BK Murli English 13 November 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 November 2016

*13/11/16 Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 30/11/99 Revised*

*In order to pass with honours, accumulate all the treasures in your account and become complete.*

*Which gathering is BapDada seeing today? In today's gathering, each of you children is one who is highest and richest with all imperishable treasures. No matter how rich people in the world are, they are only rich for one birth. There is no guarantee as to whether they will remain rich in that one birth or not. Even if they are the richest in the world, that would still only be for one birth, whereas you say with  faith  and intoxication that you are the richest for many births because you are full of all the imperishable treasures. All of you know that with one day’s effort at this time, you can earn a great deal of income. Do you know how much you can earn in one day? Do you understand this account? Because you have experienced earning multimillions at every step, this saying has also been remembered. Therefore, by knowing the Father and His knowledge and by having remembrance of Him, you are able to accumulate multimillions at every step you take in one day. So, however many steps of remembrance you take, you accumulate that many multimillion-fold. Is there anyone else who can earn such an income or who can accumulate these treasures in such an account? Is there anyone else? Just go for a tour around the whole world and have a look! No one, apart from all of you, can accumulate as much. This is why the Father says: Maintain the elevated awareness of your fortune of having been made so elevated by God.*

*Do you know your treasures? Do you know about your treasure of the present time, of how elevated the time of this confluence age is? At this time you can take whatever attainments you want from the Father because you are those who have all rights. You have received all rights, have you not? Each of your elevated thoughts is such a treasure! Time is also a great treasure. Your thoughts are an elevated treasure! All the powers are also the greatest of all treasures. Each and every jewel of knowledge is such an elevated treasure! Each virtue is such an elevated treasure! People of the world also believe that each breath they take in remembrance of God is worthwhile. Therefore, the breath of all of you is the epitome of success and not wasteful. The right to success is merged in every breath you take. However, BapDada has distributed all the treasures to all of you children equally. You have been given them all equally. BapDada doesn’t give some one-fold, some ten-fold and others one hundred-fold. The Bestower who bestows all the treasures to all you children gives them equally as soon as you become Brahmins, but it depends on you how much you accumulate these treasures or waste them. Each of you has to check how much you accumulate and how much you waste throughout each day. Do you check this? You definitely do have to check this. Why? Because these are not just for one birth, but for every birth. You need to accumulate for many births. Do you know the way to accumulate? It is very easy. Just continue to add a zero. When you remember the point (zero), you accumulate. In terms of physical wealth, when you continue to place a zero after the figure “1", the amount continues to increase. In the same way, just as each soul is a point, and the Father too is the Point, so the drama that has passed is a full stop which is also a point. If you remember every treasure with the awareness of the point (a zero), you will continue to accumulate in your account. You do have this experience, do you not? As soon as you put a point (full stop), you stop wasting your treasures and begin to accumulate them. 

Do you know how to put a full stop? Sometimes you try to put a full stop, but instead of putting a full stop, you put a long line; instead of a full stop, it becomes a question mark, it becomes an exclamation mark. The way to accumulate in your account is to put a full stop and the way for there to be wastage in your account is to draw a long line, a question mark or an exclamation mark. So, which is easier? It is to put a full stop. The way to do this is very easy. You just have to have self-respect and remembrance of the Father and be able to put a full stop to anything wasteful.*

*BapDada told you earlier to put the tilak of the awareness of these three points on yourself every day at amrit vela and then not even one of your treasures will be wasted. All your treasures will continue to accumulate at every moment. BapDada looked at the chart to see every treasure of all you children. What did Baba see in that chart? Up to now, your accounts have not accumulated as much as they should have. Your time, thoughts and words are being wasted. Whilst you are moving and walking around, the importance of this time has not emerged in your awareness as much as it should have. If you constantly remember and emerge the importance of time, you are able to use your time in a much more worthwhile way. You spend your time throughout the whole day in an ordinary way. You do not spend it in a wrong way, but in an ordinary way. Similarly, the thoughts you have are not bad; but they are wasteful. Check yourself for an hour.  How much time in every hour do you spend in an ordinary way?  How many ordinary thoughts do you have? You do not accumulate anything at that time, and, when BapDada continues to send you signals, you try to re-assure BapDada a great deal. You say, “Baba, I only have these few thoughts and no more! I just have a few thoughts about this etc. I will become perfect. I will become OK. It's not the end yet, there is still some time left. So, I will become perfect by that time.” However, BapDada has repeatedly told you that you must accumulate these things over a long period of time. You say, “My account of accumulation will be full by the end, that you will become like that when that time comes. 

