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BK Soul Sustenance Message 15 October 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 15-10-2016

Soul Sustenance 15-10-2016

Situation Proofing Yourself (Part 1) 

We are always learning a lesson at every step of our lives. The real life situations are our hidden lessons which come to teach us something or the other in a short period of time and bring in front of us questions in the form of – How will I ever live a life without a loved one, lost due to death or due to differences in opinions or Why did this particular event ever have to happen to me like an illness or a sudden financial loss at the workplace or When will I achieve the desired success in a difficult scene full of events that challenge my mental security or What did I do in my past births the results of which I am seeing in the form of a loved one not looking at me with the love and respect that I deserve? 

We all know what is water-proofing. A rain coat worn in the rain does that. Based on that, is a term situation-proofing. The situations are there. They will always be present from time to time. But you have to mould the way you live your life and make significant positive changes in the way you perceive difficult situations and become situation-proof. Situation-proof means you become free from the influence of the situations and free of worry. Life for all of us does involve different types of challenging situations. The situations will be sometimes in the form of a temporary rise of my own negative nature characteristic like anger or jealousy or ego; sometimes in the form of lack of respect by a work colleague. Also, there will sometimes be a challenging or difficult work task in any action; sometimes there will be difficult relationships with people and a clash of personalities of two people. And also at times, there will be a temporary setback in the physical body, etc. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 15-10-2016

To work with joy is to be free from tiredness. 


When there is the happiness and joy of doing something, one can go on putting in effort even in the most difficult circumstances. For having done everything with happiness, there will be the inner quality revealed in each and every task. The happiness within will spread around to others too. 


As I never leave my inner joy, and am constantly in touch with my inner qualities, I am able to enjoy everything that life brings. Nothing will then be experienced as work, but I feel everything to be entertainment. I will be able to enjoy the richness of life even when there is something actually difficult. 


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