14 April 2017

BK Murli English 15 April 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 April 2017

15/04/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, forget your old bodies and bodily relations who cause you sorrow. Remember the one Father and follow shrimat.


What is the Father’s shrimat which you must definitely follow in order to return home with the Father?


The Father’s shrimat is: Children, become pure. Imbibe knowledge fully and make your stage karmateet, for only then will you be able to return home with Baba. If you do not become karmateet, you will have to wait in between and experience punishment. Many souls shed their bodies and wander around at the time of settlement. Instead of going home with the Father, they first have to experience punishment here and settle their karmic accounts. This is why the Father’s shrimat is: Children, burn the burden of sin on your heads and finish the old karmic accounts with the power of yoga.


O Traveller of the faraway land, take us with You.   

Om Shanti

The idea of omnipresence has now been removed from the intellects of you children. It has been explained to you very clearly that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates a new creation through Prajapita Brahma. He is the Creator who is called the Supreme Soul. You children know that He comes and makes you belong to Him and liberates you from Maya. You have to forget your old bodies and bodily relationships, your friends and relatives, who cause sorrow for one another. It is the same as the friends and relatives of an elderly person telling him to chant the name ‘Rama’. They only tell him something false. Neither do they know God nor are they able to retain the remembrance of the Supreme Soul in their intellects. They think that God is omnipresent, yet they sing, “O Traveller of the faraway land!” Souls come from far away, adopt bodies and play their parts. All of these things are explained to human beings. Human beings build temples to Shiva, worship Him and still keep searching for God here, there and everywhere. They also say that He is present in everyone. They are called orphans, those who do not know their Master. They remember God, but they do not know Him. They put their palms together in front of God and they understand that He is incorporeal. We souls are also incorporeal. This is the body of the soul, but no one knows about the soul. They say that a wonderful star shines in the middle of the forehead. If it is a star, why do they make such a big oval image? A part of 84 births is recorded in the soul. They do not even know this much and they continue to stumble everywhere in search of God. They consider everyone to be God: Badrinath is God, Krishna is God and God is in the pebbles and stones! So, why do they go so far to look for Him? Those who do not belong to our deity religion will not become Brahmins and they will not be able to imbibe knowledge. They will simply continue to say that this is good. 

The Father says: Children, I will take you back home with Me. Only if you follow shrimat, become pure, imbibe knowledge and make your stage karmateet will you be able to return home with Me. Otherwise, you will have to wait in between and experience severe punishment. Many souls even wander around after they have died. Until they receive bodies, they continually wander around experiencing punishment. Here, there will be a lot of rubbish at the time of settlement. There is a huge burden of sin on everyone’s head. All have to settle their karmic accounts. Even now, some children do not understand what yoga is; they do not remember the Father for even a minute. You children are told to remember Baba again and again, because you have a huge burden of sin on you. People say that God is omnipresent but, in spite of that, they wander around so much on pilgrimages. They think that they will find the way to meet God by doing all of those things of devotion. The Father says: Those who are impure and corrupt cannot reach Me. They say that So- and-so went to the land of nirvana, the land beyond, but they are just telling lies, because no one goes there. You now know how much people stumble on the path of devotion. While studying all of those scriptures etc. people have to come down. The Father makes you climb and Ravan brings you down. The Father now explains: If you follow My shrimat and become pure, if you study well, you will then go to heaven. Otherwise, you will not be able to claim a high status. There is so much service to do at the exhibitions. This service will now continue to increase. It will go to the villages etc. This is a new invention and new points also continue to emerge. You have to continue to study for as long as you live. Your aim and objective is for the future. 

When you shed your bodies, you will become princes and princesses. Heaven means heaven! There is no mention of hell there. The earth turns over and becomes new. These buildings etc. will all finish. People say that the Dwarika of gold went down below. However, it does not go down. It is just that the cycle continues to turn. To go on pilgrimages etc. is the path of devotion. Devotion is the night. When the night of devotion ends, Brahma comes to make it into the day. The copper and iron ages are the night of Brahma, and it then has to become the day. All are numberwise among you children too. Not everyone can study to the same extent; there are different classes. Look how many people come to the exhibitions every day! Five to seven thousand come every day, and yet look how many emerge from there! A few out of multimillions and, even out of that few, only a handful. They write, “Baba, there are three or four who come every day. Some even took the seven days’ course, but they no longer come.” Those who belong to the deity religion will remain here. Only ordinary, poor people emerge. The wealthy are scarcely able to remain here. A lot of effort has to be made. Some write a letter, some even write in their blood but, as they move along, Maya eats them. A battle takes place and Ravan conquers them. However, those who hear even a little knowledge become part of the subjects. Baba continues to explain that you have to follow shrimat, just like Mama, Baba and the special children who make effort do. The names of the maharathis are mentioned. Who are those in the Pandava Army? Their names are glorified, just as the names of the main ones in the Kaurava Army are glorified. The names of the Yadavas, the residents of Europe, are also mentioned. The names of famous people are printed in the papers. All of them have intellects that have no love for the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. 

