BK Murli English 16 October 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 16 October 2016

16/09/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 15/11/99

“The easy effort to become equal to the Father is to be obedient.”

Today, BapDada is seeing the gathering of His holy swans. Each of you children is a holy swan whose mind is constantly churning the jewels of knowledge. The duty of a holy swan is to put aside the pebbles of waste and churn jewels of knowledge. Each jewel is so valuable! Each one of you children has become a mine of the jewels of knowledge. You are constantly overflowing with those jewels of knowledge. Today, BapDada was checking one special thing in all the children. What was that? The easy way to have inculcate knowledge and yoga is to move along while being obedient to Bap and Dada. You have to be obedient to the form of the Father, the form of the Teacher and the form of the Satguru. To be obedient to all three forms means to be an easy effort-maker, because Baba, in all three forms, gives you children directions for every act you perform. If from amrit vela until night time you continue to do everything all the time according to the directions you have been given, you will not experience anything to be laborious or difficult. You have been given clear directions for your thoughts, words and deeds for every moment. 

You don’t even have to think whether you should do something or not. You don’t even have to make the effort to think whether something is right or wrong. God’s directions are always elevated. So, it is a very good gathering of all of you kumars who have come. As soon as you belonged to the Father, what did each of you promise the Father? What was the first promise you made when you belonged to the Father? “Baba, this body, mind and money…”, - in any case, kumars do not have a lot of money, nevertheless - “…whatever I have is all Yours.” Did you promise this? Did you make a firm promise that you would give your “body, mind and money and have all relationships with You?” Since your body, mind and money all belong to the Father, then what is yours? Is there anything that belongs to you? What else is there? Have you given your body, mind, money and surrendered your relationships with everyone to Baba? Have the householders done this? Have those from Madhuban done this? Have you done this firmly? Since the mind also belongs to the Father, it doesn’t belong to you, does it? Or, do you think that it is your mind and that you can use it as you want, because you consider it to be yours? You gave your mind to the Father and so that is something entrusted to you. So, why are you battling? “My mind is distressed, my mind has waste thoughts, my mind is disturbed.” It is not yours, but something you are holding in trust. 

Therefore, is it not being dishonest for you to use something for yourself that you are holding in trust? The doors through which Maya can enter are, “I and mine”. Since even your body does not belong to you, how can you have the “I” of body consciousness? Even your mind doesn’t belong to you, so how can you say, “Mine! Mine!”? Is your mind Baba’s or is it yours? Does it belong to the Father? Or, is it the Father’s just in terms of saying it, but not in practice? Otherwise, it means that you say that it belongs to the Father, but you really consider it to be your own. Simply remember the first promise you made, so that there is neither the “I” nor the “mine” of body consciousness. So, the Father’s directions are: Consider yourself to be holding your body in trust. Also consider yourself to be holding your mind in trust. Do you then need to labour? Any weakness comes through these two words: “I and mine”. Therefore, neither does the body belong to you nor do you have the body conscious “I”. Since you are obedient, what directions has the Father given you for whatever thoughts you have in your mind? Have positive and benevolent thoughts. Has the Father given you directions to have unnecessary thoughts? No! Since your mind is not yours and you are still having those waste thoughts, you are not putting the Father’s directions into practice, are you? Simply remember the term of being an obedient child who obeys God’s directions. 

Think about whether something is according to the Father’s directions or not. A father would always automatically remember his obedient children. Such children are automatically loved and are automatically close to their father. So, check to see whether you are close and obedient to the Father. You can remember one sentence at amrit vela: “Who am I?” Am I obedient? Or, do you sometimes obey His directions and sometimes move away from them? BapDada always says: When you remember your relationship with the one Baba in any form and say “Baba” from your heart, you will experience closeness. Do not say, “Baba, Baba,” like a mantra. Those people say, “Rama, Rama”, whereas you say, “Baba, Baba”. Let it emerge from your heart: “Baba.” Before you perform any deed, remember what Baba’s directions are for your mind, body and money. No matter how little money you kumars have, do you keep an account of your money according to the directions that the Father has given you? Or, do you simply use it as and when you want? Each of you kumars has been directed to keep an account of your money: of how and when to use your money; of how and when to use your mind and your body. You should keep an account of all of this. When the Dadis give you classes on dharna, they explain to you how you should use your money and what accounts you should keep. Do you kumars know how to keep your accounts and how to use your money? Do you know this? Only a few of you are raising your hands. New ones too are here. 

They do not understand this. You must definitely tell them what to do so that they can become carefree. They will then not feel any burden. All of you have an aim: a kumar means to be light; double light. The aim of the kumars is to become number one. However, together with this aim, you must also have the necessary qualifications. If you have a very high aim but don’t have the qualifications for it, it would be difficult to reach your aim. Therefore, constantly keep the Father’s directions in your intellect before you act. BapDada also told you earlier that the main treasures of Brahmin life are your thoughts, time and breath. Your breath too is very valuable. Let not even one breath be common. Let not a breath be wasted. On the path of devotion, people say, “Remember your special beloved deity in every breath you take.” Do not let your breath go to waste. There are the treasures of knowledge and powers, but are you using these three main treasures (time, thoughts and breath) in a worthwhile way and according to the directions you have been given? You are not wasting any of them, are you? If you are wasting them, you cannot accumulate anything. Your savings account has to be built now, at the confluence age. If you want to claim an elevated status in the golden and silver ages, or, even if you want to claim a status of worthy of being worshipped in the copper and iron ages, you have to build up your account for both at this confluence age. So, in view of this, consider how invaluable your thoughts, time and breath of your short life of this confluence age are.

