BK Murli English 4 December 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 December 2016

04/12/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 15/12/99

“Realise how important thought power is and increase it by experimenting with it.”

Today, the highest-on-high Father is pleased to see all His elevated children everywhere, because you children are the most elevated souls in the whole world; you are the highest. People of the world speak of those who are the highest in the world. However, that is just for one birth, whereas you children are the highest, the most elevated in the cycle. You are the most elevated throughout the whole cycle. Are you aware of this? Look at your eternal form. You eternal souls remain close to the Father eternally. Can you see that, eternally, you are the most elevated souls who remain close to the Father? All souls stay with the Father there but your place is very close to the Father. Therefore, eternally, you are the most elevated of all. Now move on to the beginning of the cycle, the first period of time, when all of you children have attained your deity status and are in your deity forms. Do you remember your deity forms? At the start of that age, you are embodiments of all attainments. You are the most elevated in every way, in terms of your body, mind, wealth and people. You are constantly complete-embodiments of all attainments. No other souls attain such a deity status. Even the righteous souls (dharmatmas) and the great souls (mahatmas) are unable to experience being elevated with all attainments, where there is not a trace of anything unattained. Now, move on to the middle period of time. Even in the middle period of time, you souls are worthy of being worshipped. Your non-living idols are worshipped. No other souls are worshipped as accurately, in the right way, as you worthy-of-worship souls are. Just think about it! Is anyone else worshipped as accurately as you are? Because you become karma yogis, every act you perform is worshipped. Even though there are idols of righteous souls and great souls with your idols in the temples, they are not worshipped as accurately, in the right way, as you are. 

Therefore, even in the middle period of time, you are the highest, the most elevated of all. Now, come to the present time at the end of the cycle. At the end too, in this confluence age, you are the most elevated souls. What greatness do you have? You take sustenance from both Bap and Dada, the Supreme Soul and the first soul, that is, you take sustenance from BapDada. You study with both. Along with that, you claim a right to receive shrimat from the Satguru. Therefore, eternally, at the beginning of the cycle, in the middle period and now, at the end too, you are the highest and most elevated of all souls. Do you have that much intoxication?

BapDada says: Now make this awareness emerge. Constantly keep the awareness of this attainment in your mind and intellect. The more you make this awareness emerge, the more spiritual intoxication you will experience. You will also experience happiness and become powerful. You have become the highest souls. Do you have the firm faith that you are now the highest, the most elevated, that you became the most elevated and that you will always be the most elevated of all souls? Do you have the intoxication of this? If you have firm faith in this, raise your hands! Teachers too raised their hands.

You mothers are always swinging in the swing of happiness. You are swinging, are you not? You mothers have great intoxication. What intoxication do you have? That the Father has come here for you. You have this intoxication, do you not? From the copper age onwards, everyone made you mothers fall and this is why the Father has a lot of love for you mothers. This is why the Father has especially come for you mothers. You are becoming happy, but you must remain constantly happy. It should not be that you raise your hands now, but that when you get onto the train, your intoxication reduces a little. Let your intoxication be constant and imperishable. Let your intoxication not only be sometimes, because it is your eternal intoxication that shows your happiness. Let the faces of you mothers always be such that you are seen as spiritual roses, even from a distance, because the visible speciality that everyone likes about this World University is you mothers who are constantly like spiritual roses in full bloom and that it is you mothers who have taken the responsibility of carrying out such a huge task! Even the Mahamandleshwars believe that it is you mothers who have become the instruments to carry out such a huge task so easily! It is wrongly said of women that even two women can't work together, or that they find it very difficult to work together. However, who are the instruments here? It is you mothers! When people come to meet you, what do they ask? Do women run this organisation? Do they never fight amongst themselves? Do they not come into conflict? What they don't know is that you are not ordinary women, that you are women who have been made instruments by God Himself, that it is God’s blessings that make you function. 