It is only when you have been accumulating something over a long period of time that it will last you for a long time. When you are asked what inheritance you will claim, all of you say that you will become Lakshmi or Narayan. If Baba were to ask you to raise your hands if you want to become something in the silver age, none of you would raise your hand, but when Baba asks if you want to become Lakshmi or Narayan, then all of you raise your hand. If you have been accumulating these treasures in your account over a long period of time, you receive your full inheritance. If you have only accumulated a few treasures, then how could you receive your full inheritance? This is why, from now on, you must accumulate all the treasures as much as you can. Don't say, “It will happen, they will come,” and leave it to the future. You have to do this now! This is determination. When you sit in remembrance at amrit vela in a good stage, you promise from your heart that you will do many things such as this or that. You say that you will show wonders. That is good thing! You have elevated thoughts! However, BapDada says: Now put everything you promise into practice! Don’t just promise something, but put whatever you promise into practice in your thoughts, words and deeds. You children have very good thoughts and BapDada is very pleased with you at that time, because at least you maintain your courage by saying that you will do this or that you will become this! Therefore, because your courage is very good, BapDada is pleased to see that. However, when it comes to putting something into practice, that only happens sometimes. It is very easy to make a promise, but to fulfil your promise means you have to put it into practice. There are many who make promises, but they become numberwise in fulfilling those promises. Make your practice equal to what you think! Make your practice identical to your plans. Are you able to do this?*

*Businessmen have come here today. You businessmen know how to do business. You know how to accumulate wealth, do you not? Engineers and scientists also do everything in a practical way. And, BapDada calls those of you who come from rural areas, rulers, because if you didn’t do that work, no one would be able to carry on. Therefore, the people of all three wings who have come here put everything into practice.*

*You are not those who just speak about it, but you are those who actually do everything you say. So, all of you souls fulfil your promises by actually putting those promises into practice, do you not? Or, are you those who just make promises? At the time of making a promise, you please BapDada by showing Him your courage. BapDada has a file of the promises each child has made. It is not that there are no cupboards or places to store the files of your promises up there (subtle region). Sometimes BapDada all of a sudden switches on His alokik TV. He doesn't keep it on all the time! He switches it on sometimes and is able to hear everything. He also listens to whatever you say amongst yourselves. This is why BapDada says: Accumulate in the account of accumulation whatever is being wasted.*

*To be a Brahmin means to be someone who is alokik. The importance of Brahmin life is very great. You have many great attainments. The self-respect you have is very elevated. To belong to the Father at the confluence age is the greatest multimillion-fold fortune. This is why BapDada says that you have to realise how important each of your treasures is. When you give lectures, you praise the confluence age so much. When someone asks you to speak on the topic of the praise of the confluence age, for how long are you able to do that? Are you able to do that for an hour? Teachers, speak! Those who are able to do this, raise your hand! You speak of its importance to others. You too know very well how important this time is. BapDada isn't saying that you don't know how important it is. Because you are able to tell others of this, it must be that you know it yourselves. It is just that it becomes merged. Your awareness of this in an emerged form is sometimes to a greater extent and at other times to a lesser extent. Therefore, keep your Godly intoxication emerged. Do not say, “Yes, I have become that.” Let it be in your awareness that you are this in a practical way.  You do have faith in this, but that faith would be indicated by your spiritual intoxication.  Therefore, let there be intoxication all the time. Let there be the spiritual intoxication of knowing who you are. When this intoxication has emerged in you, you will continue to accumulate treasures at every second.*

