BK Soul Sustenance Message 10 January 2018

BK Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 10-01-2018

Soul Sustenance 10-01-2018

Let’s Become Messengers Of Love And Joy (Part 3) 

4. You are not only God’s child but also God’s friend. So every step you take, dedicate it to God and make it special and inspiring. Also, hold His hand and show others the way of holding His hand with you. Behind all the material success and modern lifestyles, there are many sorrowful hearts. Relationships are deceptive and misleading. Physical and mental illnesses are on the rise and good and important roles in any sphere of life can leave you in a second. There is One source of love and joy who does not leave you, no matter what happens in your life. That is God. By trusting Him and giving Him your life, you smile all the time. Otherwise life’s happiness is ready to leave you every now and then, because it is based on changeable factors like relationships, possessions, salaries, positions and even one’s own physical body. A person who keeps God as His companion is full of love and joy. Such people will fill the world with love and joy, the treasures they possess in abundance. 

5. Lastly, we are all actors on the world stage. Always remember that at every moment, people around us are watching us. All of us our loving and happy souls originally. As we have come down the steps of various births, our actions on the world stage have been deteriorating. We have wronged people in many ways in many births. That is why today we receive negative energy from others, in the form of negative behaviors and words. To convert the negative energy into positive, we need to become hero actors on the world drama stage. Hero actors are careful that their every action is beautiful and praiseworthy, which touches everyone’s hearts. Such a hero actor whispers the message of love and joy in everyone’s ears through every action of theirs. 

Message for the day 10-01-2018

Fortune is in one's own hands. 


To have fortune in one's own hands doesn't mean to have it in the lines of one's hands. It means to have the ability to make the best use of all the resources available. When they are put to the best use, they naturally increase. Through right actions one can draw the line of fortune as long as desired. 


When I understand the significance of my actions and create an elevated fortune for myself through right actions, I am able to experience constant progress in my life. I also naturally become an inspiration for others too, so that they can discover their inner resources to create an elevated fortune for themselves. 

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