BK Soul Sustenance Message 10 December 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 10-12-2016

Soul Sustenance 10-12-2016

Living Life On The Surface 

In an ideal situation, the thoughts that run in my mind, should be exactly those that I would like and I want. We do exert this control, that we possess, over our thoughts, but it is not complete and it is only sometimes. The more we become completely engrossed in our daily routine, the more our thoughts tend to become reactions to what goes on outside us. That’s when they go out of control and our lives move in an unfocused way. As a result things don't work out as we might have desired. Then we develop a habit of blaming other people and circumstances, or we justify our pain by telling ourselves we are not very worthy or powerful enough. Often, these two inner strategies go together. The trouble is, both are cover ups, preventing us from going for a long-term solution. 

In this way, we tend to live our lives on a very superficial level, without taking the time to find the solution to what is going on wrong inside. Deeper difficulties remain hidden inside. I move from one scene of life to another - eating, watching television, studying in college, getting married, changing jobs, buying a new car or house, etc. without ever stopping. All these are part of living, but if I make them my whole and sole, my foundation, it’s as if I skate across the surface of life without being in touch with the core. As time progresses, an inner shallowness develops. Then the feeling keeps growing inside that there must be more to life than this. I then, find that my relationships are not working out as I would have hoped and they are lacking in depth. 

Message for the day 10-12-2016

To have faith is to have the ability to bring solutions. 

Thought to Ponder:

Faith enables me to see the positive aspect both in myself and in fate. Whatever happens, it is surely for my benefit and I only need to work at adopting that benefit into my life. Faith makes me free from worry. And a mind that doesn't worry is a mind that is powerful. I can then surely bring solutions even in the biggest problem. 

Point to Practice: 

Today I will pick up a problem that has been bothering me from a long time. First I will tell myself that I am sure there is a solution for this problem. I will also believe that I have the ability to bring about the solution. After talking to myself in this way, I will try and find at least one thing that I can do to change the situation. It need not be a full solution but at least a step towards a change for the better.