BK Murli English 30 October 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 October 2016

30/10/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 27/10/81

“Elevated versions spoken by Avyakt BapDada on the pure occasion of Deepawali."

Today, the Master of the Deepaks (lamps) has come to see His Deepmala (rosary of lights), those living deepaks whose memorial is celebrated by the deepmala of the non-living deepaks. Devotees celebrate Deepawali with non-living images and non-living deepaks, whereas you living deepaks, who are constantly ignited deepaks, are celebrating a meeting as the children with the Master of the Deepaks, that is, you are celebrating the mela of Deepawali. Each Deepak is sparkling so beautifully. BapDada is only seeing the ignited deepak on the forehead of each child. There cannot be such a huge deepmala anywhere else. No matter how many physical deepaks are ignited, can there be such a deepmala anywhere that is imperishable, immortal, and the embodiment of light? Have you ever seen such a Deepawali, such a Deeprajas (kings of deepaks) and Deepranis (queens of deepaks), such a mela? You are the ones who are seeing it and you are also the ones who are celebrating. BapDada is not just seeing the deepaks of Gujarat. In front of BapDada are the living deepaks from this land and abroad, from everywhere. (More than one thousand brothers and sisters have come and this is why they are listening to the murli in three or four other places (below the Meditation hall). Those sitting below are not below; you are in BapDada’s eyes. Here, there is no physical space, but in BapDada’s eyes, there is always space for such deepaks.

Today, DeepRaj, is giving all the deepranis congratulations for being immortal lights. “May you always be immortal.” Those from abroad are also smiling. (Deniseben has come from America.) She is not alone, there are many represented in one. Everyone from this land too is sitting with their love of remembrance forged. Although far away, on the basis of that love, they are personally sitting face to face. BapDada is seeing the deepmala of the unlimited deepaks.

Today, in the courtyard of Madhuban, many children are present in the form of angels. The gathering of the corporeal ones is very small, but the gathering of the subtle angels is very big. This big hall that you are building is also small. No matter how big a hall you build, the children of the Ocean will become like an ocean in front of it. What will you do then? You can accommodate everyone in the unlimited hall of the sky and the earth. How can the children of the Father of the unlimited be accommodated within the limits of four walls? Such a time will also come when these four elements will work like the four walls of an unlimited hall. Because of the fluctuation of the weather, there will no need for roofs or walls. To what extent would you build big halls? Matter will also show you the rehearsals for the future here, at the end. No matter how much fluctuation there is everywhere through any of the elements, where you masters of matter are, matter will become a servant and serve you. You simply become conquerors of matter. Matter is invoking you masters of matter from today. That will be a divine day when matter will garland the masters. Which garland will she put around you? Will you wear a sandalwood garland or a garland of diamonds and jewels? Matter will garland you with the garland of co-operation. Wherever the feet and place of Brahmins who are the conquerors of matter are, there cannot be any damage there. There may be damage to one or two buildings, but all of you will be safe. You will see in front of you that that is happening, that there are storms coming and that the earth is shaking. There, it will be like a crucifix, but here it will be like a thorn. There, they will be crying out in distress whereas here, you will be unshakeable. Everyone will come running to you to take physical and subtle support. Your place will become an asylum. 

The words will then emerge from everyone’s lips: “O God, Your divine activities are beyond comparison. “You are great! You are great! You all found God, we didn’t know Him. We missed out.” This sound will emerge from everywhere, so what will you do then? The children of the Bestower of Fortune will become bestowers of fortune and bestowers of blessings. In this too, those who are going to seek asylum will be numberwise. Those who have been co-operative from the beginning until now, from the beginning of establishment until now, who have not had any opposing feelings – to believe or not to believe is a different matter – but who, instead of having opposing feelings for God’s task and the Godly family, have had the co-operative feelings that this is a good task, those who are carrying out this task are good, this alone is the task that can bring about transformation, those who have such co-operative feelings at a time of need, those who have such feelings will claim a number close by as the fruit of their feelings, that is, they will claim a right to number one asylum. Depending on the percentage of their feelings, they will be able to claim a drop of asylum accordingly. Those who are observing will just continue to watch. Those who are even now saying, “We shall see what your task is.” Or, “We shall see what you have found! When something happens, we shall then see.” Those who are waiting for the time in this way will not be able to claim a right in the arrangements for asylum. They will just keep watching at that time too. They will be waiting and thinking: “When will it be our turn?”, whereas you who become master suns of knowledge will become world benefactors and will spread the rays of your good wishes and wishes for those who are waiting at a distance everywhere to become elevated souls. 

