BK Soul Sustenance Message 11 July 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 11-07-2017

Soul Sustenance 11-07-2017

A Higher Purpose At Every Step (Part 2) 

A very important aspect of keeping a higher purpose in every action, even if that action is a very ordinary action like cooking food or driving a vehicle or working on your phone or computer, is keeping a higher consciousness. A higher consciousness means a positive state of mind, a state of mind full of mental strength and determination, full of the surety of success and along with that very stable and fearless. Also, a higher consciousness means a mind full of only positive and necessary thoughts and no negative and unnecessary thoughts. So, you need to check and keep such a higher mental state, which will always bring you victory at every step, because where there is the inner power of faith, victory is guaranteed. Keeping a state of mind focused only the actions you are performing and taking care that the actions are performed well, is not enough to get success in the actions alone. Take an example - if you are working on a project in your workplace, and you have various tasks to perform in the project. Taking care of all those tasks is natural and you should and will look after them, but if you keep an ordinary consciousness, then there will be more obstacles in the tasks and it will even take longer to complete. Also, there will be more problems and issues of differences of personalities in interactions with people involved in the project. So, in such a case, if everyone involved in the task would begin their day with something good to read, some spiritual wisdom, some positive thoughts, some food for the mind, then the project and all its tasks would be done much sooner. Also, there would be greater amount of success in them. 

So, a higher consciousness means a higher purpose for the mind. Over-thinking about a task and becoming stressed about it is a sign of an ordinary purpose. A higher purpose means a positively empowered mind which thinks above the ordinary day-to-day tasks. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 11-07-2017

The right solution is found by the mind which is free from worry. 


No matter how hard one worries about a problem, there can be no solution found. When the mind is free from worry, it is able to be calm. Then there will be no struggle but very naturally the right decision is made, which would be for the benefit of the self and that of others too. On the contrary, a mind that is worried would make decisions that are harmful, even after a lot of thinking and rethinking. 


When I keep the mind free from worry in the most difficult situation, I am able to experience inner calm, inspite of the outer disturbance, because there is no disturbance in my natural thinking process. There is a lot of peace within, which enables me to be free from negative feelings for everyone. I also naturally have good wishes for myself and others, so whatever I do would be for everyone's benefit.