BK Murli English 18 September 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 18 September 2016

18/09/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 16/11/81

“The basis of claiming a number in the rosary of victory.”

Today, BapDada has come once again to meet His long-lost and now-found elevated souls. Do you remember how many times we have met at this time and in this form? Do you have the experience of the awareness of having had this meeting many times clearly? Do you understand or experience this on the basis of knowledge and in terms of the cycle? The more clearly you experience this, the more elevated and close a soul you are. On the basis of this, you will experience all attainments at present and you will also be a soul who has the right to an elevated reward in the future. On the basis of this experience, you can also understand what number you, the soul, will claim in the rosary of victory. BapDada also remembers you children, numberwise, on the basis of your present efforts and attainments. So, do you know your number both in this rosary and also in the rosary of your memorial, which is also known as the rosary of victory? Do you know your own number yourself, or would you say that BapDada should tell you your number? BapDada knows it anyway, but you also know yourself. Whether you put it into words or not, you definitely do know it internally, do you not? Are you saying “yes” or “no”? If Baba were to make you create a rosary, would you not be able to give yourself a number? If there is hesitation in doing this, that is a different matter, but what would be said if you don’t actually know it? You challenge others with great faith and intoxication that you know the life story of your 84 births. You do all say this, do you not? Therefore, out of your 84 births, this present birth of yours is the most elevated, is it not? Are you not able to know yourself in this birth? “Who am I?” You know the answer to this riddle very well, do you not? So, what is this? This too is the riddle of “Who am I?” It is very easy to know this account.

One rosary is that of remembrance. The more love you have in remembrance of the Father, and the more time you spend in that remembrance, the Father accordingly remembers you for just as long and with just as much love. Therefore, are you able to give yourself a number? Just consider this: if you only remember the Father for half the time you should, with only 50 or 75 per cent love, then, on the basis of that, you would only enter the rosary when it is half completed, that is, when half the time has passed. However, if your remembrance is constant and your love is total, if you don’t look at anyone but the one Father, and you remain constantly combined with the Father, then you would come into the rosary as combined beads, that is, you would be connected to the Father. You would constantly be number one in every aspect. You would be number one in the rosary too. Just as there is the first division, second and third divisions in your worldly education, so here, too, you have the three divisions of elephant riders, cavalry and infantry.

The first division will always be fast, that is, they are always in the flying stage. They experience the Father’s company, co-operation and love in every thought they have and at every second. They constantly experience being hand-in-hand with the Father and in the Father’s company. They never ask for anything such as, “Give me co-operation.” They always experience themselves to be full.

The second division experience the ascending stage, but not the flying stage. Sometimes, it takes less time and sometimes it takes more time to overcome the obstacles that come in the ascending stage. Those in the flying stage go above all obstacles to cross them. They feel that no obstacle even came to them. They don’t consider obstacles to be obstacles, but only side scenes, scenes along the way. When those whose stage is ascending feel that something is an obstacle, they stop. This is why they sometimes have a slight feeling of tiredness and get disheartened while overcoming obstacles.

The third division - you must know them by now: To move along, to stop and to cry out. Sometimes, they move along and sometimes, they cry out. They are engaged in making effort to have remembrance because they are not always combined. They are constantly trying to fulfil the responsibility of all relationships. They are constantly engaged in making effort. Such souls are constantly trying to achieve this attainment, whereas those souls constantly have this attainment.

So, you can all understand from this what your number is. Do you come in the beginning of the rosary, which means the first division, in the middle of the rosary, which means the second division, or at the end of the rosary, which is the third division? Therefore, on the basis of both your remembrance and your victory, you can know yourself. Is it difficult or easy to know this? Shall we try and find out everyone’s number? You will be able to do it, will you not? At amrit vela, BapDada always turns the beads of the rosary of His children. He looks at the speciality of each jewel or bead. Therefore, you too can easily check yourself at amrit vela. With the power of your remembrance and your relationship, you can very clearly see on the spiritual TV the number that BapDada gives you when He is remembering you. However, for this, your intellect needs an especially clear line. Otherwise, you will not be able to see clearly. Achcha. Do you understand who you are?

