BK Murli English 15 December 2016

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 December 2016

15/12/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, practise: I am a soul. I am a soul. Renounce the consciousness of the body. Simply continue to remember Shiv Baba and return home.


For which children does Shiv Baba feel a lot of mercy?


The Father feels a lot of mercy for the children who, even after belonging to the Father, waste their valuable time and don't do any service. Baba says: You have become My children and so you have to show everyone this by becoming first grade. Donate the jewels of knowledge you receive.


I have come with my fortune awakened ….   

Om Shanti

Just as Baba, as the Ocean of Knowledge, explains to you children the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world, so He also explains the pictures to you very well. Baba was thinking about the picture of the ladder all night because it is the best picture with which to explain; and it is for the people of Bharat. Shiv Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. This Baba continues to make waves. This is called churning the ocean. You children churn very little; some of you children don't churn at all. Each one's intellect should work. Baba has many thoughts about the picture of the ladder. The incorporeal world has to be shown at the top. The ladder is of the 84 births of the corporeal world. No one without knowledge could create this picture. Only you children have this knowledge. Even while creating the picture, your churning should continue. This is a very good thing. The incorporeal world at the top is also definitely needed. It is explained that souls stay in the incorporeal world like stars. After the incorporeal world, there are the lands of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, which are called the subtle world. In the picture of the ladder, only the things of Bharat are all shown. Bharat was pure and it is now impure. All the words have to be written. The poor helpless people don't know anything. Those who were worthy of worship have become worshippers. No one knows this. Among you, all of you also know this, numberwise; a kingdom is being established. Some begin to make effort very well. I am a soul. It is as though they have forgotten their bodies and they don't see anything else because it is explained that you have to consider yourself to be a soul. The consciousness of the body has to be broken. It is said: When you die, the world is dead to you. You have to return home while remembering Shiv Baba. 

Effort is required to make this stage firm. It can be explained using the picture of the ladder that when there was the deity religion in Bharat there was happiness, peace and purity. Now that people are unhappy, they remember their home. It is very good to explain to anyone using this picture of the ladder. Go and sit down in front of the picture of the ladder and it will remain in your intellects that you people of Bharat have taken 84 births. The 84 births have to be explained. Then, according to this, it is explained that those who come after half the cycle would definitely take fewer births. This knowledge should continue to trickle into your intellects throughout the day. In the golden and silver ages, people were completely viceless and worthy of worship and then they became vicious worshippers. Because of becoming vicious, they continue to call themselves Hindus. No others have changed their name. Only the Hindus had their name changed. You children are now receiving this knowledge. Baba, the Ocean of Knowledge, is giving you new knowledge. You children have to pay a lot of attention to the picture of the ladder. Even if you simply come and sit in front of any picture of knowledge, a lot will enter your intellects. Your intellects will continue to work through the night as to how to explain the cycle of 84 births. For half the cycle it is the kingdom of Ravan. Those who are to come later will not take this knowledge. Only those who are to come in the golden and silver ages will take this knowledge. Those who are not to go to the golden and silver ages will not take this knowledge. Look at what the population of Bharat is now! In the golden and silver ages, they have one son and one daughter. Later, there are some complications, but still it is not a question of vice. The kingdom of Ravan begins in the copper age. However, because the silver age is reduced by two degrees, the purity is also reduced a little. 

No one understands about the kingdom of Ravan and the kingdom of Rama. Those who are to claim a royal status will study well. There has to be an interest in benefiting others, but when it is not in your fortune, you don't make the effort. If you continue to imbibe knowledge, Baba will send you somewhere on service. Those who have an interest in serving will continue to serve day and night. If someone were to understand the significance of the ladder, the mercury of happiness would rise. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge and we children are rivers. Therefore, we have to show that. Day by day, there will continue to be expansion. The kingdom has to be established. In the picture of the ladder, Bharat is shown to be golden aged, elevated and pure, whereas that same Bharat has now become impure and corrupt and has reached degradation. Everyone is in degradation and this is why Baba comes and grants everyone salvation. Some souls are good and other souls are bad here. A religious person doesn't commit as much sin. Prostitutes commit a lot of sin. This is the brothel. In the golden age, it is the Temple of Shiva and Shiv Baba is establishing it. That is also called the land of Krishna, or it can be called Krishnalaya (Temple of Krishna). However, it is Shiv Baba who establishes it. This picture of the ladder is also essential. A lot of attention has to be paid to this. By looking at the picture of the ladder, all the knowledge of your 84 births will enter your intellects. However, internally, you have to be very pure. Only when you have yoga with Shiv Baba would you have that intoxication and also claim a status. Don't say: Whatever I receive is fine! Whatever is in my fortune is ok! You should have an interest in doing service. 

