BK Soul Sustenance Message 8 December 2016

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 08-12-2016

Soul Sustenance 08-12-2016

Finding The Destiny Maker (Part 2) 

God is a destiny maker, using whose knowledge we can bring happiness in our lives and face a life which may have its ups and downs. This is only possible when we are completely pure beings. That is our original state when we come down on Earth to play our respective roles. God performs His role in the world drama of freeing His children from the chains of sorrow and insecurity due to the world’s problems. Also he frees us from the effect of problems in our personal lives by filling us with strength. 

Purity in our every thought, word and action is the primary knowledge that God gives us to follow in our lives. And the foremost important technique to bring this purity and cleanliness in our life is meditation, which gives us the power to do that. Also, the more we use meditation to empower our thoughts, the more determined we become. We don’t let negative thoughts or unnecessary thoughts affect us, when we have a difficult situation to face. There are people in this world who have adopted spirituality in their daily lives because spiritual tools like meditation, which is the remembrance of God as a spiritual being, are helpful to them. This technique helps us become stable and remain powerful in today’s world of sudden changes and disturbances. Also, the more pure and powerful we become, the more our beautiful future or a very good destiny is shaped. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 08-12-2016

To be committed towards one's own progress is to help others to move forward. 


The one who is committed towards his own self-progress, is free from criticizing others when he sees them make mistakes. Having realised what is wrong, such a person makes corrections immediately. He is able to realise his own mistake in a second and take the chance for self-improvement. This naturallly gives the ability to help others also to bring about a change for the better. 


Since I am committed to my own self-progress, I am able to become stronger and stronger with each passing situation. I find that I become a source of inspiration for those around, as I continue to learn from all that happens. I don't put people down for their mistakes, but am able to give them the help to be better.