Watch PMTV Channel Live 13 August 2020

Sushant Chaudhari

Posted by: BK Prerana

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Watch PMTV Channel Live 13 August 2020

Watch PMTV Channel Live 

As the name implies, Peace of Mind is a divine channel for viewers who want to experience the true inner peace and joy of Raja Yoga (Rajyog) through television programs that enrich, strengthen and enlighten. Murli is broadcast daily in the morning and in the evening on PMTV. This is not another religious channel. Peace of Mind TV is meant to spiritually elevate the instructions of our Supreme Father (God) to Murlis. Therefore, the channel shows and clarifies: how to lead a spiritual life in the home and with the family and fulfill all its responsibilities, with its famous programs such as Awakening, Samadhan, etc. (BKs) about self-elevation and the transformation and imitation of the values ​​and virtues of God in life.

In short, the practical application of spirituality and spiritual knowledge in your life. With Prajapita Brahma Kumaris, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, Peace of Mind gives you more information. About Prajapita Brahma KumarisPMTV is the best channel in the world. PMTV channel, reading program, reflection program, jade meditation, morning murli, courses, murli manthan, live events in Shantivan, etc. The PMTV channel is designed to attract the powerful spirit of ko bana sakate hai. Hamara spirit peace mehasus karega. Baba ke best song sun sakate hai. PMTV channel aisa hai jaha is cognitive knowledge of ham bada sakate hai.

This PMTV Live channel is a sub organization from Brahma Kumaris main spiritual organization and all of the programs from Brahma Kumaris Murli University are aired on PMTV channel. Mainly BK Shivani Didi as known as Shivani Varma is also behind the channel and manages most of the activities spreading peace and love through the channel all over the world.

PMTV stands for Peace of Mind Television, the channel is so powerful that many BK bhais and didis are featured on channel daily. BK Shivani didi has made such an awesome series of videos for us which we all should thankful to her for making a difference in our lives.