BK Soul Sustenance Message 14 July 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 14-07-2016

Soul Sustenance 14-07-2016

Life Beyond Life (Part 1) 

Have you ever looked at a new born child and glanced at the expressions on his face? Why is there a magnetic aura about a baby’s features that attracts one and all? The innocence, the sparkling smile, the beautiful eyes, the angelic cheeks, the shining forehead, the round, pure face and the soft whispering sounds makes one wonder what is so special about the spiritual energy inside such a baby that tries to convey so much to us. Such a spiritual energy is in a meditative state or a soul conscious state. 

In the nine month gestation (pregnancy) period of a mother, the spiritual energy which has to own a particular physical costume, enters the womb of a mother and adopts the physical foetus (which is semi-developed) as its own in the fourth or fifth month. A wonder of nature is that a spiritual energy that has been exposed to different types of situations and relationships and played different roles as an adult in its previous life, suddenly forgets all that and becomes a very pure and divine being as soon as it enters the foetus inside its mother’s womb. It becomes a being that is cut off from the physical existence and almost in a thoughtless state of meditation. Here by meditation we mean a state that is self-aware or soul conscious, not in body consciousness. It even forgets its past life almost completely and starts adopting itself to the new environment inside the mother. On one side, its physical body continues to receive physical sustenance from the mother as before its entry and on the other side it vibrates its mental energy to its physical body which also helps it grow physically. As the personality of the spiritual energy, so is the energy radiated, resulting in a healthy or unhealthy body. Once the baby is born, a few subtle traces of consciousness or remembrance of the past life do remain inside the spiritual energy, because of which sometimes when these remembrances surface inside the minds of babies, they smile or become sombre (serious) or even cry in their sleep, depending on the type of past remembrance. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 14-07-2016

Success comes through maintaining self-respect. 


Where there is self-respect, there is naturally a stable state of mind, even in the most challenging and difficult times. This in turn brings right judgement at all times, which allows discrimination between right and wrong. Right judgement leads to right actions. So there is constant success for such a person. 


Self-respect is the state of mind where I am able to appreciate my own uniqueness and give regard to myself. When I am able to be in my stage of self-respect, I am able to be stable in all situations. This seat of internal stability keeps me light and easy under all circumstances. I am also able to experience constant success even in the most difficult and challenging times.