BK Murli English 18 December 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 18 December 2016

18/12/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 06/01/82

“The Importance of Purity in your Confluence-aged Brahmin Life.”

Today, BapDada is especially looking at the line of purity of you children. At the confluence age, all of you children receive two special blessings from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings: 1) May you be an easy yogi! 2) May you be pure! You Brahmin souls inculcate both of these blessings into your lives according to the effort each of you makes. Baba is seeing souls who are embodiments of such dharna. The sparkle of purity is visible on each one’s forehead and in each one's eyes. Purity is the greatness of the great life of you confluence-aged Brahmins. Purity is the elevated decoration of Brahmin life. Just as breath is necessary for the life of a physical body - if there is no breath, there is no life – so, too, purity is the breath of Brahmin life. Purity is the basis, that is, the foundation of the reward for 21 births. A pure intellect is the basis of those souls, the children, meeting the Father. Purity is the basis of all the attainments of the confluence age. Purity is the basis of claiming a worthy-of-worship status. Have you easily attained such a great blessing? Do you experience it in the form of a blessing or do you attain it through having to make effort? No labour is involved in a blessing. However, in order to have this blessing constantly in your life, you simply have to pay attention to one thing: there has to be a close and constant relationship, on the basis of love, between the Bestower of Blessings and you recipients of these blessings. When both the Bestower of Blessings and you blessed souls remain in a constantly combined form, there will automatically be the canopy of protection of purity. When the Almighty Authority Father is with you, there cannot be the slightest impurity, even in your dreams. Remain constantly in the combined form of the Father and yourself. Don't keep yourself single, keep yourself combined! When you become single, the tilak (suhaag - symbol of having a husband) of the purity of the combined form disappears. The tilak (suhaag) of purity and your elevated fortune are constantly with you. So, to keep the Father with you means to keep your suhaag and your fortune with you. So, all of you have the practice of constantly keeping the Father with you, do you not?

You double foreigners in particular don't like to lead a single life and be alone, do you? You constantly want a companion, do you not? You would never find such a Companion or such company throughout the whole cycle. Therefore, to make the Father your Companion means to adopt purity for all time. Purity is very easy for those who stay combined in this way. Purity will become your natural life. There would be no question as to whether you should stay pure or become pure. Purity is the life of Brahmins. Purity is the donation of life for a Brahmin life. Your original and eternal form is purity. When you have the awareness that you are originally and eternally a pure soul, it means you have the power of purity. The original sanskar of souls who are embodiments of this awareness and embodiments of power; is purity. The sanskars of being influenced by bad company are sanskars of impurity. So, is it easy for your original sanskars to emerge or is it easier for your sanskars of being influenced by bad company to emerge? A Brahmin life means to be an easy yogi and pure for all time. Purity is the speciality of the special birth of Brahmin life. Pure thoughts are food for the intellects of Brahmins. Pure vision is the light of the eyes of Brahmins. Pure actions are the special business of a Brahmin life. Pure relationships and connections are the codes of conduct of Brahmin life.

So, just think about this: what is the greatness of Brahmin life? It is purity, is it not? You don't have to labour to adopt something that is so great; you don't adopt it by force. When you have to labour or use force, it doesn't stay with you permanently, but this purity is the blessing for your life. Why should you have to labour and use force for this? It is something that originally belongs to you. Why should you have to labour to adopt something that is yours? You have to labour to adopt something that doesn't belong to you. Impurity, not purity, is the thing that doesn't belong to you. Ravan doesn't belong to you; he is not yours. The Father belongs to you; Ravan is foreign to you. The Father's blessing is purity whereas Ravan's curse is impurity. So, why do you adopt something that belongs to Ravan and is foreign to you? Do you like something that doesn't belong to you? There is great pride in owning something yourself. Therefore, always remember this: the original form of the self is purity; your original religion is purity, that is, the first virtue of the soul is purity. Your original home is the pure abode. Your kingdom is the pure kingdom. “Supremely pure and worthy-of-worship” is your memorial. The eternal nature of your physical organs is to perform pure actions. Just by constantly keeping this in your awareness, you will be liberated from having to labour or doing hatha yoga (trying to have yoga by force). BapDada cannot bear to see His children labouring. Therefore, all of you are pure souls. Simply stabilise in your self-respect. What is your self-respect? "I am a supremely pure soul!" Constantly perform every deed while remaining stable on this seat of your self-respect and you will easily be blessed. This is an easy seat. Therefore, constantly maintain the sparkle and intoxication of purity. No body consciousness can remain in front of self-respect. Do you understand?

