BK Murli English 23 October 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 23 October 2016

23/10/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 26/11/81

“To be a co-operative soul means to be an easy yogi.”

Today, BapDada is seeing His self-sovereign Raj Rishi children who are to become part of the future royal family. All of you are easy yogis, that is, you are Raj Rishis. What special blessing does BapDada give all you children at this blessed time? May you be an easy yogi! Do you experience this blessing? Many become yogis, but only you elevated souls of the confluence age become easy yogis. This is because you are blessed with this blessing by the Father, the Bestower of Blessings. To become a Brahmin means to be blessed with this blessing. The first blessing you receive at your birth is the blessing of being an easy yogi. Therefore, ask yourself: Am I an elevated soul who has received this blessing from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, at this blessed time? Constantly keep this blessing in your intellect. This is what it means to have this blessing in your life. So, do you constantly consider yourself to be a soul who has attained this blessing and become an embodiment of all attainments? Or, do you also have to labour? Are you a soul who is constantly blessed? Do you know the way to keep this blessing with you at all times? What is the easiest way of all to do this? Do you know? To co-operate with everyone and serve. Only a co-operative soul can be an easy yogi. Many Brahmin souls are unable to experience easy yoga constantly. They are still caught up with the questions: How can I have yoga? Where should I focus my yoga? There are no questions in easy yoga. Together with that, you also have this blessing. Therefore, when you have a blessing, you do not have to labour. It is naturally easy and constant. It means, you are the souls who have received the blessing of being easy yogis and will therefore automatically be constant yogis. 

What is the reason for not being able to be this? You don’t know how to take care of the blessing and spiritual gift you have received at your Brahmin birth. You become careless in being powerful through your awareness. If you are a Brahmin but not an easy yogi, then what is the speciality of Brahmin life! Even though you have received this blessing, you are still not an easy yogi. At what other time would you become this? Constantly keep faith with the intoxication of this as your blessing from birth. Use this blessing to serve all souls. To be co-operative in service is the easy way to be an easy yogi.

Each day, from amrit vela be co-operative. Keep your main aim in just one word during your timetable for the whole day: co-operation! I have to give co-operation. I have to be co-operative. Celebrate a meeting with the Father at amrit vela, become a master seed and a master world benefactor like the Father and use the powers you have attained to be co-operative in transforming the attitude of souls and the atmosphere. Be co-operative in giving spiritual water to the whole tree through the Seed. When you do this, all souls, who are all leaves, will experience receiving the water of attainment. Similarly, keep the aim of simply remaining co-operative for every task you carry out throughout the day from amrit vela onwards. Whether it is in your interaction with others or in looking after your household, always check: did I constantly co- operate in creating a spiritual atmosphere by having good wishes and pure feelings for myself and my companions in my worldly interactions? Or, did I only fulfil my duty in an ordinary way and come home? Whatever someone’s occupation is, he will do everything according to his occupation, wherever he goes. The special occupation of all of you is to be co-operative. How is it that you can forget this? When you co- operate in every task, you will automatically become an easy yogi. Let not a single second pass without you giving your co-operation. Whether you are co-operative in your thoughts, words, connections and relationships or in your worldly activity, you must definitely be co-operative because all of you are the children of the Bestower. The children of the Bestower constantly continue to give. What do you have to give? Co-operation!

Co-operate with yourself for your self-transformation. How? Become a detached observer and constantly maintain an attitude of having positive thoughts for yourself. Co-operate with yourself in creating a spiritual atmosphere. Since nature is able to make everyone experience her influence through her impact on the climate, for example, through the impact of a cold or hot temperature, then, can the souls who are conquerors of nature, those who are constantly co-operative and easy yogis, not have an influence and make an impact on their spiritual climate and give that experience to others? Be a co-operative soul who constantly has good wishes and co-operates with the self and others. Do not think that someone is like this or that he does this. No matter what the atmosphere or the person is like, always remember, “I have to co- operate.”

