BK Soul Sustenance Message 3 May 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 03-05-2017

Soul Sustenance 03-05-2017

The Key To Beautiful Relationships - Unconditional Love (Part 3) 

Whenever you want to experience joy in a relationship, learn to love with a big heart. This is something we hear commonly, but what this means is loving without any fixed boundaries of how the other person should be with me. In other words, we tend to create so many fixed images in our mind of the other person’s consciousness, attitude, words and actions about how they should be, that we don’t let the other person be themselves. This happens to the extent that the other person will in some cases stop expressing themselves freely. Also sometimes their personality starts going into a cover which has been created by us and they will never come out of that cover for life in some cases. The meaning of that is simple that the other person becomes a puppet in our hands and he or she will do everything that we demand without ever thinking that they are no longer themselves. And who is responsible for that happening? We are. We create a person based on our personality. That’s in short a karma that we become responsible for. This is called a conditional love. 

On the other hand, a love that is unconditional wants the other person, whom you love, to be themselves and a different person from them with their own personality, their own special strengths, skills and qualities. This happens in such a way that these qualities and skills complement your strengths and the two of you become a beautiful pair of people who keep each other ahead. Also, at the same time you focus on your own qualities and bring them into action. This is true love. Such a love, when brought into action becomes a beautiful foundation for a happiness filled relationship. In such a relationship, two people enjoy each other’s loveful company without interfering in each other’s personal space. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 03-05-2017

To be constantly enthusiastic is to experience freedom. 

When everything is going on well I find myself enthusiastic and have the interest to move forward. But when even a little thing goes wrong, I lose all enthusiasm to do anything else. This creates a bondage for me and I find it difficult to move forward. 


I need to remind myself that to be enthusiastic in all situations is to be like a free bird reaching great heights. That means no situation makes me like a caged bird, who has all the opportunities but does not know or does not believe in using them.