BK Soul Sustenance Message 20 October 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 20-10-2016

Soul Sustenance 20-10-2016

Reliving The Memories Of The Past (Part 2) 

While some people realize that remaining in the present is the ideal way of living, but sometimes in their daily life, they find it difficult in not allowing the past in influencing their present life situations. And also their way of looking at them. Also, some people say its fine not to think about the failures of the past but it is unrealistic to not think about past successes, because they are positive events. Some people are so tied up with past success stories of their lives and are so attached to them that it slowly takes the form of a type of ego. This then starts reflecting negatively in their present behaviour and relationships. 

Suppose, I have been very good at my studies and I was one of the best in school and college, in excelling in my education. So, do I forget that or remember it because doing that gives me joy? When a joy out of a positive past event becomes excessive and unnecessary, the joy turns into a negative emotion of ego. It crosses the limits of pure pride or self-esteem. Speaking about past successes to each one we meet can easily be seen by others as unnecessary. Also, some people don’t prefer listening to success events of others beyond a certain point. This is because it’s very clear in these cases that the other person does not have an intention of informing only. Ask any person about how they felt after having listened to others’ success stories repeatedly and they will give you a frank opinion that it was slightly egoistic behaviour. People will always like those who mention their successes but at the same time they are humble and remain incognito in not mentioning them repeatedly. That is for speaking about past events of a positive nature. The same applies to thinking about them. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 20-10-2016

The power of realisation brings permanent transformation. 


To have the power of realisation means to have the power to understand what is right and to have the commitment to the right thing. So, if a mistake is committed, when there is the realisation, there is easy and permanent transformation. So the same mistake is never committed again. 


When I have the power of realisation, I will never experience difficulty in bringing about a change, because I have actually understood the importance of bringing about change.