What will happen when all Brahmin souls co-operate in this way? All of you will automatically become easy yogis, because, when all souls receive co-operation, even weak souls become powerful. Because their weaknesses finish, they become co-operative. Any type of weakness definitely makes you find everything difficult or laborious. When you are powerful, everything is easy. So, what do you have to do? Whether it is through your body, mind, wealth, thoughts, words or deeds, you must constantly co-operate. If someone is unable to co-operate with his mind, he can still be co-operative with his body or wealth. If not with thoughts and words, then co-operate with your deeds. Co-operate in forging a relationship and maintaining contact. Do not just co-operate by giving the message. Co-operate by your own transformation. Co-operate by relating your experience of all your attainments. Co-operate with your constantly cheerful face. Co- operate by donating virtues. Co-operate by increasing someone’s zeal and enthusiasm. Constantly co- operate in whatever way you can. This is easy yoga. Do you understand what you have to do? This is easy, is it not? Give whatever you have! Do whatever you can! If you’re not able to do all of those, you are at least able to do one of them, are you not? Whatever one speciality you have, use it, that is, be co-operative. You are able to do this, are you not? You don’t think that you don’t have any speciality or any virtue, do you? That cannot be. To become a Brahmin is itself a great speciality. To know the Father is a great speciality. Therefore, constantly co-operate with your speciality! Achcha.

To those who are constantly easy yogis, those who are co-operative souls, to the souls who co-operate in creating a spiritual climate with their elevated attitude, to the souls who co-operate in giving enthusiasm to weak souls, to the souls who co-operate at every moment from amrit vela onwards, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups: Establishing the deity sovereignty with the power of silence.

Are you laying the foundation for the divine land of kings (Rajasthan) over the whole world with the power of silence? Those people are fighting amongst themselves and you are creating the divine land of kings (Rajasthan). They don’t know what you are to become. They continue to make their own efforts, but you know what the destiny is. Therefore, all of you children are creating your divine land of kings with the power of silence, are you not? Their power is of words, muscle power and the power of weapons, whereas your power is the power of silence. You have the unshakeable faith that the divine royal kingdom will definitely be established with this power. They also understand that, at present, some Godly power is needed to carry out that task. However, because it is incognito, they are unable to recognise it. You not only recognise it, you are also doing it practically. Expansion is taking place in Punjab, is it not? Punjab is the original place of service. So, a special task should take place in the original place. Because you are the children of the spiritual Father, it is the duty of all of you to do spiritual service. The Father’s task is also the children’s task. The duty of the spiritual Father is to do spiritual service. Therefore, you children too have to remain engaged in this task. This spiritual service enables you to experience instant visible fruit at every step. The instant visible fruit is your happiness. The more service you do, the more your treasure of happiness increases. You receive multimillion-fold return for one. Do you believe this? Your occupation is that of a spiritual server. No matter what position you have in the physical world, in the spiritual world, you are spiritual servers. If one of you is a doctor, then become a spiritual doctor as well as a physical doctor; a double doctor. Whilst doing that service, your main duty is to be a spiritual doctor. Instead of a patient having to come to you again and again, it would be better if that illness were cured for all time. Therefore, give him such medicine. A patient comes to you to obtain a permanent cure. This can only be given through spiritual service. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a London group (8/1/82). The very good jewels of London have gone to different places. Generally, all the centres abroad have been opened by one being inspired by another. Someone opens a centre somewhere, and then someone from that place will open another centre and so on. How many centres are there now in total? (50 in 1982.) So London is the foundation of 50 places. So the tree has become beautiful, has it not? A tree that has 50 branches and twigs would be so beautiful. Therefore, the foreign tree has grown very large and fruitful. BapDada is pleased to see the zeal and enthusiasm that all the children, not just the London residents, have for service. Abroad, they have very deep love for this. The love they have for remembrance and service is very good there. However, there is just one thing, which is that you very quickly become afraid of even small forms of Maya. Just as some Brahmins in India are afraid of mice and cockroaches, you foreign children become afraid of these small forms of Maya. You consider something very small to be big when, in fact, it is nothing. You consider a paper tiger to be a real tiger. Although you have so much love, the sanskar of becoming afraid also comes to the surface a little. Therefore, you foreign children must not become afraid of Maya, just play with her. Would you play with a paper tiger or be afraid of it? That is just a toy, is it not? What would you call those who are afraid of toys? According to the effort that you double foreigners make, you can all claim the number one seat, because, whilst behind the curtains of another religion, whilst behind double curtains, you have recognised the Father. One curtain is of the ordinary form and the other curtain is of another religion. 

