BK Soul Sustenance Message 19 December 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 19-12-2016

Soul Sustenance 19-12-2016

8 Keys To Success For Facing Exams (Part 1) 

We all live our lives with different types of challenges always in front of us. One of the most important challenge which all of us at some time or the other face is giving a school or college exam, which will determine our future. And such an exam is as important as anything else. We often hear some of our close ones tell us that yes – we have an important exam in the coming days. These are mostly school or college exams and the ones giving them are important to us and we want them to do well in the same. 

So, what should I, as a parent or a friend or a relative, give advice to people close to me so that they succeed in exams? A first step in giving exams that are extremely important is being determined and strong mentally and having a positive vision as well as attitude to them. Very often, some very intelligent children or grown-ups don’t do well in their exams. This is because of a lack of concentration which is affected by fear and nervousness. Very very well prepared students with their courses and syllabus, at the last moment, are not able to answer the questions presented to them because their minds are flooded with lots of thoughts. Most of such thoughts are negative ones of failure and the fear of the same. On the other hand, students who are lesser prepared but more strong mentally sometimes do well because their mental stability and the drive to excel positively is a lot more. In this message, we shall explain eight ways of increasing mental strength and focus, which will help students in their exams. They will also help you, even if you are not studying for any exam. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 19-12-2016

To understand is to be easy and light. 


Life brings obstacles and difficulties. They do not come to stop or hinder progress. They can strengthen and help in bringing progress with more experience. To understand this is to keep advancing. Understanding this aspect means to know that it is not always necessary to find a solution, it is enough to keep moving forward, leaving the obstacle behind. 


True understanding is to understand what the solution of the problem is and bring it into my own life accordingly. When I am able to understand this instead of focussing too much on the problem, I am able to remain happy. This brings a lot of inner lightness and ease and thereby I am able to use all my strength in bringing about solutions.