BK Murli English 11 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 11 February 2017

11/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban


Sweet children, don't make any mistakes in this study. Continue to fill your aprons with the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Do not stop earning this income chasing after perishable wealth.


What are the signs of children who become merciful, the same as the Father?


1. They are intoxicated with knowledge, they would imbibe the jewels of knowledge in themselves and continue to give others the injection of knowledge and liberate everyone from following devilish dictates. 

2. They note down what Baba says and wake up in the early morning and think about it. They churn the ocean of knowledge and remain constantly cheerful.


Our pilgrimage is unique.

Om shanti. 

People of Bharat don't know when it is the birthday of Shiva or when the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva incarnates. You children also know, numberwise, according to the effort you make, when Shiva incarnates. It is remembered that He incarnated in the night, but which night? Is it the night of the common day and night or is it some other night? The people of Bharat don't know this. Instead of Shiva, they have shown the birth of Krishna taking place at midnight. They believe in Shiva, but they don’t know when He takes birth. The day of the incarnation of Shiva is the greatest day of all for everyone because He is the Bestower of Salvation for All. When everyone experiences sorrow, they cry out: O Purifier, come! O God, the Father, have mercy! Even the Pope says: O God, the Father, have mercy on these human beings. They are ready to kill one another. They don't listen to anyone at all. May God give them directions! When someone at home is spoilt and doesn't listen to anyone, it is said: God, give him good directions because he is following devilish directions! They don't even know who God is. They say that God is incorporeal and omnipresent. In that case, nothing holds any weight. You children know how Baba incarnates in the ordinary body of Brahma. The people of Bharat do not know where Brahma was created. They become confused when they see the picture of Dada. They believe that Brahma was born from the navel of Vishnu, but no one can take birth from the navel of anyone else. Where is Vishnu a resident of? They don't know the biography of anyone. Did Brahma relate the essence of all the Vedas through Vishnu? They have shown Brahma with the scriptures in his hand. That too is not possible. The Father explains: First of all, you children have to sit here in soul consciousness. I, the soul, am listening to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, through these ears. However, you children repeatedly forget that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is talking to us souls. The One who is the Bestower of Salvation and the Ocean of Knowledge sits here and teaches you children. This doesn't sit in the intellect of anyone except you children and this is why there isn't that much regard. If you had the faith that God was teaching you, you wouldn't miss the study for even a second. 

This study lasts from half to three quarters of an hour. The Father says: Simply remember Me! Don't forget this one thing! All the rest is expansion. Baba explains: Studying all the Vedas and scriptures and making donations and performing charity, as you have been doing on the path of devotion, are all fixed in the drama. There is knowledge for half the time and devotion for half the time: there is the day of Brahma and the night of Brahma. Even animals know about the common day and night, but great scholars don't even know about the day and night of Brahma. You children have to live at home with your families, carry on with your businesses etc. and also study. You shouldn’t be careless about this. Baba knows that so-and-so is making a mistake. If you don't study regularly, you will fail, and the status you receive will be low. People are greedy for perishable wealth. They don’t value the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Only you children know this. Only these imperishable jewels will go with you. The Government is after those who have accumulated a lot of wealth. Just as when death comes and a person goes pale, in the same way, when the Government officers come to them, they go pale. Just look what the condition of the world has become! Baba explains: Children, look how little time is left now. This land of death is called hell. They say that they are impure and yet they continue to follow their own dictates. They have conferences on how there can be peace so that people of different religions don’t fight one another. Even those who are Christians fight among themselves in their own religion. How can people make them peaceful? They are complete orphans. Even rishis and munis say that they don't know the Creator or the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. The Father says: You don't know your Lord and Master? Since you believe in the Master, you should know Him! They have the different names, Bhagawan, Ishwar and God. In fact, He is the Father, is He not? He is our Creator and we are His children. There is the Father, the mother and the children. We are like God's family. The inheritance should definitely be received from the Mother and Father. We are the family of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. If the Father were omnipresent as they say, it cannot be a family. We are the family of the Master, the Creator. The Father truly gave us the inheritance 5000 years ago. He gave it not just to us, but to everyone. He gives us the inheritance of liberation in life and He gives everyone else the inheritance of liberation. It is so easy! The mercury of happiness should rise, but oh Maya! As soon as you leave here, Maya makes you forget. You even forget the Father. You now belong to the Father. Only you know that Shiv Baba has adopted you through Brahma. It isn't that Brahma emerged from the navel of Vishnu. You should have this picture, but how could such a big Brahma emerge from the navel of Vishnu? Then, Brahma sits and gives you the knowledge of the Vedas. Where does he do that? Is it in the subtle region? Nothing sits in their intellects. Those who are to claim the inheritance from the Father understand all of these things, but all the rest say that this is just your imagination. You children believe that Baba is truly telling you the truth. 

