BK Murli English 4 April 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 April 2017

04/04/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, show wonders while living at home with your families. Do service to become elevated deities and make others the same.


Which children claim a right to the inheritance of the kingdom?


Those who come into a close relationship with the Father and give full news of their activity and their income to the Father; such real children claim a right to the inheritance of the kingdom. Those who don't even come in front of the Father and don't tell their news cannot receive the inheritance of the kingdom; they are stepchildren. Baba says: Children, give your full news so that Baba can understand what service you do. Baba enables you children to make effort under all circumstances.


Who has come to the door of my mind with the sound of ankle-bells?  

Om Shanti

You children know what your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva is. You call Him the Supreme Father. You can also add the word “Purifier”. You know in your hearts that you have the relationship of Father with the Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. The Father says: I reveal Myself in front of My children. The Father meets His children and has a heart-to-heart conversation with them. You then have to explain to others whatever is explained to you. You now know the World Mother and World Father. Shiva cannot be called the World Father because there are people in the world. This is why it is said: Prajapita Brahma (Father of People) and Jagadamba (World Mother). Amba is the mother of the whole world. This proves that He is the Creator. There has to be this understanding. All human beings remember God, but they don't know Him. You now know the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the World Mother and Prajapita Brahma. You have come and become their children. Everyone has physical parents; they would not be called the World Mother and World Father. The World Mother and World Father existed in the past. At this time, you now belong to them. History and geography is being repeated. You know that you are now claiming your inheritance from the Father. The Father established heaven where there used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. You received a kingdom. You are now claiming that once again. So, you should ask them: Do you know the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? This matter is such that, even though you do understand it, you forget it. You forget yourself and the Mother and Father and lose your inheritance. This is a battlefield. You are on the battlefield at this time in order to conquer Maya. 

This war will continue until the end. The people involved in that war also know that, if they wanted, they could kill everyone in a second. They now continue to supply weapons to one another and also incur debt. If someone were to kill a person who has a debt, the debt would end. Baba used to read the newspapers. Children should also read the newspapers and do service from that. You should ask Baba: Baba, you are the master, so why do you listen to the radio? Baba would reply: But children, it is Shiv Baba who is the Master. How would I know what the atmosphere is like outside and to what extent there is the effect of war etc? At this time, people tell many lies. They also form committees of righteousness. You should write to them: This world is corrupt. How can there be righteousness here? Those who indulge in vice are called corrupt. Only you children know these things. You children are numberwise. You can ask anyone: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? Christians know that Christ took birth at such-and-such a time. OK, who existed before him? How long has it been since Lakshmi and Narayan ruled their kingdom? At this time, those who belonged to the original eternal deity religion have become corrupt in their religion and action. They have spoken of hundreds of thousands of years in the scriptures. You have now awoken and you have to awaken others. You know that Shiva is your Father. Prajapita Brahma and Jagadamba are also your Mama and Baba. You can then ask: How did Lakshmi and Narayan receive the inheritance of the golden age? It has been 5000 years since they received it, but they don't have it now. They are now receiving it once again. History is now being repeated. How can you now give everyone the Father's message? Should you beat the drums in every home? OK, you can still put up boards because you are master eternal surgeons. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is incorporeal. 

No one knows in whose body Shiv Baba entered. You cannot even say that He entered the body of Krishna and took birth. You know, numberwise, that He is your Supreme Father and also your Teacher. He is giving us very good teachings. Baba has come and met us again after a cycle. You understand that you have firm faith, but then, when you go back home, that intoxication disappears. While living at home and doing your business you should definitely write to the Father how long you are able to maintain that intoxication. However, some children don't give the Father their full news. You children know everything about the Father and so the Father should also know everything about you. Since He is your Grandfather, He should know everything about your activities and your income, because only then can He give you directions. You would say that Shiv Baba is Antaryami (Knower of all secrets within), but how would this Brahma know? Some don't even come in front of Baba, and it is understood from this that they are stepchildren. So, they won't be able to claim the inheritance of the kingdom. If you want to follow shrimat, you have to give your full news. You children know everything about your Father. You should also give your news to the Father. This is our relationship of a spiritual household. This is a spiritual Godly family. All souls have a relationship with the Supreme Spirit. Ask everyone whether they know Lakshmi and Narayan and the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Do you know the elevated golden-aged deities? You can write to them telling them: By knowing all of these things, you too can become elevated. Otherwise, you will never be able to become that. By doing such service you can claim a high status. It is your business to make corrupt ones elevated. So, why don't you put up a board? Men and women are both engaged in this service. 

