21 April 2017

BK Soul Sustenance Message 21 April 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 21-04-2017

Soul Sustenance 21-04-2017

Understanding The Process Of Birth And Death 

When the body has become unserviceable due to age or disease, or it suffers a fatal injury, the soul leaves the body. At the moment of death, the soul withdraws its energy from the organs of the body and vacates its seat in the middle of the forehead. Like a bird, it leaves the cage made of skin and bones, and taking its sanskaras, it enters into another, a new body, in the womb of the new mother. From the very birth, the sanskaras of a soul are apparent (visible); whether the new-born baby is happy, unbothered, sad, shy, mischievous, quiet, violent or agitated. 

Death occurs at the precise moment when the account of giving and taking with other souls through a particular body is finished. The new birth is determined by the soul's account of karmas with another set of souls. One may be born into a cultured, wealthy family, another as a beggar, one may be born deaf, dumb, blind or crippled, another with a strong supple body. The type of body and the conditions of birth are determined by the thoughts and actions performed in the previous births. 

Message for the day 21-04-2017

The importance of work is by its quality and not by its quantity. 


When I want to work well I think of putting in a lot of effort in terms of quantity. I try and fit in as much as possible in one day, yet I do not find as much satisfaction as I should by the end of the day. 


I need to concentrate more on the quality of work I do rather than thinking about how much I do. Each action of mine should be with a value and should never be just ordinary. When I concentrate on this, I can contribute for quality work. 


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