You Brahmins then have to go and relate the true Gita to everyone. Not everyone can explain in the same way. A kingdom is being created, numberwise. Not everyone can study to the same extent. You have to imbibe and churn the ocean of knowledge. You listen, you note it down, but you should then sit down and think about what Baba told you today. Wake up early in the morning and think about these things. You should have mercy for everyone. Baba's orders are: Also explain this to your creation: your wife and children. A man creates a creation for his happiness. That unlimited Father doesn't experience any happiness Himself. He says: All the effort I make is for you children. Only when you imbibe this can you experience intoxication and then give someone an injection. Become merciful, the same as Baba! Liberate everyone from following devilish dictates! There is such great enmity between Rama and Ravan. This is the kingdom of Ravan and that is the kingdom of Rama. People don't know anything about who purifies them or who makes them impure. The Father explains to you so well. All of these pictures are made so that you can explain to others. Only the Father explains the world history and geography to you. There is very good writing on these pictures. You children now know that incorporeal God, the Father, sits here and tells you the religio-political history and geography of the whole world. Many people listen to it, but they don't understand anything. In fact, these pictures are a mirror in front of the blind. The pictures of the tree and the drama are very clear. They were made after the Father explained to you. At this time, all are sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. You children take everyone on the spiritual pilgrimage. So much knowledge has to be given to make others into spiritual travellers. A very clean intellect is needed. Remain completely beyond this old world. It is also a wonder that you are sitting where you have your non-living memorial. That is non-living and this is living. This is an incognito secret. Just as we are incognito, in the same way, the memorial of the temple is also incognito. Those who built the temples don't know anything at all. The Father explains everything to you. There should be very good writing at the exhibitions. You should also explain very well. You should be able to recognise all the different people. Many important people also come. Some understand very well whereas others say that they find this good, but that they don't have time. Some say that they will come the next day to understand more. Baba would say: You will never come again. It is very difficult. You know that you are becoming deities. We are establishing our kingdom and we will then rule. However, you should look in the mirror of your heart: Will I become a king, a queen, a maid or servant or a subject? Come to Madhuban and go back with such intoxication that it remains all the time. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Avyakt BapDada ’ s signals especially for the conferences and service:

You have made very good plans for service, but put those plans into a practical form with a plain intellect. You may do service, but definitely reveal knowledge. Everyone else in the world just talks about peace. They mix up peace with peacelessness. Externally, everyone chants slogans such as: Let there be peace! Even those who are peaceless chant slogans for peace. Everyone wants peace, but when you have programmes on your own stage, speak with authority. Don't speak on seeing the atmosphere. You have been doing that for a long time and that was all right according to the time, but now that the land has been prepared, sow the seeds of knowledge. Let there be such topics. You people change the topics so that people of the world can be interested. However, let only those who are interested come. You have had so many fairs, conferences and seminars. For so many years you selected topics on the basis of the people. For how much longer will you remain in an incognito form? Now let yourselves be revealed. Whatever happened according to that time has happened, but now drop the Godly bomb on your own stage. Let their heads spin about what you are saying. Otherwise, they would simply say that you spoke very good things. So, that which was good remained good and they just remained where they were. Now let there be some upheaval! Each one has his own right. When you give them some points, speak with authority and love and no one will be able to do anything. In many places, they believe that we are very powerful in putting our things to them clearly and that they will have to see what we are doing. However, there shouldn’t be just authority, but both authority and love together. BapDada always says: Strike them with the arrow but also massage them. Give them very good regard but also prove your truth. What you tell them are the versions of God; you do not say your own things. Those who want to spoil things get upset with even just the pictures, so what do you do then? You don't remove those pictures, do you? What was the impact of the corporeal form speaking with that intoxication and authority in front of anyone? Was there ever any fighting? You also learnt the way to give lectures, did you not? You also studied how to speak knowledge, did you not? Now study this! You changed yourselves in terms of the world and you also changed your language. So, since you were able to change yourselves in terms of the world, what can you not do in the true sense? For how much longer will you continue in this way? Baba is happy with their saying that what you say is very good. 

Ultimately, it has to become known in the world that this is real knowledge. It is through this that there will be liberation and salvation. There cannot be liberation and salvation without this knowledge. People now leave here having done yoga courses. When they leave here, they say the same thing – that God is omnipresent! Here, they say that they enjoyed the yoga very much, but their foundation doesn't change. They are transformed with the influence of your power, but they don't become powerful themselves. Whatever has happened was also essential. That was the accurate method to plough the land which had become very hard and to make it fertile. However, ultimately, you Shaktis will develop your form of power, will you not? You will also develop your form of love, but still your form of power – that your every word transforms their hearts and intellects, that they change from being negative to positive – that will also be revealed, will it not? Now reveal that form! Make a plan for that! When people come here, they go back having become happy. Of course, those who receive so much comfort, so much love and hospitality would definitely go back content. Such love is not received anywhere else and this is why they go away from here very content. However, they don’t go from here having become the form of power. Look at the plans for service of Father Brahma and at which of those plans you have put into a practical form! Father Brahma used to tell you to have questionnaires at all the exhibitions. What was in those questionnaires? Those things were like an arrow, were they not? You used to ask people to fill in a form. You used to ask them to tick whether something was right or wrong, to write “Yes” or “No”. You used to ask them to fill in a form, did you not? So, what were the plans? One was to make them fill in a form just like that. You quickly made them fill in a form as to whether something was right or wrong, but you should now explain to them and then ask them to fill in a form. Then, according to that, they would fill in the form accurately. You will have to prove this. Make such plans among yourselves that you have authority and also love, so that regard is maintained and the truth is also proved. You would not insult anyone just like that. You also have an aim to have your branches. It has been from time immemorial that young ones have to be given love. Achcha.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain beyond this old world. Have a clean intellect, imbibe knowledge and inspire others to imbibe it. Churn the ocean of knowledge.

2. Be merciful, the same as the Father, and liberate everyone from devilish dictates.


May you be a victorious jewel who enables everyone to receive the Father’s blessings with the balance of revelation and a promise.

In order to beat the drums of revelation, make a promise with determination. To make a promise means to bet your life on it. You may die but your promise must not be broken. Those who make a promise with determination cannot be deceived no matter what the circumstances are. They become a garland around the neck, that is, victorious jewels. When you make such a determined promise, revelation will then take place. The balance of the revelation and the promise is the basis of all souls receiving blessings from BapDada.


Experience the stage of being absorbed in love and your time will not be wasted in battling between remembrance and forgetfulness.