BK Soul Sustenance Message 19 January 2018

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 19-01-2018

Soul Sustenance 19-01-2018

Ability To Face - A Reflection Of Our Confidence And Courage 

The ability to face gives us the ability to focus on the solution and resolve it, but if nothing can be done we simply accept the situation with dignity. We do not get entangled, do not magnify, do not blame or do not complain about the situation. The ability is a reflection of our confidence and courage. It does not have even traces of anger or aggression, but uses assertion and discipline. Life at times presents unpleasant situations where the ability to tolerate or accept may not be sufficient. We need to step up and face them with courage. 
The courage to stand up for what is right and beneficial comes naturally with spiritual empowerment. We do not fear people or situations; we hold on to our values like a compass and move forward confidently. Using the ability to face removes deep-rooted fears of our death or that of a family member. It also helps us face and cope with loss of our possessions, position or breakup in relationships, we understand what is eternal and what is temporary. 

It is important to discriminate when to use the ability to face (confront) and when to use the ability to adjust –
(1) When there is difference of sanskars, opinions and perspectives we need to adjust, not confront. But today we are confronting people for such differences and depleting the strength of our relationships.
(2) When we know about our own weak or wrong sanskar, we need to confront our sanskar, not adjust. We need to constantly work on it and not give up until we finish or change it. If we give up, that sanskar grows stronger and weakens our will power. Let us pause and ask our self - Am I adjusting and living with my uncomfortable sanskars but am not adjusting with other people's weak sanskars. 
(3) If there is abuse, exploitation or compromise of values and principles, we need to confront, not adjust. If we adjust and accept these for social pressures, it is a sign of our lack of ability to face. We need to rise above their influences and do what is right. 

Message for the day 19-01-2018

To have attention to accumulate is to experience constant progress. 


The one who has the attention to accumulate each and every moment makes sure that he uses well his treasures like thoughts, time etc. Then, there would never be anything waste or even ordinary. Instead each treasure would be used for the benefit of all. 


Having attention to accumulate makes me realise the importance of whatever I have. This makes me pay attention on even little things and I find myself benefitting from each moment and with each thing that happens. Thus I experience constant progress. 


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