Then, no matter how much those souls oppose you, they will experience themselves to be restless and burning in the fire of repentance. You will become goddesses of coolness and make the souls who are opposing you cool with the cool drops of your mercy, kindness and compassion. That is, you will embrace them and offer them support. At that time, they will call out “O maa, O maa!” and they will become your devotees instead of souls against you. Those are your last devotees. You will definitely also give opposing souls, some drops for being devotees at the end. You will become bestowers of blessings and give the blessing of “May you be a devotee!” They are, in spite of everything, your brothers, are they not? So, you will fulfil the relationship of brotherhood. Have you become bestowers of blessings in this way? Just as matter is invoking you, are all of you also invoking your complete stage in the same way? Celebrate this Deepmala. They will invoke Lakshmi and what will you invoke? They invoke the goddess of wealth. All of you invoke the stage of “May you be wealthy!” Celebrate Deepmala in this way. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha.

To the Deepaks of Deepmala, to the children who are full of all treasures and who have the blessing of wealth, to the children who are constantly immortal lights, to those who constantly give all souls the fruit of good wishes, to the children who are bestowers of blessings and great donors, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada speaking to Didi and Dadi:

What is BapDada seeing today? Today, especially, Father Brahma is seeing you. Today, together with Father Brahma, Jagadamba has also come. What is Father Brahma, what are they both seeing? Today, (Diwali) Maa (mother) is also remembered. So, what are the World Mother and Father Brahma seeing? Today, in the special form of Jagadamba and the living form of the Lakshmi in the making, Jagadamba has come to meet her special co-operative equal companions. She is your childhood friend, is she not? You remember your childhood, do you not? Seeing them (Didi and Dadi) put into the practical form the lesson of being constantly present “Yes, my Lord, we are present lord”, she (Mama) is happy.

Today, the mother and father are looking at their royal dynasty. The royal court is visible in front of them. It is such a beautifully decorated court. The special deities are seated on their own thrones. So, where are you sitting? To the extent that you are close on the seat of service, accordingly, you will also be close on the throne of the kingdom. Here, tapasya and service are your seats and there, it will be the throne of the fortune of the kingdom. Those who are constantly seated on the seat of tapasya and service are constantly seated on the throne of the kingdom. To the extent that you are constantly co-operative in service here, accordingly, you will be constant companions in the kingdom there. Just as here, you are companions in remembrance of BapDada for every task, similarly, there, from childhood until the time you rule, you will be companions in every deed. You will be equals in age and you will therefore be equal companions in your studies, games, touring around, ruling and in every deed. If you are companions in remembrance in only some actions, then, there too, you will not become companions in all your deeds. In some deeds you will be companions and you will be separate in others. You will be close in some and distant in others. Those who are constantly close, constant companions, constantly co-operative and constantly seated on the seat of tapasya and service will always be together there too. You remember this, do you not? Just as here, in your alokik life, in your spiritual life, from your adolescent life to the last, you have remained companions, you were companions in your childhood and have been companions till the end, similarly, those who have been companions with the form of Brahma from the beginning to the end in every deed, in every activity and in every type of service, will also be companions in the future. Achcha.