Now, because of the closeness of time, you must bring yourself closer to the Father, that is, you must make yourself equal to the Father. To become equal to the Father in your thoughts, words, deeds, sanskars and service means to come close. Whether you are going to come last or first, it is by making yourself equal that you are able to come close. Everyone now has a chance to do this. The whistle for the fixed seats has not yet been blown. Therefore, you can become whatever you want. The “Too late” board has not yet been put up. So what will you do? Both those from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh are here. The name Maharashtra means “maha” (great). Therefore, you have become great! What is the speciality of Madhya Pradesh? Do you know? At the beginning of service, BapDada’s vision first went towards Madhya Pradesh. He even sent children there. If Baba’s vision was first cast on Madhya Pradesh in the field of service, then, because BapDada’s special vision was on the service in Madhya Pradesh, you would be the first number in service and eating the practical fruit of service, would you not? Wherever Baba’s vision fell, those in that place would be number one in being taken beyond with a glance. Therefore, those from both places are great.

BapDada actually stepped on the land of Maharashtra. The land of His divine activities was also Maharashtra. So what will Maharashtra do? Those from Maharashtra have to give double the fruit. What double fruit do you have to give? Let’s see whether you are touched as to what fruit you have to give. If you are not touched by this, then Madhya Pradesh will claim number one from Maharashtra.

One type of souls are heirs and the other type are VIPs. Therefore, you have to make both heirs and VIPs emerge. This is the double fruit. Some places make VIPs emerge and some places make heirs emerge, but you have to make both of these types of souls emerge. The heirs and the VIPs have to be very well known. So, who will claim number one in this? Will it be the foreign lands, Maharashtra or Madhya Pradesh? Who will claim this number? Others too can win the first number, but today, it is these three groups who are sitting in front of Baba. Achcha. So what did you hear? It is remembered that the one who takes the initiative is Arjuna, is it not? Anyone who wants to go ahead can do so. The numbers have not yet been announced. Therefore, whoever wants to become an instrument and claim number one can do so. Do you understand what you have to do? You were also told the way to do it – the flying stage. Not the ascending stage, but the flying stage. For this, remain constantly double light. You know this, do you not? You do know everything, but you must now become an embodiment of it and experience it.

To those who are the Father’s constant companions, to the jewels who are close to the Father, equal to the Father in thoughts, words and deeds; to those who are constant embodiments of experience and embodiments of success, to the close jewels of the rosary of victory, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Whilst congratulating the double-foreign children for their service, BapDada gave signals for service. BapDada never says “No” to service. Continue to serve with a lot of pomp and show. You can invite whoever you want. Congratulations to those from abroad for their service! All of you are moving forward with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm for service. Whilst continuing to progress in this way, you will become instruments to serve special souls whom you call VIPs. The time has now come for VIPs to emerge. Therefore, they will automatically continue to emerge from the service you do. Give everyone a special experience of spirituality. Give everyone the experience of peace and power. You do have a lot of knowledge, but just one second’s experience of spirituality is newness for them. Most of what they experience abroad is artificial. Therefore, they don’t have any experience of real peace, real happiness or their real form. If they were to experience even one second of that, they would experience newness. In any case, people abroad always like new things. Therefore, bring about this newness. No mahatma is able to give anyone this experience. They hear the words, “soul” and “Supreme Soul”, but the newness here is to forge a connection and give an experience. This is known as the experience of reality. This is the way to do this. Special remembrances by name to all the close, serviceable jewels.

Avyakt BapDada meeting the kumars’ group:

You kumars must always remain aware that you are not just kumars, but Brahma Kumars. You are spiritual servers. To be a server means to be one who serves others as a complete embodiment. So, do you constantly experience yourself to be filled with all treasures? By serving whilst considering yourself to be a server, you become an embodiment of success. One who does true service has the speciality of being constantly humble - humble and an instrument. These two specialities make you into an embodiment of success in service. You kumars are those who make progress on the field of service. However, whilst making progress, if you don’t keep your specialities of being an instrument and humble, then the service you do would be laborious and have very little success. So, you kumars are clever about how to serve, are you not? All of you have a planning intellect. Just as you are clever at running around for service, similarly, become clever at demonstrating with these two specialities. Become special servers with these specialities. Otherwise, although you may be temporarily successful, you will get confused after a short time, whilst moving along. “What happened? Why did that happen?” These barriers will be put up.