Only when they know the Supreme Soul can they have love for Him. Here, too, some children are unable to have love for God; they forget Him again and again. Then their status is destroyed. The more you remember the Father, the more your sins will be absolved and the higher the status you will receive. You also have to make others equal to yourselves. You must be merciful and become sticks for the blind. Some are blind, some are deaf and some have blurred vision. Here, too, you children are numberwise. Such children then go and become part of the ordinary subjects or maids and servants. As you progress further, you will have visions of everything. It is not correct to say that God is omnipresent. God is the Ocean of Knowledge. He comes and gives you knowledge and teaches you Raja Yoga. The Shri Krishna soul, who has taken the full 84 births, is now studying Raja Yoga. These are such deep matters! At present, all are experiencing a lot of sorrow because they have forgotten the Father. The more effort you children make, the more your defects will be removed from within you. The destination is very high. Eight main ones emerge from many hundreds of thousands. Then the rosary of 108 is created, and then the rosary of 16,000. You are given this temptation so that you make effort. In fact, it isn’t a question of 16,000; the rosary is only of 108. It has the Flower (tassel) at the top, then the dual-bead and then the numberwise rosary of Vishu is created. So much is explained to you to enable you to make effort. Those who do not belong to this religion will not understand anything. They do not become worthy of attaining the happiness of heaven at all. Though there are many worshippers, they will also become part of the subjects. The status of the subjects is nothing. You say, “Mama and Baba”, so you should follow them and become seated on the throne of Mama and Baba. Why do you become disheartened? In a school, if a student says that he will not pass, everyone would say that he is dull headed. Sensible children study very well and claim a high number. You children can do very good service at the exhibitions. You can even ask Baba: Baba, am I worthy of doing service? Baba would then tell you: Child, you still have a lot to learn, that is, you have to become worthy. 

Those who explain to the pundits and scholars have to be very clever. First of all, you are made to have the faith that God has come. You call out: O Resident of the faraway land, come! Come and take us with You because we are experiencing a lot of sorrow. There will not be as many people in the golden age. All souls will go to the land of liberation. The world is doing so much devotion for that. The Father says: I will take all of you back with Me. You will receive liberation and liberation-in- life in a second. If you have faith, you become liberated-in-life. There is status in liberation-in-life. You also have to make effort to claim the status of a king or queen. Mama and Baba become the emperor and empress of the world, so why should you not claim a status? Those who make effort cannot remain hidden; a whole kingdom is being established. Those who belong to the deity religion will definitely come. Mama and Baba become the king and queen, so why should you not make effort? Children write letters to Baba: Baba, I go to the centre sometimes. Now, I have to get my daughter married. Introduce me to a boy who has knowledge so that I can get her married. The daughter says that she will not get married. Many children and innocent ones are beaten. So, Baba writes: Mother, father and child should all come to Baba, so that Baba can make you understand. Since you write “Respected Pita Shri” to Baba, then come to Baba! If you do not have money for your ticket, you will be given that too. When you personally come in front of Baba, you will receive shrimat. You must not allow the kumari to fall into vice, otherwise you will become a sinful soul. You have to follow the Father’s shrimat and become pure. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Make effort to claim a status in liberation-in-life. Just as the mother and father become the emperor and empress, follow them in the same way and claim their throne. Become sensible and study well.

2. Have true love for the Father. Be merciful and show the path to the blind. Take shrimat directly from Baba and save yourself and others from becoming sinful souls.


May you adopt soul-conscious feelings by finishing all other feelings and become loved by all. When you are body conscious, many types of feelings emerge.

Sometimes you would like someone and at other times you would find that one bad. When you look at the form of the soul, spiritual love will emerge. By maintaining soul-conscious feelings, soul-conscious vision and a soul-conscious attitude, you will remain extremely detached and loving when coming into a relationship with each one. So, while walking and moving along, practise, “I am a soul”. By your doing this, all the various types of nature and differences will finish and you will be loved by all.


Those who have wings of zeal and enthusiasm easily attain success.


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