BK Murli English 20 November 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 November 2016

20/11/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 29/12/81

“ BapDada, the Resident of the faraway land, meeting children from faraway land .”

Today, BapDada has come to meet His lovely children, you children who are absorbed in love. He has come from the faraway land. BapDada, the Resident of the faraway land, has come to celebrate a meeting with you children who have come from your faraway lands. To the extent that you children have remembered BapDada with all your heart, to that extent Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, has come to give the response of that remembrance. All of you souls are visibly souls who are absorbed in love. Even the lovely souls who have sent their remembrance whilst sitting far away are in this gathering and have emerged in front of BapDada in their angelic forms. There is a huge gathering in front of BapDada. The form of remembrance, that is, the love and remembrance of everyone merged in you is with you all in a subtle way. BapDada is listening to all of you children singing your songs of zeal, enthusiasm and happiness. BapDada is not just observing you sing so many songs of love and happiness, but, as well as observing this, He is also listening to the rosary of songs. The sparkle of the constant stage of the remembrance of the one Father is visible in the hearts and eyes of all you children.

BapDada is seeing how stable you children are in your stage of belonging to the one Father and none other. Today, Baba has come to a mela, not to speak a murli. He has come just to see the pictures of you fortunate children. He has come to take the fragrance of you children who are spiritual roses in bloom. On the basis of your courage, all you children have shown very good and practical proof of your love by being present in front of Baba. Having overcome many different types of bondage, you have reached your sweet home. BapDada gives multimillion-fold congratulations to those of you who have become free from bondage.

The small children are also a wonder. You young children are the decoration of the confluence age. What will you do in the future? At the present time, you are the decoration. In the future, you will be those who have all rights. All of you are seen with the globe of the sovereignty of heaven on your palm, are you not? The picture that has been created does not just represent one, but all of you. Have you seen your portrait? Does each one of you feel that it is a portrait of you or just of Shri Krishna? Whose portrait is it? Is it of all of you or not? So, do you constantly remember that, today, you are Brahmins, tomorrow, you will be angels and very soon you will become those with a deity status? Are you constantly able to see in the mirror of knowledge the picture of you as an angel who is to become a deity? What sound now emerges from the heart of each one of you? “My Baba!” In the same way, when you look at your portrait in the mirror of knowledge, do you say, “This is my portrait”? “My Baba! My image!” You are now coming very close to your kingdom and to your form of a sovereignty. Anything that is close appears to be very clear. Therefore, do your angelic forms and your deity forms appear to be just as clear to you? Achcha.

Today, the special children invited Baba to come and, because BapDada is obedient to His children, He has come to celebrate this meeting. Because of one or two special souls, Baba has met all of you children. This is the response of your true love. Achcha, the double foreigners like to meet Baba individually. Whatever the Father sees in the hearts of the children, He responds to their hearts accordingly. So, we shall continue to meet in this way. You have now reached God’s garden. We shall continue to celebrate meetings. Achcha.

To those who are tied by the One and who tie the One with the bond of love, to the children who are always absorbed in love, to the ever-happy children who constantly sing songs of praise of the Father, to the children who have the fortune of happiness and who constantly swing in the swing of happiness, congratulations for remaining constantly happy and BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Meeting a group of small children:

BapDada is very pleased to see you small children. What is visible on the forehead of each of you children? What is on your forehead? Each soul is sparkling like a jewel. BapDada is seeing the sparkling jewel on the forehead of each one of you children. What thought do you all have in your minds? To be a small child means to be a bead of the garland around BapDada’s neck. Do you know what your number is? (First number.) You keep a very good aim! BapDada places you small children at the front, not at the back, because all of you small children have remained pure from birth and you are in the company of pure souls. This is why you pure souls are constantly in My eyes. So, what have all of you become? You have become the stars of My eyes, the lights of the eyes, have you not? Do you consider yourselves to be this? The love and remembrance of you children reached Baba before you yourselves did. You all sent lots of very good pictures. You have also thought out a very good aim. Each of you has kept a very good aim; some will become teachers, some will become number-one Brahma Kumars or Kumaris. So, what speciality will you take with you to become a number-one teacher or Brahma Kumar or Kumari? It is so easy! You simply have to remember one small thing. Stay in the remembrance of the one Father! Give everyone the message of the one Father. No matter what situation comes in front of you, always remain stable. This is what it means to be a number-one Brahma Kumar or Kumari. So, is this easy or difficult?

Do all of you say, “Good morning”, when you wake up? Do you sit in remembrance? From now on, every morning, as soon as you wake up at amrit vela, first sit in remembrance. Achcha. What do you small children like best? (Toli)! (BapDada gave them all toli.)

Avyakt BapDada meeting doctors.

Have all of you got together and invented a tablet that cures an illness in a second? According to the time and the circumstances nowadays, all souls want an instant cure in a second. Whether you explain at exhibitions or you give lectures, what does everyone want when they listen to your lectures or look at your exhibitions? They want to be given an instant cure in a second. All souls have two desires. One is to have a permanent cure and the other is to have a very quick cure because all souls are now tired from having had to endure many types of pain and suffering. With what desire do they all come to you double doctors? They come to you with these two desires. Did you invent something like this in the meeting that you had together? Did you invent an easy method for meditation? You will put together exhibitions and you do have some already made. However, there should be such essence in all the pictures that, as soon as their attention is drawn to them, that essence will make them experience peace and happiness. Everyone knows about the expansion. Let there also be spirituality in every picture. When you put some scent or perfume somewhere, that fragrance will definitely attract everyone. It is understood where that fragrance comes from. Carry on making pictures, but understand that the most impact is created when there is life in those pictures. It is the same here in Madhuban. People experience life in non-living things. Everywhere you go here, even when you go to the hut, what do you experience? You experience life there, do you not? In the same way, create such an atmosphere and spread such vibrations that they experience life in the pictures. Scientists are able to give a feeling of greenery everywhere, or a feeling of the sea or water. Stalls are created with such scenery that you feel you have come to the sea or you are on a mountain. Similarly, you have to create such an atmosphere at the exhibition stands that people feel they have reached a place of happiness. The work you have put in is actually very good. You celebrated a meeting and also made plans. There is now a need to become a point form and to give points. Now is not the time to give points as points, but to become a point form and give those points in brief.