You brothers, Pandavas, do not think that the mothers are given more regard, do you? You brothers are also remembered as the five Pandavas. Together with the Shaktis, the seven goddesses have been shown and they have also shown one Pandava. The mothers cannot do anything without the Pandavas. The Pandavas cannot do anything without the mothers; both arms are needed. However, because the mothers had been put down so much, what the world considers to be impossible, the Father shows to be possible. All of you are happy seeing the mothers, are you not? Are you not? You are happy, are you not? If the Father hadn't made the mothers His instruments, then, because this is new knowledge and a new system, if it were still the brothers, there would be a lot of upheaval. The mothers are their shield, because this is new knowledge; these are new things. However, the brothers are always there with the sisters. The Pandavas are ahead in their own task and the sisters are ahead in their own task. All of this work proceeds without any obstacles because the advice of both is taken.

Every day, BapDada sees all the different tasks that all of you children do and how you continue to make new plans. All of you are aware of what time this is. Do you remember the time? The year ‘99 has almost come to an end. You were thinking that the year ‘99 has arrived, that ‘99 has arrived. It was a year for you to serve and remain free from obstacles. It was in this year ‘99 that you have been having silent bhatthis. To the extent that everyone in the world is afraid, to that extent you are going into the depths of remembrance. There is silence of the mind anyway. You go to the bottom of the ocean of knowledge and bring back jewels of new experiences. BapDada had sent you a signal earlier to tell you that the greatest treasure you have, the treasure that enables you to create your future as well as the present, is your elevated treasure, your elevated treasure of thoughts. The thought power that you children have is a great power. It is the power of elevated thoughts. Everyone has thoughts, but it is only you who have elevated power, the power of elevated thoughts filled with good wishes and pure feelings, the power to concentrate your mind and intellect. The more progress you make, the more you will continue to accumulate your thought power; you will not waste this power. The main way in which you waste this power is through having waste thoughts. BapDada has seen that, even now, the majority of you still have waste thoughts throughout the day. Those who use their physical wealth economically always have plenty. Those who waste their wealth are deceived at some time or other. Similarly, your pure, elevated thoughts have so much power that you are able to increase your catching power and your power to catch vibrations. Just as the instruments of science, the wireless, the telephone, etc. do their work, in the same way, when you have the treasure of pure thoughts, then, even though you may be sitting in London, you are able to catch the vibrations of souls just as clearly as you would be able to do through the wireless, the telephone or the TV, etc. So many of these facilities have been invented, but your catching power will be much clearer than any of them and this will also increase with your power of concentration. 

All of those supports have to finish anyway. On what basis do all of those instruments function? On the basis of light (electricity). All the physical facilities of comfort are based on light. So, can your spiritual light, your soul power, not do this task? You need to be able to catch whatever vibrations you want from those who are near and far. Only when your mind and intellect are both concentrated and stable will your catching power increase. You will have many experiences. When your thoughts are selfless, pure and clear, you will have many experiences very quickly. Science will bow down in front of your power of silence. Even now, people think that there is something missing in science that needs to be fulfilled. This is why BapDada is once again underlining for you that your thought power will enable you to do fast service in your final stage. Therefore, pay greater attention your thought power. Save it and accumulate it. It will become very useful. You will be able to become a soul who constantly experiments with the power of your thoughts. What is the importance of science? It is only when scientists do scientific experiments that people believe that they are doing something wonderful. Therefore, in order to experiment with your power of silence, you need the power of concentration. The main basis for the power of concentration is to have the controlling power to control your mind. It is with this that you will increase the power of your mind. The power of the mind is praised a great deal. Those with occult power also perform temporary miracles through the power of their minds. You too will perform benevolent miracles through the right method, not with occult power, and they will become blessings. This experiment with the power of thoughts will prove to be a blessing for souls. 

Therefore, first of all, check whether you have the controlling power to control your mind. Just as, with the power of science, you are able to switch something on or off in a second, in the same way, check whether you are able to control your mind, wherever you want, for as long as you want, in the way that you want. You should be able to see yourself as an embodiment of success, both for yourself and for service. However, BapDada sees that, at present, you only pay ordinary attention to increasing your account of thought power. You don’t pay as much attention to that power as you should. You speak and act automatically on the basis of your thoughts. There will be no need to make individual effort if you pay attention to this. You think, "Today, I will pay attention to control my words. Today, I will pay attention to my drishti. Today, I will change my attitude by paying attention to it." When your thought power is powerful, you automatically control all of those things. You will then be saved from having to labour. So, realise how important thought power is.

