BK Murli English 4 February 2017

Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 February 2017

04/02/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you still have a huge burden of sin on your heads and you therefore, even now, still experience sickness. When you become karmateet, your suffering of karma will be settled.


What should be the name of this university so that everyone's attention can be drawn?


This is the true Gyan Vigyan Bhavan, Pandav Bhavan. Gyan means knowledge through which you receive wealth, and vigyan means yoga through which you receive good health and that too is for 21 births. Therefore, you children should have an exhibition of gyan and vigyan in order for human being to be granted liberation and liberation-in-life. Everyone's attention will be drawn by the name, Gyan Vigyan Bhavan.


Our pilgrimage is unique.  

Om Shanti

There is a line in this song, "We went around in all four directions." When people go on pilgrimage, they go around to all four pilgrimage places. Why do they go around? (This represents going around the cycle, the golden, silver, copper, iron ages etc.) The more you remember the Father and spin the discus, the more your sins will be absolved. So, you have to remember Baba a great deal because you have a huge burden of sin on your heads. Your physical illnesses will continue until the end. There will be the suffering of karma until the end. It is a sign that until you reach the karmateet stage, you will experience one form of sorrow or another. All of this will finish by the end. Your main subjects are gyan and yoga. In Delhi, there is the Gyan Vigyan Bhavan. This is the true Gyan Vigyan Bhavan. Gyan means knowledge, liberation-in-life, and vigyan means liberation. Yoga is called vigyan. You receive liberation through vigyan and liberation-in-life through gyan. You have to give an explanation of gyan and vigyan. There should be exhibitions of gyan and vigyan in that Gyan Vigyan Bhavan so that all human beings, including foreigners, can come and understand the easy knowledge and yoga of Bharat. People call God omnipresent. Just as we write that this is the real Gita, in the same way, you should write: This is the Real Gyan Vigyan Bhavan. Baba gives directions that you should put up a board with the name the real Gyan Vigyan Bhavan, Pandav Bhavan, so that it becomes clear. Then, together with that, also write: Come and understand how you can become ever wealthy through gyan, (knowledge), and ever healthy through vigyan (yoga). When they understand this, they will say that you truly are receiving the deity status of peace and happiness. It is not a question of explaining to just one person. Hold exhibitions and fairs and thousands will come to understand this. 

Baba gives you the method, so you should instantly print it on cloth and put it up. It doesn't take time to create pictures. Our pictures are very good. Any person from this land or abroad can come and understand. Baba says: You should make a very big picture of the cycle and, have a picture of the variety-form image next to it. At the top is the topknot. There should not just be Shiva alone; there should also be the Trimurti, because you have to prove that establishment takes place through Brahma. Only Brahmins take rebirth from Brahmins to deities, to warriors, to merchants, to shudras etc. You should keep a very good picture of this beside you so that it becomes easy to explain how heaven is created through this knowledge and yoga. These Brahmins are adopted. Brahmins are created through Prajapita Brahma. You need very good methods in order to explain. You should give an invitation to everyone. It is very easy to explain, using the pictures, that the new kingdom is being established by studying Raja Yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. These are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Only a handful out of multimillions become this. Out of those, there are also those who are amazed by the knowledge, they ask questions about it, they listen to the knowledge and relate it to others and then they leave Baba. Here, there are the poor and the wealthy as well as those in between. Wealthy people will not be able to take this knowledge very quickly. Baba has explained that there will be many types of obstacle in the sacrificial fire of knowledge. There will be many assaults: there are those who are lustful and those with anger too. They beat others because of not receiving poison. They even beat kumaris in order to make them marry someone. 

