduct anyone to teach him or her? Those who do service have to churn the ocean of knowledge a great deal and also remain very courageous. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Liberate all the Sitas, the devotees, from Ravan’s jail. Show everyone the path to liberation and liberation-in-life in a second.

2. Remember the Father and the inheritance. Renounce body consciousness, be a brave warrior and do service. Churn the ocean of knowledge and invent new methods of service.


May you finish any subtle threads of attachment and fly in the flying stage and become a complete and perfect angel.

An angel is one who has no connection with the old world. So, check that not even the slightest trace of any string is pulling you in a subtle way towards itself because if you like something, it would definitely pull you towards itself. Some say that they do not have a desire (ichcha), but that they like (achcha) something. So, desires are thick strings and to like something is subtle thread. Now, finish them all and become complete and perfect angels.


To donate powers through your mind and virtues with your actions is to be a great donor.