*So, BapDada examined your accounts of accumulation to see what you have accumulated. BapDada looked at your accounts of accumulation today, He is especially drawing your attention to this. Time is going to come to an end suddenly. Do not think that you will be told in advance when it is to happen and that everything will be fine at that time. Who is the teacher of those who take the support of time and think that the time will put everything right and make everything OK at the right time? Is it time or God Himself? What would you say to someone who has not been able to be made perfect by God, Himself, but has been made perfect by time? Is time your master or is God your Teacher? According to the drama, if time teaches you to transform or you transform yourself on the basis of the time, then, because time is your teacher when the time comes, BapDada knows that you will receive your reward according to that. Time is waiting for you, you do not have to wait for time. Time is the creation and you are master creators. So your creation must wait for its creators. It is not that you master creators have to wait for time. After all, what is difficult? It is you yourselves who make an easy thing difficult. It is not difficult, but you make it difficult. The Father is offering to carry whatever burdens you have. You do not know how to hand them over. You continue to carry those burdens and you then become tired and complain to the Father.  You ask, “What can I do? How can I do this?” Why do you insist on carrying these burdens? The Father is offering to take all your burdens from you. Because you have instilled the habit of carrying burdens for 63 births, you feel compelled by that habit and this is why you have to labour. You sometimes find it easy and sometimes difficult. 

All your work should either be easy all the time or difficult all the time. Why should it be easy sometimes and difficult at other times? There must be some reason for that. The reason why you find something to be difficult is that you feel compelled by your habit. BapDada finds is very difficult to accept that His children have to labour. He doesn't like it. How could a master almighty authority find something to be difficult? What title do you give yourselves? "Difficult yogis" or "Easy yogis"? In that case, change your title - you can no longer say that you are easy yogis. Is it that you are sometimes easy yogis and at other times difficult yogis? What is yoga after all? All you have to do is to remember Baba. Nothing can be difficult when you have powerful yoga. Yoga is the fire of your love. No matter how difficult something is, the fire of your love transforms it.  Even iron can be changed by fire.  So, can this fire of love not change a difficult thing into an easy thing? Some children tell Baba many wonderful things. “Baba, what can I do when the atmosphere is like that? What can I do when my companion is like that? We are like a swan and a stork. What can I do when I have all of these past karmic accounts?” You tell Baba many very wonderful things like that. Therefore, the Father asks you: What contract did you Brahmins take? You took the contract to transform the world. Can those who are to transform the world not transform something they find difficult?*

*So, what will you do from today? You will continue to accumulate in your savings account. Those who say that they are easy yogis will now experience themselves to be that. There is no pleasure in sometimes finding something easy and at other times finding it difficult. A Brahmin life is a life of pleasure. The confluence age is the age of pleasure. It is not the age for carrying any burdens. It is the age for having your burdens removed. Therefore, check the image of your fortune in the mirror of knowledge. Examine it very carefully.  Do you understand?* *Achcha.*

*To all the children everywhere who are the masters of all treasures, to the easy yogis who constantly make anything difficult become easy within a second, to those who constantly make their thoughts, time, and deeds elevated, to those who constantly increase their savings accounts, to those who are the masters of their minds, and whose minds, intellects and sanskars obey the orders they are given, to the children who are masters of the self, to all those from this land and abroad who are not far from Baba’s heart, to all the children everywhere, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.*

*Blessing: May you be free from bondages, even any subtle bondage of thoughts, and experience a high stage.*

*To the extent that you children are free from bondage, accordingly you are able to remain stable in a high stage. So, check: Are there still any strings attached to anything even in a subtle way, in your thoughts, words or deeds. Let no one, except the one Father, be remembered. If you remember even your body, then, together with the body, the relations of the body, possessions and the world will all follow, one after another. Keep in your awareness the blessing, “I am free from bondage” and do the service of liberating the whole world from the trap of Maya.*


Those  who  finish  upheaval  of  the  body  and  mind  with  the  soul-conscious  stage  remain unshakeable.*

***Om Shanti***