Baba gives directions, but children then forget them; they remain busy in their own business. They don't even do the service that needs to be done. Neither do they give their full news nor do they put up a board. If they don't put up a board and don’t do service, it would be understood that they have a lot of body consciousness. You all listen to the murli and know what Baba says. You receive many directions. For exhibitions, Baba says: Children, since it is hot weather, go to the mountains and make arrangements. Then Baba waits to see from where He receives news saying that they are able to make these arrangements. If you have knowledge about this, then you should go and make arrangements for a hall or pilgrim rest-house (dharamshala) so that many can receive the message. Let there also be a board put up here: What is your relationship with the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the incorporeal Supreme Soul? Then, what is your relationship with the World Mother and World Father? What will He give you? He would definitely make you into a master of the world. You are truly becoming that now. You also became that in the previous cycle. When you put up this board, all other questions will end. How did Lakshmi and Narayan receive their inheritance of the mastery of the world? The one who asks these questions definitely has to know the answers. If you don't do this much service, how would you become seated on the throne? This Raja Yoga is for changing you from an ordinary man into Narayan, not for becoming a subject. Have you come here to become subjects? When Baba receives news, He can understand that you are doing some service. If you don't give any news of your home or your service, how could it be understood that you would become part of the rosary of victory? Those who have faith in the intellect become victorious and those who have doubts are led to destruction. You know that your kingdom is now being established. You children have to make effort to claim a high status in that kingdom. However, what can the Teacher do if it is not in the fortune of some children? You have performed such wrong actions that you have to suffer for them. Mama performed very good actions and she attained such a high status by paying attention very well. 

You children should make a lot of effort under all circumstances. Baba has advised you to put up a board and also to print small leaflets and distribute them: By knowing this Lakshmi and Narayan, you will become elevated deities. You shouldn't delay in performing an auspicious task. You sweetest children should do a lot of service. Show wonders while living at home with your families. You mustn't ever have thoughts of leaving your home. You know that Baba is teaching you through Brahma. When Shiv Baba entered Bharat, did He come as an incorporeal being? How did He come? What did He do? No one knows this at all. They celebrate Shiv Ratri, but they don't know anything. The Supreme Soul comes to purify you. Baba says: When you are confused about anything, ask Baba: Baba, I cannot understand this. The significance of 84 births has been explained to you. You also have to go through the clans. You are imbibing all of this. We have truly taken 84 births in this way. We are now once again becoming part of the sun dynasty. The more effort one makes, the higher the status one claims. This is such an easy thing and yet it doesn't sit in your intellects. Therefore, you should ask: Baba, I am confused by this explanation. First of all, give Alpha's introduction. Everyone should put up a board saying: With this knowledge, you can become constantly happy and elevated. This is good, is it not? They would be tempted: Why should we not go there to understand it? Baba will understand from their service which children are honest. Those who pay attention will become beads of the rosary. You have to do something and show it to others. You are personally sitting here in a practical way and listening to Baba. All the other children will hear this in the murli. All of these matters have to be understood. The Supreme Soul is the Father and He purifies you and then takes you back with Him and so He is also the Guru. He becomes the Teacher and teaches you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world, and so He is all three. However, many children forget this. That intoxication disappears from the intellect. Otherwise, there would be that happiness permanently. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to become a bead of the rosary of victory, pay full attention to yourself. Do the service of becoming elevated and making others elevated.

2. Don't perform any wrong action for which you would have to suffer. Follow the Father's advice at every step.


May you be an easy yogi who constantly experiences happiness by emerging your attainments.

The basis of easy yoga is love and the basis of love is a relationship. It is easy to remember someone with whom you have a relationship. It is through a relationship that you have all attainments and the mind and intellect easily go to where you have attainments. Therefore, emerge in your intellect, all the treasures that the Father has given you of powers, knowledge, virtues, happiness, peace, bliss and love, and through all those different attainments that you have had and you will experience happiness and become an easy yogi.


Those who remain beyond all questions are happy in their hearts.