23 August 2016

Soul Sustenance Message 23 August 2016

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 23-08-2016
Soul Sustenance 23-08-2016

Cooking A Meal – Subtle Energies At Work (Part 3)!
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The low subtle energy of certain tamsic foods is an obstacle in the purification of the soul, which is our life objective and they also affect the body negatively on an energy level. So excessive consumption of such foods should be avoided. This is a spiritual principle and given significance by the spiritual minded, based on their experiences, because these foods cause the minds to become agitated and aggressive and even bring the mind under the influence of other negative emotions like greed, attachment, ego and jealousy. You might say why not purify these foods by meditation and then consume them but giving these foods pure emotional energies in the form of subtle vibrations does not transform their inherent tamsic nature so much so as to not have a negative effect on the mind and the body at an energy level.

Also, along with being selective about your meal menu ingredients, taking into consideration their different natures, it’s important to maintain a higher spiritual consciousness while cooking and having meals. This can be done by mothers by creating positive and peaceful thoughts or by playing a few songs of the spiritual type or even playing soothing meditation tunes while performing the cooking karma. Also, before consuming any food item or even water, spend a few seconds in creating a powerful thought of spiritual self-respect and focus your vision or drishti on the item. In this way, the food or liquid item will be charged with positive vibrations through your eyes and its negative nature, both on a physical as well as spiritual level, will be healed. This is in short a spiritual perspective of cooking and consumption of meals.

Message for the day 23-08-2016

To remain happy is to truly live life.

Expression:Life has meaning when there is the happiness of living. Everything that happens brings something new. The more the mind is tuned to see and appreciate this truth, there is the happiness that lasts - whatever the situations may be. The one who is constantly happy is able to creatively use all the resources in the right way and also makes others happy.

Experience: When I am able to maintain my internal state of happiness under all circumstances, I am able to enjoy the beauty of life. I am only able to see the positive in each and everything and also only the specialities and goodness in everyone. I am never let down by situations, people or their reactions, but enjoy everything.

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