Therefore, always keep these two specialities in your awareness. By doing this, you will be able to go fast and come first in service. You kumars do have to do service, but you also have to do that whilst staying within the line of the codes of conduct. You will then see that success is already achieved.

You kumars have all types of chances. You are given a chance to do service and also make progress through your efforts. Together with that, you also have a chance to help your family make progress. The life of a kumar is a lucky life. A kumar is one who is constantly free. You are not influenced by any type of bondage. Do you experience yourselves to be free to this extent? Even your waste thoughts are a bondage. That bondage can also make you descend from your flying stage. Therefore, you are kumars who are free from bondage. All your waste thoughts have ended. Souls who are free from bondage can quickly go ahead. BapDada is proud of you kumars because you are making your life so elevated! Always remain aware that no one else can be as fortunate as you are. Kumars have their own fortune and kumaris have their own fortune. Kumaris cannot do service freely. Kumars can go anywhere by themselves and do service. What bondage do kumars have? You kumaris are still in bondage in terms of being in this world. You kumars can do all-round service.

You kumars are double light. You do not have any type of burden - neither in your thoughts nor in your contacts and relationships. You kumars are free from bondage because you have become knowledge-full. Those who are knowledge-full would not go towards anything wasteful. Those who are knowledge-full cannot have waste thoughts. You are powerful in your thoughts and powerful in your deeds. You are master almighty authorities. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be master almighty authorities? Maya definitely tours around the kumars a lot. Maya likes the kumars and kumaris very much! Just as Baba loves you very much, in the same way, Maya also loves you. Therefore, always be cautious of Maya. Constantly consider yourselves to be combined; never consider yourself to be alone. Your Companion is always with you. If you constantly consider yourselves to be combined, Maya cannot come to you.

BapDada meeting groups:

The special attention you now have to pay is to finish all your waste thoughts.

Do all of you consider yourselves to be powerful souls? To be a powerful soul means to be someone whose account of wastage has finished. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time of your Brahmin life in wasteful thoughts, wasteful words and wasteful deeds. You would not then be able to accumulate as much income as you want. Your account of waste would stop you from becoming powerful. Now finish your account of waste. When you start a new account, you finish your old account. So, now pay special attention to finishing your account of waste and remaining constantly powerful. You master almighty authorities are able to do whatever you want, just as someone who has physical strength or wealth can do whatever he wants. If he has no power, then, even though he may want to do something, he feels incapable of doing it. Therefore, what can you master almighty authorities not do? You simply need to pay attention. You repeatedly need to pay attention. If you pay attention at amrit vela and at night, but become careless during the day, what would the result be? Your account of waste would not finish; some of your old accounts would still remain. Therefore, constantly pay attention and remember that you are a master almighty authority. You need to check yourself very well, because, even now, Maya is sitting very cleverly to take her turn. She becomes the cleverest of all at the end, because she has to bid farewell until the end. Therefore, her cleverness will be displayed. This is why you must constantly pay attention. You do pay attention to going to class and to having remembrance, but you need to pay attention repeatedly. The sign of those who constantly pay attention is that they remain free from all tension. You are the especially loved ones. You belong to the Father and your star of elevated fortune has now begun to sparkle. So, what else do you need? Your intellects have just been given this little bit of work of having to pay constant attention. Achcha.


At the confluence age, may you perform every action as an art and you will become 16 celestial degrees full.  

The confluence age is the age to show the special art of performing actions. Every action and virtue of those whose every action is an art is remembered. “Sixteen celestial degrees” means that every activity is seen in the form of an art. This is the sign of the perfect stage. Just as you saw speciality in everything sakar Baba did - his speaking, walking etc. - so that was an art. The art of getting up and sitting down, the art of seeing, the art of moving. There was uniqueness and speciality in everything. So, follow the father and become 16 celestial degrees full.


Someone who discerns everything and instantly makes a decision is powerful.