You double foreigners have passed in this, have you not? You are not hatha yogis, are you? You are not yogis who have to labour, are you? Remain absorbed in love and all your efforts will end. Become souls absorbed in love. Constantly belong to the one Father and none other. This is natural purity. Do you not know how to sing this song? To sing this song is to become a pure soul easily. Achcha.

To the souls who have a right to remain constantly seated on their own seat of self respect, to the originally and eternally pure souls who constantly have the greatness and speciality of Brahmin life, to the elevated souls who remain stable in their original form, their original religion, and who constantly perform elevated actions, to the supremely pure, worthy-of-worship souls, to the great souls who have attained the blessing of purity, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting children from France, Brazil and other places abroad.

1. Do you all consider yourselves to be master almighty authorities while you perform every action? If you constantly do service on the field of service whilst considering yourself to be a master almighty authority, then success is guaranteed. The special method for success in service at the present time is to create an atmosphere with your attitude. Souls of today find it difficult to make progress through their own efforts. Therefore, create such a powerful atmosphere with your vibrations that souls are automatically attracted to come to you. So, this is the foundation for the growth of service. However, all the other facilities for service that you have are to be used everywhere. Do not spend too much time and effort in only one area. Use the facilities for service everywhere, so that service can spread and the bouquets of living flowers that are to emerge everywhere can be prepared.

2. BapDada is extremely pleased to see the children who have the fortune of happiness. Each one of you is a spiritual rose. This group of spiritual roses means you are a group of souls who remain absorbed in the love of the Spiritual Father’s remembrance. Happiness is sparkling on the face of each one of you. BapDada knows the value of each jewel. Each jewel is an invaluable jewel in the world. Seeing this speciality, BapDada sees the value of each jewel. Each jewel is one who will become an instrument to serve many. Constantly experience yourself to be a victorious jewel. Let the tilak of victory be constantly applied on your forehead, because, now that you belong to the Father, victory is your birthright. This is why your memorial of the rosary of victory is remembered and worshipped. All of you are beads of the rosary of victory, are you not? The rosary is not yet finalised. Therefore, there is still a chance for any of you to take whichever seat you want.

3. Do you constantly experience yourself to be an embodiment of experience who experiences every virtue and every power? It is only at the confluence age that you can become an embodiment of all experiences. So, let the specialities of the confluence age definitely be experienced. Do all of you consider yourselves to be such images of experience? Powers and virtues are both great treasures. So, of how many treasures have you become the masters? BapDada has, of course, come to give all the treasures to all of you children. You can claim as many as you want. He is the Ocean, is He not? An ocean means plentiful; it is infinite. So have you become master oceans? 

The foreigners have the greatest fortune because you received the Father's introduction whilst sitting at home. You do consider yourselves to be this fortunate, do you not? You are souls with a lot of love; you are loving souls. The practical proof of your love is the meeting between the Father and the children that is taking place. Does each one of you consider yourself to be a soul of the sun dynasty? Will you come into the first kingdom or the second number kingdom? There is only one type of effort for coming into the first kingdom. What is that? Constantly stay in remembrance of the One and make your stage constant and steady and you will come into that age at the time of 1-1-1. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group from Japan:

All of you are souls seated on BapDada's heart-throne. Do you consider yourselves to be such elevated souls? This bouquet of a variety of flowers is very beautiful. What is your position in the bouquet? The little ones are equal to God. For how long have you children been remembered? BapDada has been remembering you Japanese children for a very long time and you have now reached the Father’s land of blessings practically. Do you consider yourselves to be so fortunate? What are the special signs shown for Japan? One is the flag and the other is the fan. (Everyone had been given a fan to fan themselves.) So, BapDada always reminds the children: Keep flying! This is why fans are shown. The initial foundation of service abroad is Japan. So, there is your importance. All of you have arrived here because of BapDada's invocation. You have come here because BapDada called you. All of you are good showpieces for the showcase. The whole Brahmin family is happy to see you golden dolls. Do you experience yourselves to be long-lost and now-found members of the family and also of BapDada?