 Therefore, constantly keep yourself in such a powerful stage that others are pulled into a stage where, as soon as they come in front of you, they feel they have reached a place where they can attain whatever they want. You instil faith in your physical patients by telling them that a particular doctor is very good and that they will be cured by him. In the same way, because you are spiritual doctors, your stage should be so powerful that everyone has the faith that they have now reached a place where they will definitely attain something. You have done both things, have you not? Let there be a balance of the two. This is also essential because, according to the time, the karmic accounts of many births, which means, the suffering of karma that still remains, definitely has to be settled. In order to finish someone’s account of the suffering of karma, you have physical medicine. So, in order to make someone into a karma yogi, this is the spiritual medicine you have to give. Now, they will settle all their accounts through suffering, whether in the mind or the body. All souls will then go to the land of liberation, will they not? There won’t be any sick patients there, nor will there be doctors there. This practice will be there at the end. Doctors will be there, but they won’t be able to do anything. There will be too many patients! At that time, all you will be able to do is give them temporary peace through your vision (drishti), your vibrations and your temporary blessing. So many will die, that there won’t even be time to cremate the dead bodies. This is because everything will then go into the extreme. After going into the extreme, it will be the end. According to the news you hear nowadays, when a new illness emerges, it spreads very fast. Until doctors are able to find a cure for the new illness, many people die because everything is going into the extreme. It is only when this happens that the doctors will understand that there is something greater than them. At present, because of their arrogance, they say that there isn’t such a thing as a soul, etc. They feel that medical knowledge is everything. At that time, they too will experience this for themselves. Where will their vision go when they can’t control anything? Many more new illnesses will now emerge. However, those new illnesses will bring about new transformation.

All of you souls are very fortunate because you have claimed your right before destruction. Everyone else will be crying that they haven’t attained anything whereas you will be seated on the heart-throne with BapDada and blessing them. Therefore, you are so fortunate! You remain constantly happy, do you not? Whilst constantly swinging in this intoxication, also constantly swing your patients in the swing of happiness. They will then begin to consider you to be incarnations of God, and you will be able to point them accurately to the One. Only when they have such feelings, filled with love and devotion, will you be able to give them this signal. So, all of you are ready in this way, are you not? All of you doctors are a very good group. Now, bring a VIP group similar to yourselves. Normally, one tends to bring others who are similar to oneself. Therefore, however many doctors there are here, just as many VIPs will come, will they not?

Everyone abroad bows down to experience. Science will definitely bow down to the power of silence. Even eminent scientists have now begun to feel disheartened. Where will they go? Their vision will go to where the rays of you souls, who have the power of silence, are visible. They have created the atom through your atom (soul). They have copied you. If there weren’t the spiritual energy of the soul, who would have created the atomic bombs?

When there is darkness everywhere, your rays will be clearly seen. All the lights, the light of knowledge, the light of virtues and the light of all powers will work like a lighthouse. You have come to Madhuban and have been refreshed. Service took place and you also received the practical fruit of that. Continue to make progress with the plans you have created so far. Your thoughts do reach BapDada. You write letters afterwards. Achcha.

Meeting a group:

All the powers and all the virtues are the ornaments of the confluence-aged Brahmins.

Do you constantly stay under the protective canopy of the Father’s remembrance? Do you feel that the Father’s canopy of protection is constantly over you? In the memorial from the previous cycle, a mountain has been portrayed as a canopy. So, have you ended all problems and made the mountain of all those iron- aged problems into a canopy of protection by having remembrance of the Father? Are you the master almighty authorities who solve all problems? No type of obstacle weakens you, does it? Are you destroyers of obstacles? On the basis of your love, what do you experience any obstacle to be? It seems to be like a toy. This is known as being a master almighty authority. So, have all the powers become ornaments in your lives? The ornaments of you confluence-age Brahmins are all the powers. So, you are the beautiful images who are adorned with all powers. At present, you are being adorned with all virtues and powers and in the future you will be adorned with physical ornaments. However, the ornaments of this time are the most elevated ones of the whole cycle. Sixteen decorations and sixteen celestial degrees full: these sanskars have to be created now, do they not? So, you are such adorned images, are you not? Achcha. 


May you be unshakeable and immovable and become a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance with an attitude of unlimited disinterest.

Those who constantly maintain an attitude of unlimited disinterest never become afraid or fluctuate when they see any scene. They remain constantly unshakeable and immovable because by having an attitude of unlimited disinterest, they become conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance. When they see something insignificant, if they experience the slightest fluctuation, or if there is attachment, then they cannot be said to be as unshakeable and immovable as Angad. When there’s an attitude of unlimited disinterest, merged with maturity there will also be an entertaining nature.


The sign of being a Raj Rishi is to have a right to the kingdom as well as be one with unlimited disinterest.