18 April 2017

BK Murli English 19 April 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 19 April 2017

19/04/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you now have to return home. Therefore, continue to renounce the consciousness of bodies. Forget that you are very good or very wealthy and consider yourself to be a soul.


On the basis of which faith can you children make your fortune elevated?


The first faith you each need to have is that you are a soul. You now have to shed that body and return home. Therefore, don't attach your heart to this world. It is Shiv Baba who is teaching us and it is He who will then take us back with Him. We have to follow His shrimat. By following shrimat, we have to benefit ourselves and our friends and relatives. The children who don't follow shrimat or don't have faith in the One who is teaching them are of no use. While moving along, they disappear; they cannot make their fortune elevated.


Salutations to Shiva.  

Om Shanti

You children who are sitting here know that you are sitting in front of Baba. You are not sitting in front of a sannyasi, friend or relative etc. You know that you are sitting in front of the extremely sweet Father whom you have been remembering for birth after birth. We have become His children while alive. Sannyasis have followers, even though those people still live at home. They are called followers but they don't follow the sannyasis. You children have to follow. Your intellect has to remember that you are a soul and that you will go where Baba goes. Incorporeal Baba has come here from the supreme abode to make impure ones pure. He has to come into the impure world in an impure body. He sits in the one who was the number one pure soul and who then took 84 births. He explains through him. Many children are sitting here. Would a teacher just teach one person? "God speaks" cannot be to Arjuna alone. You children know that you souls are sitting in front of the Father. This would not be understood in any other gathering. It has been explained to you that you now have to return home. The body has to be renounced here. Therefore, continue to renounce the consciousness of the body. Forget that you are very good or that you are wealthy. Have the faith that you are a soul. While remembering the Father, you then have to go back with Him. Shiv Baba says: I cannot have any awareness of a body because I don't have a body of My own. In the beginning, when you souls were with Me, you didn't have that body consciousness either. However, you have played your part s for 84 births. You say that you claimed your fortune of the kingdom and that you then lost it. I have now come once again to take you back to the land of liberation. I will not take bodies. Those are old bodies, and so your intellect has to break the consciousness of them. You have to live at home with your families. This is not the path of renunciation. You have to look after your families, whereas those people go away leaving their families behind. The Father doesn’t make you children leave anything. The Father says: Remind your children to remember Shiv Baba. Continue to explain to them so that they too develop love for Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is so sweet and lovely. If everyone were to come and stay here, who would look after their children? There are many such children who leave their bodies here. They will then come to claim their inheritance from the Father in their next birth. They will also meet Him. You should have the faith that you are souls. You will shed your bodies and return home. Your hearts are not here any more. Sannyasis say that they will merge into the brahm element of light. There are so many different opinions, whereas here there is only the one Father. The Father has come to take us children back home. None of those religions existed in the golden age. The golden age is now being established. Baba has now reincarnated. You are now being rejuvenated. You can only say reincarnation for the One. Many children write to Baba saying that there has been a lot of transformation in their lives, but that they sometimes do become a little angry. Yes, children, this will happen anyway. Would an illness be cured instantly? After gradually losing all your virtues, you have now become completely virtueless. You now have to become full of all virtues. You receive a lot of wealth. There is no question of greed there. Here, people steal so much because of greed. Because of the carelessness of the officers, so many stores of grain are spoilt and so they then burn it all. Here, people are starving. You understand that Shiv Baba is teaching you. Until someone has the faith that Shiv Baba is teaching him, that person will be of no use. Baba has explained that you souls have become impure. You are now becoming pure. You definitely have to follow shrimat. You mustn't follow the dictates of your own mind. Benefit your friends and relatives by following shrimat. Write them a letter. However, if you don't write according to shrimat, you will only incur a loss. There are many who write letters to others secretly. Baba, the Teacher, is sitting here and so you should tell Him. Baba will teach you to write letters in such a way that those who read them will have goose pimples. Baba doesn't forbid you because you have to fulfil your responsibility. How else would there be "Charity begins at home"? There are many who don't follow shrimat, and so they disappear. If it is not in their fortune, they are unable to continue. There are many men who come but their wives don’t come into knowledge; they don't accept this. Shiv Baba would write to them: You are weak. Explain to her that she promised she would accept your orders. If you are unable to influence your wife, how would you be able to control the vices? It is your duty to influence your wife and to explain to her with love. All the things that they have written in the scriptures refer to this time. You Brahmins too were foolish at first. Baba has now made you very wise. You know that Shiv Baba must have played the same part 5000 years ago. He would have explained in the same way and this Brahma would also have come to know it. You are now making effort. Those who do good service will become angels. If karmic accounts are still outstanding, there will have to be punishment. You are now personally sitting here. Shiv Baba is speaking to you. Don't think that it is Brahma who is telling you all of this. Shiv Baba says: Children, the play is now about to end. Have yoga with Me and you will become pure. You know that the Bridegroom has come to take you back and that He is also teaching you. It is such a wonder ! You are so fortunate and so you should follow the directions of the One. You say, ‘You are the most elevated of all.’ I am Shri Shri. I make you into the most doubly elevated ones. I make the world elevated. Here, people are so impure and yet they give themselves the title of Shri. You are gradually gaining victory over Ravan. The needles of you souls have become rusty. The Magnet has now come to cleanse you. If you become clean and pure, you will go back with Him. Remember the Father in order to remove the rust. Mothers see butter in the mouth of Shri Krishna. That is the butter of heaven. Two cats fight among themselves and Shri Krishna takes the butter. Shri Krishna will not rule the kingdom by himself; there are the sun and moon dynasty kingdoms. There is the dynasty of the kings of kings. They also continue to rule for a long time. Then, there is later the rule of people over people. You now know that Baba had sent you to play your part s. We were very happy in heaven. The inheritance of 21 births is only remembered in Bharat. These kumaris enable others to receive the inheritance for 21 births. Baba explains to you so clearly. In spite of that, the old, decayed defects of some don't go away. Baba is the great Marshal. Dharamraj is also with Baba. If someone doesn't follow shrimat, then Baba's right hand is Dharamraj. Some take birth to Baba and then they go back and die. There is so much loss incurred! When someone doesn't follow shrimat, he dies. Baba explains to you so much: Just make your intellect understand: Baba, I belong to You. At this time, the whole world have stone intellects. This Baba also says: I studied the scriptures etc., but I didn't know anything. If someone says that I received these teachings from a particular guru, would that guru have given these teachings to only one? A guru has many followers. If he had taken the teachings of a guru, he would also have received the position of the guru. This is something completely unique. Shiv Baba gives you teachings through this one and enables you to remove your intellect's yoga from everyone else. He made this one renounce everything all at once. Many children did the same. A furnace had to be created. The children were looked after so well when they were in Pakistan. Baba, the Intellect of the Wise, was there. When we told the Pakistan Government that we didn't have any good grain, the officers instantly told us to take from them whatever we liked. Baba was the One to open the locks on their intellects. Some things have to be tolerated. Kumaris were beaten so much. They remembered Baba so much. Baba, it is the wonder of You that we receive this Godly lottery. You children have to become very sweet and interact with love. You also have to uplift those who are at home. What would be the condition of the creation if the creator were to run away? Here, that part was for sannyasis. At that time, there was a need for purity. The whole play is predestined. The whole kingdom is being established here. Impure ones won’t be made pure in the golden age. This confluence age is well known. Baba says: I also told you earlier that I come at the confluence age of every cycle. They have then written that I come in every age. They have written that I come in alligators and fish. Human beings then continue to say that that is the truth. This is the kingdom of Ravan. Sannyasis always ask for peace; they don't believe in happiness. They say that your knowledge is not right, and that there is no happiness in the world. They say, ‘When Rama existed, Ravan also existed. When Krishna existed, Kans also existed.’ However, there was limitless happiness in heaven. People love Krishna so much. You would only find him in heaven. The desires of your mind are being fulfilled here. You know that Baba is inspiring you to make effort in order to take you to the land of Krishna. So there has to be a lot of honesty with Baba. A lot of loss is incurred by hiding anything from Him. Because you don’t tell Baba, that mistake continues to increase. Baba gives you shrimat at every step. However, whether you follow Baba's advice or not, what can Baba do? Baba explains: You children of God should have a lot of royalty and wisdom. Give everyone the Father's introduction with a lot of love. Ask them what their relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is. He is the Creator of heaven and so you have to receive the inheritance of becoming a master of heaven. You received the inheritance, you then lost it and you are now being given it again. The aim here is to become Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father comes and gives you your fortune of the kingdom of the golden age. You children should do service. Give everyone the donation of life for 21 births. You are great, charitable souls. No one else can be as charitable as you. You are going to go to the world of charity. Therefore, become very sweet. That One is the Purifier Father and this one is Dada. He has come to remove you children from the brothel and to take you to the Temple of Shiva. This is also called the extreme depths of hell. Here, there is nothing but sorrow. Baba has come to remove you from the land of sorrow and send you to the land of happiness. We have come to receive happiness for all time from the parlokik Mother and Father and to meet Him. This is a matter of great happiness. You have the happiness that you are going to Baba, the Innocent Lord, the Treasurer, the One who establishes the Temple of Shiva. You have to remember Shiva alone and not the chariot. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1) Always remain honest with the Father. Don't hide anything. Interact with others with a lot of royalty and wisdom

2) Serve everyone and donate life for 21 births to them and make them into charitable souls. Remove the rust from the needle of the soul with the pilgrimage of remembrance.


May you be a soul who becomes light and who experiments with the powers of knowledge and yoga.

You have become knowledge-full, yogi souls; now become souls who experiment with the powers of knowledge and yoga. Just as you experiment with the facilities of science with light, similarly, the basis of the power of silence is also light: the imperishable light of God, the light of soul consciousness and the light of your practical stage. So, when you want to experiment with something, check whether you are light or not. If you are double light in your stage and form, you will then easily be successful in your experiments.


In order to experience the stage of liberation in life, be liberated from sinful thoughts and sinful actions.


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