The people of Bharat only have to have recognition through one curtain, but you children abroad have recognised Him from behind both curtains. You have a lot of courage. You have made the impossible possible. Christians and those of other religions ask how people of their religion can become Brahmins. They say that it is impossible. So you have made the impossible become possible. You are clever at understanding knowledge and also at accepting it. You are number one in both. However, when a mouse comes amongst you become afraid. It is an easy path but when you mix your waste thoughts, those easy things then become difficult. So, take a jump in this too. Make your eyes sharp so that you can recognize Maya. You misunderstand things. To consider something of paper to be real is a misunderstanding, is it not? Otherwise, you double foreigners have many specialties, but there is just this one weakness. Then, you even laugh at yourself a great deal. When you realize that it is only a paper tiger and not real, you laugh at yourself. You check yourself and also change yourself. However, at that time, because you are afraid, you come right down or you come half way down. You then have to make effort to go up again. Then, instead of experiencing it to be easy, you find that you have to labour. Otherwise, there is no labour involved; once you belong to the Father, you become a soul who has claimed all rights. You become a master of the treasures, the home and the kingdom. So, what more do you want? So, what will you do now? Leave the sanskars of being afraid here. Do you understand? BapDada also continues to watch the games and is amused. You children go into the depths, but, together with going into the depths, you also sometimes become afraid. 

You also have the sanskars of having come last and going fast. Previously, you foreigners had sanskars of becoming trapped by someone in particular, but you now have sanskars of going fast. You don't become trapped in one, but in many! There are so many cages in just one life! You come out of one cage and become trapped in another. You come out of the second cage and become trapped in a third. Therefore, to the extent that you had the sanskars of becoming trapped, so you now have the sanskars of going fast. Just remember one thing: don't make a small thing into something very big! Make big things small! Don't ask the question, "Does this also have to happen?" Instead of asking, "What happened? Does this also have to happen?", think that whatever happens is beneficial. Let all questions finish. Full stop. Don’t use your intellect a great deal in this. Otherwise, you waste energy and you don't experience yourself to be powerful. There are a lot more question marks. So, now, when you leave Madhuban, the land of blessings, leave behind the question mark and go, having put a full stop. A question mark is difficult, but a full stop is easy! So why do you put aside something easy and adopt something difficult? Energy is wasted in that, but when you apply a full-stop, life becomes the best. One leads to waste and the other makes things the best. So, what should you do? Now don't waste anything. Let every thought and second be the best. Achcha. Now Baba has had a heart-to- heart conversation with the residents of London.

Multimillion-fold love and remembrance from BapDada to all the long-lost and now-found children who are the residents of London. You may not have come to Madhuban in the corporeal form, but BapDada always sees all you children personally in front of Him. To all the serviceable children – how can Baba mention each one's name personally – so to all you children, to all you co-operative souls, who must all become carefree and maintain intoxication, because your Companion is the Father Himself. Achcha.


May you be complete and perfect, the same as the Father and maintain a stage of equanimity in praise and defamation, victory and defeat.

When souls reach their complete and perfect stage, there is equanimity in everything – praise and defamation, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow. Even in sorrow, instead of there being waves of sorrow on your faces and on the foreheads, let waves of happiness and joy be visible. Whilst hearing defamation, let it not be experienced as defamation, but words worthy of praise to make you strong in your stage of perfection. Let there be such equanimity, for only then can you be said to be equal to the Father. Let there not be the slightest feeling in your attitude that this one is an enemy, this one is insulting me or this one is praising me.


Pay constant attention to the practice of yoga and you will claim a number in the first division.