02 March 2017

BK Soul Sustenance Message 2 March 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 02-03-2017

Soul Sustenance 02-03-2017

A Message From God (Part 4) 

“Sweet children, become aware of your original self and connect to me. Remember me and reclaim your inheritance of Peace, Purity, Bliss, Power and Love. I will re-energize you so that together we create the New World, a world where: 

Peace is the religion
Love is the language
Compassion is the relationship
Truth is in action and
Happiness is a way of living. 

A New World Morning for you … your dream … is very soon going to be a reality - . 

This is the message of God for all of us and this is our experience at the Brahma Kumaris, expressed in a few words - He talks to me everyday … He loves me very much … He has healed all my pain … He teaches me everyday … You can connect to Him … You can experience a personal relationship with Him … He is here and He is mine … come and experience Him.” 

Message for the day 02-03-2017

To make thoughts as pure as the actions is to be truly elevated. 

Projection:There is usually attention on the self not to perform any negative acts. There is also considerable attention not to speak any words that are harmful or negative. But very rarely is there that attention on the thoughts. Because of this a lot of negative thoughts tend to remain in the intellect causing trouble for me. 

Solution: I need to understand the fact that my thoughts form the basis for my words and actions. The more I pay attention to make my thoughts positive, the more it will make a positive impact on my words and actions too. Constant awareness of a positive thought enables me to maintain my own inner positivity. 


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