Don’t be careless about this! Do not let your days be spent ordinarily, just as you like. That would not just be a day gone by, but a day in which you would have lost a great deal. Whenever you have any unnecessary thoughts or whenever you waste your time, don’t just consider that to be five minutes wasted, for you must save those minutes. According to the present time, nature does her work very fast. She is constantly showing how she is playing games in one or another way. She shows how she plays her part somewhere or other. However, you Brahmin children, who are the lords of nature, are playing your parts of the flying stage. So, although nature is showing how she is playing her part, you Brahmins are also showing how you are playing your part of the flying stage, are you not? (A child wrote a letter to BapDada telling Baba about the damage that took place during the storms in Orissa.) You saw nature playing her part. However, BapDada asks you: Did you just see how nature plays her part? Were you just watching nature play her part or did you stay busy playing your part of the flying stage? Or, did you just continue to listen to the news? You do have to listen to all the news, but were you just as interested in maintaining your flying stage to the same extent as you are interested in listening to the news? Some children are incognito yogis and they have received a lot of help from BapDada. However, there are also some children who are unshakeable and, as detached observers, helped to keep the atmosphere calm at that time. 

Just as the Government and neighbouring states were ready to give physical help, in the same way, did you Brahmin souls perform your duty in doing the elevated Godly task of giving the cooperation of power, peace and happiness? Those people immediately start announcing that such-and-such a government did this, or that so-and-so did that. Similarly, BapDada asks: Did you Brahmins carry out your duty? You also have to stay alert. It is necessary to give physical help and BapDada is not telling you not to, but the special task of you Brahmin souls is to co-operate in a way that no one else can. So, did you remain alert and co-operate in this way? You do have to co-operate in this way, do you not? Or, is it that they just need clothes and food? First of all, they need peace of mind and the power to face the situation. Therefore, together with physical support, they also need to be given subtle co-operation which only Brahmins can give. No one else can give this co-operation. That was nothing; it was just a rehearsal. The real thing is yet to come. Baba and the time are making you rehearse for what is to come. Therefore, do you know how to use the powers and treasures you have at the right time? What will you kumars do? Have you accumulated the powers? Have you accumulated peace? Do you know how to use these? You raise your hands very well. Now show this in a practical way. You have to see everything, hear everything and co-operate as detached observers. 

At the time when the real part is being enacted, you have to observe everything while being fearless, detached observers and also play your parts. What parts? You children of the Bestower have to be bestowers and give souls whatever they want. Therefore, you are master bestowers, are you not? Accumulate your stock! You are only able to become a bestower according to the stock you have accumulated. If you continue to accumulate things for yourself until the end, you cannot become a bestower. You will be unable to attain the elevated status which you have the opportunity to attain for many births. Therefore, keep a stock of one thing with yourself. Let your treasure-store of good wishes and elevated feelings always be overflowing. Secondly, give everyone whatever special powers they want whenever they want. Now, according to the time, put your thoughts and time into your efforts. As well as that, become a bestower and give the world your co-operation. You have been told what efforts you should make for yourself. At amrit vela, think: I am an obedient child. You have been given directions for everything you do. You have been told how to wake up, how to go to sleep, how to eat and how to be a karma yogi. You have been given directions for every act you perform. To obey the Father is to become equal to the Father. Simply follow shrimat! Do not follow the dictates of your own mind (manmat) or the dictates of others (parmat). 

Do not make any additions to shrimat. When you sometimes follow manmat and sometimes parmat, you have to labour. That will make things difficult because manmat and parmat will not allow you to fly. Those who follow manmat and parmat are burdened and those burdens will prevent you from flying. Shrimat makes you double light. To follow shrimat means to become equal to the Father easily. No situation can bring anyone who follows shrimat down. So, do you know how to follow shrimat? Achcha, so what will you kumars do? You have been invited. Therefore, have you been given that special hospitality? You are dearly loved! So, what will you now do? Will you give a response or will you forget everything once you get home? It is not that you remember everything of here whilst you are here and that when you go back home, you remember everything of there, is it? It is not like that, is it? You are enjoying yourselves very much here. You are protected from any of Maya’s attacks. Is there anyone here who has experienced Maya even in Madhuban? Is there anyone who has had to labour even in Madhuban? You are safe. It is good. BapDada is pleased. The time will come when the Government’s attention will be drawn to the youth group. However, that will happen when you become destroyers of obstacles. 

Who is called a destroyer of obstacles? It is the name of all of you, is it not? Only when no obstacle has the courage to oppose any of you kumars can you be called destroyers of obstacles. Let the obstacles not attack you, for you must defeat them. Do you have the courage to be a destroyer of obstacles? Or, is it that, when you return home, you will write a letter and say, “Dadi, it was very good there, but I don’t know what happened!” You will not write this, will you? Write good news and say that you are OK and very good, that you are a destroyer of obstacles. Simply write one word, not a long letter. Simply write, “OK!” Achcha. To all of BapDada’s obedient children everywhere, to all the children who are constant destroyers of obstacles, to those who easily and constantly follow shrimat, to those who remain free from having to labour, to those who constantly fly and enable others to fly in pleasure, to those who remain overflowing with all treasures, to the children who remain close and equal to the Father, much love, remembrance and namaste. To the kumars who are especially tireless and ever ready, to those who fly in the flying stage, special love and remembrance from BapDada. 


May you claim a right to a high status by claiming the trimurti certificate of contentment and thereby achieve constant success.

In order to be constantly successful, you need to have a good connection with the Father and the family. Each one of you has to claim three certificates: from the Father, from yourself and from the family. In order to make the family content, remember one small thing: let the record of giving regard be constantly playing. Be altruistic in this. In order to make the Father content, be honest. In order to be content with yourself, always stay within the line of shrimat. These three certificates will enable you to claim a right to a high status.


Those who do not look at the image (chitra), but look at the living being (chaitanya) and at the character (charitra) are those who have an elevated character.