Speaking to the Teachers:

The true servers of Gujarat. You can be called true servers or spiritual servers. A spiritual server means a true server. So, what is the speciality of the spiritual servers of Gujarat? (They are ever ready.) You are ever ready in physical service because wherever there is a call for service, you go there with your various means. However, are you also constantly ever ready in the sense of your mind being able to imbibe whatever thought you want? To be able to do at that moment whatever you think of, this is called being ever ready. Ever ready in your thoughts, ever ready in the transformation of your sanskars, ever ready in fulfilling your responsibility with spiritual relationships and connections. Are you ever ready in this way or does it take time? Does it take time to finish sanskars or to harmonise sanskars? Become ever ready in this, because the dance of Gujarat is famous. You perform that dance very well, but to harmonise in this dance, to harmonise with the Father’s sanskars – this is the dance to harmonise your sanskars with the Father’s sanskars. One is to perform the dance and the other is to harmonise. Just as you are clever in performing the dance, are you just as clever in harmonising your sanskars with the Father’s and among yourselves, in sanskars, in harmonising your elevated sanskars? To harmonise sanskars is the biggest dance of all. You perform such a dance, do you not? So, today, all of you have the thought that you will move along constantly performing the dance of harmonising sanskars.

On this day, together with Lakshmi, you are also worshipped. Together with the worship of the mother, there is also the worship of the children. In which form? Together with Lakshmi, they also worship Ganesh. Ganesh is her child, is he not? So, it is not the worship of Lakshmi alone, but all of you are Ganesh, that is, you are wise ones. Being knowledge-full of the three aspects of time is known as being Ganesh, that is, wise, sensible. Ganesh is also called the destroyer of obstacles. Those who are knowledge- full of the three worlds and the Trimurti are the destroyers of obstacles. So, you are knowledge-full and also the destroyers of obstacles and this is why you are worshipped. So, today is your day of worship. It is the day of all of you. So never become an obstacle in any situation, but always be destroyers of obstacles. If anyone else becomes an obstacle, you become the destroyer of obstacles and the obstacle will end. “The atmosphere is like this, the circumstances are like this and so I have to do it”. These are not the words of those who are destroyers of obstacles. A destroyer of obstacles is one who transforms the atmosphere and the environment. Are you such destroyers of obstacles? If Gujarat becomes a destroyer of obstacles, then there won’t be any mention of obstacles, will there? There will be no name or trace of them. Since your creation, the limited sun, is able to dispel darkness, can you unlimited master suns of knowledge not finish this? Just as Gujarat is number one in service, so you must become number one in being destroyers of obstacles and you will then be given a prize. You will be given a very beautiful prize. The gift that the Father receives will be given to you, Gujarat. Achcha.

Greetings for Deepawali and the New Year:

Is it not just New Year for you all the time, but every moment is new for you. Therefore, let there be a plan for new zeal, new enthusiasm and new service at every moment. Every moment is the newest of all. Constant greetings for this newness. For people, it is New Year, whereas for you, it is the New Age and in the New Age, because you have enthusiasm at every moment, there is constant festivity. Every moment is Diwali. Every moment is a festival because a festival means that which brings enthusiasm. Let every moment and every second bring enthusiasm, for this is why they celebrate a festival every year whereas you celebrate a festival at every moment. This Brahmin life is your festival in which you continue to swing in happiness at every moment. For such a new day, a New Year, a new second, a new thought – congratulations for everything new.

You celebrated Deepawali, you celebrated the New Year – the confluence of the two has taken place. Those from Gujarat are lucky. You celebrate the “sangam” (meeting) at the confluence age. Achcha. Imperishable greetings.


May you die alive and become free from bondage and make others free from bondage with the awareness of your original and eternal form.

Just as the Father takes this on loan and has no bondage, similarly, you children who have died alive, must become free from the bondage of your body, sanskars and nature. Imbibe whatever sanskars you want, whenever you want. Just as the Father is free from bondage, so you must become free from bondage in the same way. Stabilise yourself in the stage of the incorporeal world and then come down. Maintain the awareness of your original and eternal form. Perform actions as a soul who has incarnated and others will then follow you.


To make the atmosphere powerful with the attitude of remembrance is service through the mind.