BK Soul Sustenance Message 2 November 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 02-11-2016

Soul Sustenance 02-11-2016

God’s Help At Every Step (Part 3) 

Whenever you begin your day, let the first thought be that God will accompany me the whole day and I will keep Him with me at every step. Then in the whole day, at regular intervals check whether His remembrance is there with you or not. Also, remind others about God too. Don’t some of us feel that those days when God was remembered a lot have gone away? Ask yourself, at a typical day in the office, how much was God remembered or did we remember different people like our loved ones, office colleagues or other public figures more? There used to be a time when this was not the case. 

Why is sorrow increasing and problems are on the rise so much? Are we going in the wrong direction? God is our parent, our friend and our guide as well as our teacher and most beloved one. And that too the best and highest One. So, being that, does He get that much respect from us? Respecting someone means you make Him an integral part of your life and not someone whom you remember only when there is a need. Do you remember your father or mother or husband or wife or for that matter your child or best friend only when you are in sorrow or all the time? So why is God, who is the eternal parent, friend and most beloved one forgotten? Or is He the one whom we remember once in the morning and then the remaining day everyone else is remembered and God is forgotten? So, let’s from today, remember God throughout the day and thank Him for all the help He provides. Let’s make Him a more important part of our lives and receive His help at every step and make life’s problems easy to overcome and life itself, a smooth and easy journey for ourselves. 

Message for the day 02-11-2016

To be happy is to let go through the mind and not just through words. 


Things do not always happen as expected. At such times, the one who is able to let go of expectations from the situation is able to forget it. Such a person will not speak about the situation again and again and describe it to everyone. Nor will there be the need to say, "I let go". Once the situation is accepted as it is, there will not be even a single thought of it. 


When I accept things as they are, I will be able to learn and be richer with every new experience. I will not be mentally troubled by what happened, but will be able to maintain my own inner happiness. I will thus be able to keep my mind clear for whatever is coming up in the future. So I will find freedom from waste and constant progress with the resources that I have.