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PMTV is the best channel in the world. Peace Of Mind ye ek Godly channel hai. PMTV channel jo daily dekhate hai une true inner peace mehasus hota hai. Daily morning murli telecast hoti hai. so ham roj daily Murli sun sakate hai. PMTV channel pe ham sare din programe dekh sakate jaise meditation , morning murli, classes, murli manthan, Raja Yoga guided meditation, video songs, live events at shantivan etc. PMTV channel se hamare mind ko powerful bana sakate hai. Hamara mind peace mehasus karega. Baba ke best song sun sakate hai. PMTV aisa channel hai jaha se ham spritual knoweldge bada sakate hai.

This PMTV Live channel is a sub organization from Brahma Kumaris main spiritual organization and all of the programs from Brahma Kumaris Murli University are aired on PMTV channel. Mainly BK Shivani Didi as known as Shivani Varma is also behind the channel and manages most of the activities spreading peace and love through the channel all over the world.

PMTV stands for Peace of Mind Television, the channel is so powerful that many BK bhais and didis are featured on channel daily. BK Shivani didi has made such an awesome series of videos for us which we all should thankful to her for making a difference in our lives.

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