There is no guarantee about your body. As you make further progress, calamities will continue to come with great force, and you would then go back empty-handed. Hundreds of thousands of people die in earthquakes and so there has to be fear. We have to become satopradhan through the pilgrimage of yoga and make others the same. Your wealth never diminishes by donating it. Make effort! The Father continues to explain to you that you have to stand on your own feet for 21 births and this is why you must continue to make effort very well. The time for making effort is now. No one in the world knows how we can receive the kingdom for 21 births. By using this picture of the ladder you will be able to explain very well how you take 84 births. At the top, it is written: God Shiva speaks. The Incorporeal, the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge, is explaining. Those to whom He explains will then explain to others: Children, you are now receiving plenty of treasures and you should therefore take them. You should claim a high status. This is knowledge for the household path. When one member of a family takes knowledge but another member of the same family doesn't, it creates conflict. The sapling is being planted. How we become worshippers from being worthy of worship is a secret to be understood. Those who become the most worthy-of-worship, pure beings are the ones who become the most impure. I have entered this one at the end of his many births. All are impure. The Father explains, Dada also explains and the Dadis too explain. This is the only business of brothers and sisters. If those who live at home become as pure as a lotus, they can go ahead faster than you. Those who live in the forest of thorns and continue to do service receive a greater reward. Those who live at home and do very good service will enjoy themselves a lot doing service. Shiv Baba will also help. 

He would say: OK, leave your job and go and serve at such-and-such a place. For instance, you receive invitations for projector shows. Also take with you four to five main pictures. Go and do service there and come back. Those who are interested in doing service would say: We will go and explain. Centres can also be opened there. You can receive many invitations. Service will continue to grow. The Father will sing your praise: This child does very good service. Some run three miles away from service. By having an interest in service, you also receive help. The more of the Father’s service you do, the more power you will receive and the more your lifespan will increase. Your mercury of happiness will rise. You will also become well known in your own clan. If you can become so elevated by making effort, you should then make that much effort. It can be known from your activities whether you have an interest in doing service. Day and night, be concerned about your earnings. This income is very great. Sometimes, even Baba has a thought of going to refresh the children. They would become very happy! Baba only remembers the serviceable children. At amrit vela, a very good dance of the churning of knowledge takes place. Whatever someone's business is, that is what he remains occupied in. There can be very good churning in the morning. First of all, you children have to imbibe the murli very well. Only when you revise it can you then give knowledge to others. In the early days, Baba would wake up at 2am and write the murli and then, in the morning, Mama would read it and conduct the murli. Even if you don't have a murli in your hands, you can still conduct a very good class. 

The children who have an interest in studying the murli and then thinking about it will continue to do service. By studying the murli, they will be awakened. The work of printing murlis will continue with great force. The work of the cassettes will also increase. The murlis will also be sent abroad. If it sits in someone's intellect, he will become intoxicated. While he is walking and moving around, the cycle of 84 births will continue to turn around in his intellect. Nothing sits in the intellects of some children. Their mercury of happiness doesn't rise. This should be your business throughout the day. This is the most elevated business of all. Baba is also called the Businessman. Hardly anyone does this business of the jewels of knowledge. This should turn around in your intellects throughout the day and you should also remain intoxicated with happiness. This happiness is all internal. The soul experiences happiness: Oho! I have now found Baba! The unlimited Father has told us the story of 84 births. Children would of course say thanks to their father and teacher. When a student passes because of the teacher, he sends a gift to his teacher. You children know that Baba is teaching us higher education through which we become the masters of the world. This study is very easy, but you don't pay full attention. This knowledge is first-class. By understanding it, you receive limitless treasures in the future. It is a wonder. Each of you children can understand what grade you can attain. Everything depends on service. Baba would say: Come away from the third grade and come into the first grade, for only then will you be able to attain a status. The result is announced for 21 births. Baba feels mercy when you waste your time unnecessarily. Baba explains: According to the drama plan, I have to come to grant you salvation. This is the world of degradation. 

When you ask them "Are you in degradation?" they would reply, "This is heaven for us. We are sitting in heaven." It doesn't enter their intellects that the golden age is called heaven. There are great scholars and pandits; it doesn't enter any of their intellects that this is the iron-aged old world. They are sitting here with great arrogance. There is such a strong influence of the path of devotion! There is a lot of pomp in devotion. So many hundreds of thousands of people go to the Kumbha melas (gatherings). This is the final pomp. Maya doesn't allow you to come to this side. She continues to blow and bite like a mouse with her mouth and sucks all your blood away! Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Wake up early in the morning and churn the ocean of knowledge. Read the murli, churn it and imbibe it. Do the business of the imperishable jewels of knowledge.

2. Have a great interest in doing service. There is no guarantee for the body. Therefore, accumulate your earnings for 21 births now.


May you be knowledge-full and finish any vision of dislike with the vision of mercy.

The children who know the sanskars of one another and remain absorbed in transforming their own sanskars never think, “This one is always like this”. They are said to be knowledge-full. They only look at themselves and remain free from obstacles. Their sanskars are of mercy, like the Father’s. Their vision of mercy finishes any vision of dislike. Such merciful children never have conflict with one another. They remain worthy and obedient and give the proof of that.


Those who constantly have thoughts of God are carefree emperors; they can have no type of worries.