Enable such special souls from Japan to emerge that, after one of them comes here, many others will receive the message. A variety of different types of service can emerge from there. If you make a little effort, a lot more fruit will emerge. For this, first, make the atmosphere of the place very powerful. Make them feel as though they have come to a living temple. The atmosphere should be of such spiritual fragrance that it attracts everyone from a distance. The atmosphere can pull many souls. The land is very good and a lot of fruit can emerge. It just needs a little extra effort and a powerful atmosphere. As soon as you think of service, success will come in front of you. When the atmosphere becomes spiritual, everything will automatically work out fine. Everyone will become united and constant. Then, because the atmosphere would be powerful Maya will not be able to come. In order to make the atmosphere powerful, have programmes of remembrance and have an exchange of experiences for your personal progress. Have small loving gatherings (sneh-milans). Have classes for dharna and you will achieve success.

BapDada meeting a German group:

What is sparkling on each one's forehead? Can you see the sparkling star on your forehead? BapDada is looking at the sparkling jewel on each one's forehead. Do you constantly consider yourselves to be multimillion-times fortunate souls? How much income do you accumulate at every moment? Can you calculate this? Throughout the whole cycle, could there be such a businessman who could earn this much? Do you constantly remember the happiness of your becoming such elevated souls every cycle? So, always consider yourselves to be such great businessmen and keep yourself busy earning just as much income. When you keep yourself constantly busy in this way, no type of Maya can attack you. This is because when Maya sees that you are busy, she will go away and not attack you. The only easy way to become a conqueror of Maya is be constantly earning an income and to inspire others to do the same. The more knowledgeable you become about all the various types of Maya, the further away from you Maya go. Secondly, don’t be alone for even a second. Remain constantly with the Father. When Maya sees you with the Father, she is unable to come to you, because before Maya can come, she first tries to separate you from the Father. So, when you are never alone, what can Maya do? You do experience the Father to be extremely loving, do you not? So, how can you forget someone who is so loving? So, always remain aware of who the most loving one of all is. Where your mind goes, your body and wealth naturally follow. Therefore, you do remember the mantra of “Manmanabhav”, do you not? Wherever your mind goes to, first of all check whether that thing is more beautiful and elevated than this, or whether this is far more elevated than the thing that your mind is pulled to. Check it immediately! When you check this, change will happen. Check it before you perform any action or create any thought, not afterwards. Let there be checking first and then put it into practice. Achcha.

At the time of taking leave, BapDada meeting Didi and Dadi:

You all also have to stay awake. You work hard throughout the day and you also have to stay awake at night. BapDada constantly congratulates the children. He surrenders Himself to you both because of your courage and enthusiasm. He is pleased to see this. If He were to praise you, there would be so much praise. Just as it is said of the Father's: “Even if you made the whole ocean into ink, it wouldn't be enough”, similarly, the children’s praise would be just as much. Seeing the praise of the children, the Father constantly surrenders Himself. Each child is playing his own hero part on the stage. All of you are true hero actors of the one Father. Therefore, the Father is so proud! Throughout the whole cycle, there could not be such a Father or such children. If the songs of praise of each one were to be sung, the rosary of songs would become so long! Brahma and Shiv Baba chit-chat a great deal between themselves. That One says: Wah, My children! Then, this one says: Wah, my children! (At what time do they chat with one another?) They can do that whenever they want. They are both busy and also both free throughout the day. They are independent and also companions. Since they are combined, how could they be seen apart? Can you separate them? If someone were to separate them, they would still come back together. Just as Bap and Dada have a combined form, so you are also like that, are you not? You cannot be separated from the Father either. Achcha. 


May you be constantly powerful and Maya-proof and obstacle-proof by being experienced in every point through churning power.

Just as the power of digestion is necessary for the body, similarly, in order to make the soul powerful, the power of churning is required. To become an embodiment of experience through the power of churning is to have the greatest power of all. Those who are experienced in this way can never be deceived or disturbed by rumours they have heard. Experienced ones always remain full. They become constantly powerful, Maya-proof and obstacle-proof.


If you have the treasure of happiness constantly with you, all other treasures will then automatically follow.