Baba says: Those who follow shrimat will become elevated. Baba comes into the impure, corrupt world. In the kingdom of Ravan, lust is the greatest enemy. The elevated kingdom is said to be completely viceless; there is no vice there. This is why there cannot be the question, "How will creation take place there?" There is no vice in the kingdom of Rama. This is the kingdom of Ravan, and so people continue to burn an effigy of Ravan. There cannot be a single elevated person at present. It is the task of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, alone, to make you elevated. Heaven is the viceless world; there is no poison there because there is no kingdom of Ravan there. You are now receiving the kingdom through the power of yoga. Ravan now has to be destroyed. It is now the confluence age and you are now becoming complete. When it is the beginning of the golden age, there cannot be a single vicious person there. At a confluence, there are both types: dirty water and clear water. That is called a confluence, the dirty water is no longer visible. Therefore, it is now also the confluence of the world. This is the confluence of souls with the Supreme Soul. Confluences of rivers with an ocean have been continuing from the beginning of time. Rivers would of course merge into an ocean, but there is a difference in the water. No one except the Father can make you trikaldarshi and trilokinath. Only you become trikaldarshi and trilokinath. Krishna cannot be called that. Trilokinath, the One who knows all three worlds, is the Father alone. No one except the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is Trilokinath and Trikaldarshi. Lakshmi and Narayan do not even have any knowledge of the three aspects of time or the three worlds. They do not have any knowledge of the beginning, the middle or the end. We now have the entire knowledge. We also have the knowledge of the three aspects of time. 

This title of Baba’s can also be given to the Brahmins. Even the deities do not have this knowledge. You are very elevated. The children who consider themselves to be trilokinath and trikaldarshi will remain busy in making others the same as themselves. You should give an invitation to everyone. You should write to those of all religions: Come and understand how you receive health and wealth through vigyan and gyan. If you have this in the Gyan Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi, very many foreigners will come and receive knowledge. At the end, everyone has to understand it anyway. Destruction definitely has to take place, so why should we not remember Baba so that our sins are absolved? The purer souls become, the higher the status they will receive. Everything depends on knowledge and yoga. However, those who are to reside in the land of liberation will prefer yoga. There are such parts recorded in those souls. Those who belong to the deity religion will prefer knowledge. You children experience progress day by day. You continue to ascend, whereas they continue to descend. Yours is the stage of ascending, whereas theirs is the stage of descending. Everyone has to return home; that is common. However, you have to claim your inheritance. You also understand that whatever status each one claimed in the previous cycle and how they claimed it - you continue to observe that as detached observers. Many will continue to come. Day by day, many good methods emerge. You should have the name Gyan Vigyan Bhavan and very good pictures. There are many useless pictures in the world. Some create pictures of Krishna in many different poses. You do not need such pictures. There, deities perform dances; those are just games of happiness. Art etc. is a system of this time. There, the princes and princesses play with one another. There are no films or cinema etc. there. 

You know all of these things here. Only you recognise the Father. Because they have heard the name Shri Krishna, it doesn’t mean that who he is sits in the intellects of human beings. The picture of Shri Krishna is first-class. The very name is Shyam Sundar (the ugly and the beautiful one). By sitting on the pyre of lust you become ugly. Then, by sitting on the pyre of knowledge, you become beautiful for half a cycle. It should enter your intellects that you were beautiful for 21 births in the golden age. Then, by sitting on the pyre of lust you became ugly while taking different names, forms and places etc. Those people cannot understand why such images have been made dark, but you now know this. How should you explain about those who have been shown as dark in the pictures? Only this one can be said to be ugly and beautiful. You cannot call Ramachandra ugly and beautiful. People do not understand why he has been shown dark. At present, everyone is ugly. These are very good things to understand. However, someone should at least understand them clearly! You have a very good chance to learn at the exhibitions and fairs. It is possible that very good children can come on to the field of service. Others can also learn. You have to invite everyone. Even if someone insults you, it doesn't matter. You have to tolerate insults at the confluence age. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Follow shrimat and become elevated. Conquer the greatest enemy, lust and become completely viceless. Do not be afraid of those who assault you.

2. Make the soul pure with the power of yoga. Become a seer of the three aspects of time and a master of the three worlds and remain busy in the service of making others similar to you. You definitely have to give this message to those of all religions.


May you be a karma yogi who achieves success in every task with concentration of the mind and intellect.

People of the world think that actions are everything, but BapDada says: Karma is not separate; karma and yoga are both together. Such a karma yogi would definitely achieve success in any type of action, whether he is performing physical or alokik actions. However, when there is yoga with actions, it means there is concentration of the mind and intellect and success is connected to this. A karma yogi soul automatically receives the Father’s help.


In order to give the return of the Father’s love, remain free from attachment and “Manmanabhav”.