BK Murli English 9 October 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 October 2016

09/10/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 23/11/81

“Renunciation of renunciation.”

Do you know who BapDada has come to meet today? Today, the Father with many arms has come to meet His arms (hands), that is, He has come to meet His children who are constantly co-operative. There are so many especially co-operative souls who are constantly ever ready in the Father’s task as His right hands. As soon as BapDada gives a direction through signals, the right hands, the special arms, the obedient children, always say: “Yes, Baba, we are ever-ready.” Baba says, "Hey children", and the children say, “Yes Baba.” The Father is seeing such special hands. He hears this sound of the children, of the special hands, everywhere: “Ha ji, Baba! Now, Baba! I am present, Baba!” The sweet sounds of the children reach BapDada. The Father always calls such children His specially beloved children, His worthy children, His children who are the decoration of the world, the master bestowers of fortune, the children who are master bestowers of blessings.

Today, BapDada was making a list of the names of such children. How much of the rosary would Baba have prepared? Would it be a small rosary or a big one? And, what number would each one of you have in that rosary? Baba is not talking about the final result of the rosary. Baba is making a rosary of the number of you who have become such right hands at the present time. You can easily know your own number of the present time, can you not? Whilst checking each one's number in the rosary, Father Brahma said something special. What would he have said? Today, the special topic is of the right hands, of co- operation. Regarding the topic of co-operation, Baba was looking at those who live at home with their families and yet maintain an attitude of being beyond, those who are in connection with everyone and yet constantly pay attention to their spiritual interaction. Baba was seeing the speciality of the special children who are detached and loving to the Father, those who are beyond any effect of the heat of the atmosphere’s fire. BapDada saw such children who were fireproof. Today, Baba was praising the children who are double actors, those who play spiritual parts in their worldly lives.

One speciality he mentioned of some children who are double actors was that of being free from attraction. They have a good income and could afford to have whatever facilities they want for their comfort, but they live and eat very simply instead. They first take out a share especially for spiritual service. They fulfil their responsibilities to their worldly work, household, relations and contacts. However, because of having broad and unlimited intellects, they don’t upset anyone, but they understand the secret of accumulating a divine income. Therefore, because of understanding all secrets, they take out a special share. The gopikas are no less in this speciality either. There are such incognito gopikas who are called half-partners in their worldly lives, but are full partners in making a deal with the Father. There are gopikas as well as Pandavas who have such true, honest and generous hearts. You were told that, today, Baba was making a list of the names of such children. They are very economical, but generous in their use of everything for spiritual tasks. They do not use their leisure time for rest. In the account of their physical wealth, they use 75% for spiritual tasks and the rest to fulfil their worldly responsibilities just for namesake. Such renunciate children have a constant and imperishable fortune. However, there weren’t that many who play their parts in such a clever and tactful way. They can be counted on your fingers. Nevertheless, the praise of the special souls who are double actors was definitely mentioned.

There are the second number children who also do everything but claim the second number. Incognito donation is said to be the greatest donation. The speciality of a great donor is to renounce the feeling of having renounced anything. The practical and instant fruit received for an elevated act is to be praised by everyone. Servers receive the seat of elevated praise; they receive the seat of regard and status. They definitely attain that success, but all of that success is just a step along the path. It is not the final destination. Therefore, become a renunciate of that, and thereby become fortunate. This is known as being a great renunciate.

If you do something and instantly eat the fruit of that, you don’t accumulate anything. Because the confluence age is the age of receiving instant fruit, you would definitely attain temporary success as the practical fruit of your deeds. You are going to receive your reward in the future, according to the eternal law anyway, but the confluence age is the blessed age. You receive the fruit as soon as you do something, but you must not eat it instantly. Consider it to be a holy offering and distribute it to everyone, or offer it to the Father as bhog and you will accumulate multimillion-fold for one. Therefore, become clever in making this deal. Do not be naive! Did you hear this? These are the second number. Achcha, do you want to hear about the third number? The third number co-operate very little in service and yet want to claim the same seat as those in the first number. They make more use of all the treasures for their own comfort.

The first number are economical and belong to One (eknami). The second number are those who earn and eat and the third number are those who earn very little and eat a great deal. They are the ones who eat from the income of others too. It comes and they eat it. Renunciate children renounce an elevated soul's share of fortune, a renunciate child's visible fruit and all attainments, but the third number children take even that share for themselves. They are not those who earn it themselves, but simply those who eat it. This is why the number one children are those who remove any burden, whereas the others increase their own burden. This is because they don’t eat from an income they have earned through their own efforts. Baba saw such souls who constantly eat and drink in this way. Now, did you hear about the three numbers? Now, ask yourself: which category am I? Achcha. Even so, in today’s heart-to-heart conversation, Baba constantly praised the children who live economically with their families and who also only belong to just the One. Achcha.

To those who constantly say, “Yes, Baba; I am present, Baba”, to those who renounce the feeling of having renounced anything and make others fortunate, to those who make an elevated deal with BapDada for all time, to those who constantly use all their treasures for service, to the souls who are the incognito donors who claim a great share, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Special signal and plan for the expansion of service to the group from Rajasthan (Jaipur).

