BK Soul Sustenance Message 6 December 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 06-12-2016

Soul Sustenance 06-12-2016

What Is The Soul World? 

The Soul World, which is the sixth element, is filled with golden-red, divine light (experienced during meditation). Over there, the conscient (living entities), the souls, do not have bodies of matter. There exists neither thought, word nor action; just complete stillness, silence and peace. Just as this world occupies a tiny part of this physical universe, so too the souls occupy just a tiny portion of this infinite world. This is the highest region, the original home of souls and the Supreme Soul, God. This is the region which human beings, irrespective of culture or religion, have tried to reach in thoughts, prayers, etc. It is called by various names in various religions. Before I came to this earth, I was there with all other souls, brothers. The experience of complete and utter peace, purity and silence is there in my sweet home. There the soul is untouched by matter. Souls reside there as star-like points of light. They remain dormant, with their roles in the physical world latent (hidden) within them. The roles emerge when they the souls appear on earth, the world stage. 

The souls descend onto this earth in a certain chronological order, according to the quality of sanskaras. At the apex of this configuration of souls in the soul world is the Supreme Soul, whom the other souls call God, Allah, Jehovah, etc. Beneath him the souls are positioned number wise according to their degree of similarity to the Supreme. Depending on the quality and the part the soul has to play, it emerges in the human world, taking the body of a developing baby in a mother's womb. It then continues through the cycle of birth and rebirth according to the role that it has. The deep rest the soul has had in the home has such an effect on it that even though it forgets the details about that world, there is always a desire to search for that peace and silence when it becomes lost and confused in the world of matter. In that supreme region only, souls remain in their completely original, natural state, which can be experienced through Rajyoga meditation. 

Message for the day 06-12-2016

To be free from desires is to have the experience of attainment. 


The more there are desires, the more it becomes difficult to appreciate what is there and what is attained. Life becomes a constant struggle for attaining something else. One desire is fulfilled and before it can be appreciated all energies are focused on the fulfillment of ten other desires. 


When I continue to run after desires, I am not able to have the experience of having attained anything. Running for desires is like running after the shadow, I can never get it. But when I turn my back on it, it runs after me. If I am free from desires, I am rich because I am content with whatever little I have and I am happy putting in effort to be better with that little.