BK Soul Sustenance Message 25 March 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 25-03-2017

Soul Sustenance 25-03-2017

I Am Peace (Part 3) 

Meditation for mental peace is something we commonly hear nowadays and it is something which is being practiced by thousands of families and professionals nowadays. It is helping them bring peace and calm in their minds as well as in their relationships. Some people do not realize the importance of looking inwards for maintaining peace and also the importance of methods like meditation for achieving that. But remember, a few minutes given to looking after the self everyday will make you powerful to face the growing number of situations which come at you from people in your family and at office. Meditation is not running away from society but is an easy technique of mastering the thought patterns of the mind and keeping them under control. To meditate is to create thoughts related to the self like – Who am I, What is my role in this world, What is my original stage when I came to play my part in the world, Do I perform positive actions throughout the day, Am I being of peace and love always, Do I come into contact with everyone with a positive consciousness, Do I satisfy God with my daily routine, Do I remain stable irrespective of what happens around me, Do I remain pure and peaceful in my interactions with others, etc. 

These type of thoughts which are mentioned above and giving answers to the questions asked by the mind is a way of making the mind busy. This is the most basic type of meditation. Of course, as you go ahead with your meditation practice, you have to go from thoughts to pure experience. In pure experience, thoughts stop and the self just exists in a stage full of peace and no longer needs the support of thoughts but can stand on its own feet. The feet are a pure loveful connection with the Supreme or God which gives the self the beauty of experience. Experience means to just be peace and not necessarily create thoughts related to peace. 

Message for the day 25-03-2017

The one who has the power of truth is the one who can tolerate. 


When someone disbelieves me I usually tend to argue back and try to prove my point to the others but find that I am not able to convince them. Yet I find that the more I talk the less I am listened to. And I only end up getting frustrated. 


When someone challenges the truth of my words, I need to check within myself if there is something that I can correct or learn. When I learn to do this, instead of being stubborn with what I have to say or blaming others, I find it easy to tolerate.