BK Soul Sustenance Message 7 June 2017

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 07-06-2017

Soul Sustenance 07-06-2017

Imbibing A Character Of Truth (Part 2) 

God is an Ocean of Truth and the most perfect personality that exists. Also, the personality of God is transparent and clean and you will never find a single flaw in Him. The reason for this is that the qualities inside God are deep and not superficial. God is someone you feel comfortable with because He radiates true love for you with no artificialness. In the same way, we need to be extremely clean and truthful, just like God, with nothing to hide in our personality, from the world. The more transparent in your nature you become, the more people will come close to you and feel comfortable and at ease with you. 

Also, let your qualities be visible to everyone so much that you are seen and talked about as someone as virtuous as God. Qualities like love, humility, sweetness and contentment bring people close to you. Also, let the qualities not change or reduce in any situation. Have you noticed that sometimes a quality inside you varies when you are with different people? With one person you are more humble than the other. In one situation, you are sweeter than in another. What this means is that qualities are there but they are not so full of truth and depth. A truthful soul means the qualities of such a soul are like pure gold. Such a soul is commonly experienced as a shining mirror by others, in which they see and realize their flaws easily and get inspired to become virtuous. This is a truthful personality. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 07-06-2017

Greatness lies in humility. 


The one who is humble is always willing to learn - from others and situations. So whatever happens a humble person never reacts to the situations, but acts positively whilst being in a stage of self-respect. So there is greatness visible in the one who is humble. 


Humility brings an experience of being full and complete. So naturally I am available for service, and have always the thought of bringing benefit to as many as possible. Humility also gives an experience of being a master, because no situation or person binds me, but I am able to experience freedom.