The bhatthis are especially being conducted for you to be able to instil this habit. By continuing from now to pay attention to the habits you instil here, you will make them eternal. Do you understand how important this is? You have with you the greatest of all treasures that the Father has given you – the treasure of elevated thoughts, of thoughts filled with good wishes and pure feelings. The Father gives this treasure to every one of you, but you accumulate it numberwise. Your power to experiment with this treasure is also numberwise. Now, have you ever experimented with your good wishes and pure feelings? Have you experienced a successful result by doing this in the right way? This happens very little at present. Eventually, the power of your thoughts will become very great. At present, in order to give a message in words, you use up your time and wealth and you fluctuate; you get tired as well. However, when you are able to serve with your thought power, you will save all of those things. Therefore, increase your thought power. When you increase your thought power, revelation will take place very quickly. How many souls have you given the message to in the last 62 to 63 years? You haven’t even served 900,000 souls! You have to give this message to all the souls of the whole world, so how many billion souls are there? As yet, it hasn’t become clear that God is your Teacher that God is making you move and that God, Karavanhar, is working through you. As yet, there is just the sound that this task is good and that all of you are doing good work; however, Karavanhar is still incognito. With your thought power, you can transform everyone’s intellect. Whether in the form of God’s divine activities or in His form of the Father, God will be revealed. Therefore, once again, BapDada is now still asking you to pay attention to increasing your power of thought and to experiment with it continuously. Do you understand?

Achcha. Today, it is the turn to meet the mothers. There is the group of mothers and those from the medical field: there are these two groups. What wonders will you mothers perform? Have you all become members? It is good that you are members of the women’s group. This is good. All of you who have become members. This is very good. Now, we shall send the result of all of you to the Government. Why? Don't be afraid! The income tax inspectors won’t come looking for you. We will send the Government your names telling them that all of you mothers are now to become the world mothers who will reform the world. You will do this work, will you not? So, shall we send your names to the Government and tell them that all of you mothers are changing this world into heaven? Should we send them? Raise your hands! You're not afraid, are you? Don't be afraid, but pay attention that when they come to inquire about this from you, first make sure that your home has become like that, because it is first your home and then the world. So, when anyone comes to visit you mothers at home, will they be able to see that you have peace and happiness in your homes? Will they be able to see this? Or, will you make the world, but not your home, into heaven? It is only when you first make your home like this that it will have an impact on others. Otherwise, they would say that there is conflict in your home, that it isn’t heaven there. So, you mothers have to create such an atmosphere in your homes that anyone who visits you will only see the great transformation that you have brought about. Those who have become members, raise your hands! How many members are there? (A group of a thousand has come.) A thousand is a lot. All of you who have raised your hands as members, do all of you have peace and happiness in your homes? Yes, raise your hands! Stand up! Did you understand the question or have you just stood up? Is your home heaven? Do you have peace in your home? Achcha. Take their photograph! It is good.

To all you elevated souls everywhere, to all you souls who have played elevated parts at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, to those who have experienced the successful results of elevated thoughts, to those who, together with being easy yogis are also souls who experiment, to those who increase all their powers with their thought power, to those who pay full attention to their minds and intellects, to you children who constantly experiment, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 


May you be constantly full of all powers and be liberated from all old sanskars and obstacles.

If you want to be liberated from all types of obstacles, weaknesses and old sanskars, then imbibe power that is, become an image holding all the ornaments. Those who remain constantly decorated with all the ornaments become part of the Vishnu clan in the future, but they become Vaishnavs at this time. No tamoguni thought or sanskar can touch them. They easily step away from the old world, that is, from the people and things of the old world. No one can touch them with or without any reason.


To keep a balance at every moment and in every action is the way to receive everyone’s blessings.