You are from the capital of the state of the land of kings (Rajasthan). So what are you doing in the capital city? What newness have you brought about in this whole year? Did you bring groups of pilgrims on pilgrimage to the great pilgrimage place? Train loads of people are brought on the physical pilgrimages. So, how many have all of you from the capital of this kingdom brought to this great pilgrimage place? How many have you brought from the capital to the main headquarters? Have you brought a bus full of people? Or, are there no pilgrims in Rajasthan? What do you think? Is it that there are no pilgrims or that the guides are not yet ready? If so many of you are all guides, how many pilgrims should there be? So, will you bring the pilgrims or just bring yourselves? Will you make a programme for this year or next year? Achcha, have you made a new plan? Since Jaipur is an international place, you must at least bring about this speciality, which no one has achieved as yet. Put up a big and beautiful hoarding at your main place. You can do this much, can you not? Let the hoarding be so attractive that when people walk past, their attention is drawn. The design and the content matter should be such that people are drawn to look at it even if they have no wish to. 

The content matter should be such that, when people read it, they feel that they should put this into practice and that they have to go there. Let them receive this message while they walk or go past. So, the board should have your address and also a special invitation. Write something in a few pleasing words and then plan how to design the board so that many can continue to receive the message. It doesn’t matter if some expenditure is incurred for the main place. So, now put this into practice. Create a new invention so that its sparkle draws people to look at it against their wish. Make such a plan! Write your address and telephone number on it. It must also have an invitation. Then, one or another special soul will awaken. Put it somewhere where there is a lot of coming and going and where people’s attention can be drawn. Let it be so attractive that people cannot stop themselves from looking at it. Achcha, what else will you do? You must definitely bring one or another special soul on a pilgrimage every month. Keep this aim. You may not be able to bring a bus full of people, but you can at least bring one or two. Bring a special soul who can become an instrument to give the message to many others. 

You have all the facilities. However, those who do want to do something have to get on with it and it will then become easy. Once you have made contact with people, don’t forget them. Continue to contact them again and again. It is not possible that those with whom you have constant contact won’t listen to you. So, what will you do? Always think: I have to do this. Do not look at others. In this, those who take the initiative are Arjuna. When others see me do something, they will also do it. Then, what would happen? Each of you will learn the lesson, “I have to do this.” Then, everyone will begin to do it. Do not look to others to do this, but put yourself onto the field. Achcha. You are all OK in yourselves, but you also have to be number one in service; you have to claim full marks in service. Achcha.

Meeting a group of teachers:

Teachers are given a double chance. You receive a double chance because you distribute to many others. To be a teacher means to be one who lives to serve others. A teacher’s life is a life of constantly teaching others; it is not for the self but for the service of others. When you keep the aim of being a master teacher and a true server, that your every second and every thought is for teaching others, you master teachers and servers will then become embodiments of constant success. Your living is service, your moving along is service and your words and thoughts are all for service. Servers have zeal and enthusiasm for service in every vein. Just as one has life for as long as blood flows through one’s veins, so too, to be a server means to be one who has the blood of zeal and enthusiasm for service in every vein, in every thought and at every second. You are such servers, are you not? When you say “Good night!” that is service. When you say, “Good morning!” that too is service. Service of the self is automatically merged in that. Therefore, such ones are called true servers. What type of dreams would servers have? Those of service. They would continue to serve in their dreams. You are like this, are you not?

Servers receive a huge lift. You are free from all the many bondages of the world. You attain the stage of liberation-in-life here. To be a server means to be one who is free from bondage and who has liberation-in- life. You have become free from so many limited responsibilities. The spiritual responsibilities are the responsibilities of the Father too. Therefore, you are also free from those. All you have to do is do service and move on. You are not burdened with any responsibility. Do any of you have a burden? Do you have the burden of your centre? Do you not have the burden of running your centre? Are you not concerned about how to bring more students? (We are!) So that is a burden, is it not?

Only when you stop thinking that you have to increase the number can you become successful. When you have remembrance of the Father, they will automatically increase. If you have the consciousness that you are going to make the number increase, it will not increase. When you give this burden to the Father, the number of students will increase. Therefore, remain carefree in this too. The lighter you remain, the more elevated both you and service will continue to become, that is, the more progress you will continue to make. When you have the consciousness of “I”, there is a burden and you come down. Therefore, remain carefree, free of even this burden. Simply remain in the intoxication of constant remembrance. Remain constantly combined with the Father. Then, when the Father is combined with you, what is service? It is already accomplished. You are experienced, are you not?

Therefore, you teachers, you servers, have received this lift, have you not? Stay in remembrance and continue to fly. You are instruments for service. When you have the consciousness that Karavanhar (the One who works through others) is making it happen, you will remain light and an embodiment of success, because, when the Father is with you, success is guaranteed. Achcha.

BapDada is happy to see His equals. You are master bestowers of fortune. You remember the Bestower of Fortune and draw the lines of fortune of many others. You are constantly content anyway. So, is there any need to ask this question? To ask this question of master teachers would be an insult, would it not? You are constantly content and will always remain so. Achcha.

Has the mela of Maharashtra and Rajasthan ended? These days are being wound on the reel of the drama. When will they come round again? Each moment and every second has its own importance. The confluence age is the age of importance. It is the age to become great and the age of making others great. Therefore, every second of the confluence age is important. At the confluence age, there is importance in being a teacher, a server. There is also importance in being detached whilst living at home with your family. There is importance in being gopikas and also in being Pandavas. Each of you has your own importance. However, instrument teachers have a very good chance. Therefore, all of you are those who take the chance, are you not? Achcha. Om 


May you become emperors of the land free from sorrow and thereby embodiments of solutions by revising points of knowledge every day.

Every day revise points of knowledge that you have in your diaries and your intellects and make them your practical experience. You will then easily be able to find a solution to any type of problem. Never waste your time trying to break the rock of problems with the hammer of waste thoughts. Take a high jump with the awareness of the word “drama” and move forward. These old sanskars will then become your servants, but you must first become an emperor seated on the throne.


To give regard to everyone is to receive regard.