28 April 2017

BK Soul Sustenance Message 28 April 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 28-04-2017

Soul Sustenance 28-04-2017

At Peace With Time - The Key To Relaxed Living (Part 2) 

Not only is your strength reduced by the way that you live the past and project onto the future, but also how you live in this moment. When, for example, you oppose the present and have resistances, these consume your energy and cause you stress. If you accept the present you can flow flexibly without wasting your energy. Accepting does not mean submitting yourself or feeling a victim of what is happening now. From acceptance, you confront and transform. If we learn to live the dimensions of time in a healthy way we will keep up our vitality, we will heal the past and we will feel at peace with it. Accepting the present and trusting in the future helps us to be well. 

Accepting the present means stopping comparing yourself with others; you want what the other has, their money, their talents, their beauty, their personality, their achievements, their virtues, etc. So, instead of being grateful for what you have and accepting yourself as you are, you try to have and be like the other. In this way, you are never satisfied. The dissatisfaction causes you a constant unhappiness that reduces your vitality. When you feel happy and satisfied your energy flows more easily. The most important thing that you should do in this moment is to feel content. Next, what is the most important thing? To be content. Therefore, the priority, and what is essential, is that whatever happens in the moment, the most important thing is to be content. So, tell your mind - Oh, mind, be quiet and don't think so much. Oh, mind, kindly trust that everything is and will be fine. Give your mind the basic instructions and the key thoughts with which to be content. Don't let your own mind create the thoughts that trap you. It is we ourselves who create our emotional cages. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 28-04-2017

The one who is free from bondage is the one who can be a support for others. 


Sometimes I find myself not being able to be of help or unable to provide support to others as much as I would like to. This is because of the weaknesses working within me which make me look for support from others, thereby making me unavailable for others. 


I need to work at checking and removing my own weaknesses. When I recognise and work at removing my weaknesses, I'll become a source of strength and support for others. I'll not look for support from others but will be able to allow people to rely on me. 


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